Carnival at the Dog Park 2014


True Blue Animal Rescue and many other organizations were asked to take part in the Carnival at the Dog Park event hosted by Animal Friends of Washington County. The fun started off at 10am and didn’t let up until 3 in the afternoon. T-bar was at the event with face painting, kids’ games, dogs up for adoption and an agility area.

If you missed out on the day’ events here are just a few things you missed out on. At the event was the Vida Nueva Ranch with two Texas Longhorns that were saddle broken. People were allowed to sit on a longhorn and have their picture snapped. A few T-bar volunteers had some fun with that! Also on hand for the festivities was the Reptile Hospice and Sanctuary of Texas. They brought some of their friends like an african tortoise that was 14 years old named Calvin. He was huge, tipping the scales at 170 pounds! Also with them were snakes, lizards and a few more turtles. Some of the reptiles were even rescues. The T-bar crew could not pass up looking at their booth!

Even the Brenham Police Department’s K-9 Patrol Division stopped by to demonstrate how a Police Officer and his four legged partner work together. Officer Seth Klehm and his K-9 coworker Ronny let the crowd see why it’s never really a good idea to run away from the police. They did this demo with the help of fellow officer Lance Wiess. The crowd was really interested in the information given, and everyone was impressed, of course, with Ronny the German Sheppard K-9 Officer.


Many other groups were on hand and the crowd could even register for door prizes. What made the event really special was the fact that families were encouraged to bring their own dogs, provided they were current on shots and were on a leash. There was even a pet parade that took place at noon that many proud dog owners and their four-legged companions took part in.
A special surprise was in store for True Blue Animal Rescue president and founder, Melanie Deaeth. As she worked away painting kids’ faces a family brought a dog by the tent where she was working and suddenly Melanie had tears in her eyes. It was a T-bar rescue dog now named Trooper who T-bar rescued not once, but twice. The dog was instantly recognized by long time members Lauren Lee Sarlya and Teresa Gaskamp. Melanie, after she finished painting a little girl’s face, dropped to the ground and hugged Trooper, who has one of the best families around.
But the surprises did not stop there. Teresa decided that Melanie could not pass up the chance of sitting on a Longhorn (and I may have prodded too!) So after throwing her up on a beautiful Vida Nueva Ranch steer we started walking back to the T-bar area and then Melanie stopped in her tracks. Before her was another couple with a T-bar rescue dog that was adopted almost five years ago. A dog that Teresa also knew that was named Skip. Melanie was so excited to see another dog in such a happy mood. These little updates mean the world to people in rescue, because you never forget where an animal came from and it’s battle. Once they find a home they are out of sight but NEVER out of mind.

If you missed out on this year’s event you will want to go to the next one. It’s a great way to spend some time with your whole family. T-bar wants to thank all the volunteers that showed up and to all our friends that dropped by, made a donation and said hello. We cannot do our mission without you.




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