Dogs Adopted in 2006 pt 6

T-Bar’s 2006 Success Stories – Part 6

Dogs that Found their Forever Homes * 


 CurtisFace T-Bar Name: Curtis T-Bar Number: D129 Weight:16 lbs
Sex: Male Age on 2/2006 1.5 years
Breed: Russell Terrier X
Color:  orange and white
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Brenham, Texas
Description: Curtis was found wandering next to the freeway – yikes!. He’s a happy go-lucky Jack Russell Terrier mix who has alot of energy (just like Jack Russells).  He’s very calm and well behaved in the car, and gets along beautifully with other dogs & even cats. His one eye is a bit cloudy from an old injury, but his vision in both eyes is just fine. He will be neutered on Feb 14th, and then he’s ready for his forever home. Are you ready for him? 
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA T-Bar Name: Hermione (from Harry Potter) T-Bar Number: D060 Weight:25lbs
Sex: Female Age on 2/01/0611 months
Breed: Blue Tick / lab X
Color: Brown and Black
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
 Emma T-Bar Name: Emma T-Bar Number: D064 Weight:25lbs
Sex: Female Age on 2/01/0611 months
Breed: Blue Tick / lab X
Color: Black and white
Adoption: ADOPTED Location: Washington, Texas
 Ginger_AP T-Bar Name: Ginger T-Bar Number: D097 Weight:10 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female Age:  
Breed: Min. Schnauzer
Color: Black and Silver
Adoption:  ADOPTED Location: Brenham, Texas
 lamar_AP T-Bar Name: Lamar T-Bar #: D089  Weight: 45 lbs
Sex:  Male Age on 2/2006:  9 months
Breed:  Stafford – Shire Terrier boxer mix
Color:  White with brown patchThis Hurricane Katrina Survivor is very friendly and loves to play. He walks on a leash and is partially housebroken. When he was found in New Orleans he was dehydrated and skinny but now he’s healthy and ready to go home with his new family.
Adoption: ADOPTED  Location: Washington, Texas
 jada3 T-Bar Name: Jada T-Bar Number: D121 Weight: 8 lbs
Sex: Female Age on 2/5/06: 8 weeks
Color: Tan /Black highlights

Jada says “I spend most of my time eating and sleeping, so as you can imagine, I do have a lot of energy.  I have three big friends that I play with at my foster home.  There is Grendel, a big chunky white Lab, there is Roy, a big black Flatcoat Retriever, and Cleo, she is a Catahoula Leopard.  We all play wrestle with each other, sleep, and chew on stuff between our meals. Meals are important because I am growing.  Because I am little I still need some help outside to go pee and run around.  Soon though I will be able to go outside alone like the big dogs. I will be old enough to soon to have my shots and before I leave I will have minor surgery.  I would like to go to a nice home and be part of a family.  I don’t mind other dogs and I am not sure what a cat is, so I don’t know if I like them or not.  I like to play with balls and lots of other toys…maybe we could play ball together?
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
 mary T-Bar Name: Mary T-Bar Number: D110 Weight:15 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female Age on 2/2006 6-7 mos
Breed: Border Collie X
Color:  black and white
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Brenham, Texas
Description: Mary was found at Christmas time hiding under a car. A good Samaritan took her in and is helping TBar find her  forever home. She’s playful, loving, gets along well with other dogs, including smaller ones like Chihuahuas  and other animals, including cats. She likes to play tug of war and is a sweet little puppy. She wishes so much for that special someone that can give her attention and love and a forever home.  Are you that special someone? 
 sunshine_face T-Bar Name: Sunshine T-Bar Number: D100 Weight:35 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female Age on 02/2006: 1 yr 9 mos
Breed: Catahoula Leopard 
Color: Tan and Black
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Brenham, Texas
 PeeWee T-Bar Name: Pee Wee T-Bar Number: D109 Weight: 5lbs
Sex: Neutered Male Age 1 yr 
Breed: Chihuahua ADOPTED – Thank You!
Color:  black/tan/white
Description: This little guy needs to go to a home that will love him. He is young and full of energy and just loves people. He’ll make you smile and laugh if you will let him be part of your family. Do you have room in your backyard and room in your heart for this little guy?  
 Honey T-Bar Name: Honey T-Bar #: D027 Weight:40 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female Age: 1 year
Breed: Staffordshire / Boxer X ADOPTED – Thank You!
Color: Tan, White and Black
 Trina T-Bar Name: Trina T-Bar #: D091 Weight:45 lbs
Sex:  Female Age:  9 months
Breed:  Stafford – Shire Terrier boxer mix ADOPTED – Thank You!
Color:  all white except for a black spot under one eyeTrina is a miracle dog. This hurricane Katrina survivor came into the Lamar Dixon Expo center in Gonzales, LA dehydrated and skinny. She was coded red and put into ICU.  She was anemic and dehydrated. Elizabeth from T-Bar stayed with her all night, urging her to hang on, that a forever home awaited her if she could find the strength to survive. Look at Trina now! A beautiful, healthy girl! Trina loves people, dogs and life! She’s ready for you and she’s fought hard to make it to you – her forever home. 

Trina is Sarah and Lamar’s sibling

NO PICTURE AVAILABLE T-Bar Name: Emma T-Bar Number: D115 Weight:25lbs
Sex: Spayed Female Age:  1 yr
Breed: Collie X
Color: Peach
ADOPTED – Thank You!
 Easter2 T-Bar Name: Easter T-Bar Number: D063 Weight:5lbs
Sex: Female Age on 4/17/05: 6 weeks
Breed: Blue Tick / lab X
Color: Black
ADOPTED – Thank You!
 kenya T-Bar Name: Kenya T-Bar Number: D106 Weight:15 lbs
Sex: Female Age on 12//01/05: 5 mos.
Breed: Chow X ADOPTED – Thank You!
Color: BlackKenya was found running down the middle of a busy street, looking at all the cars going by, trying to find her family. “Where did they go?” she must have been thinking.  A human angel rescued her and now Kenya is looking for her forever home. She loves children, dogs, and cats; and most of all people! She’s house-broken and ready to come home with you –
 sara_lab T-Bar Name: Sara T-Bar Number: D107 Weight:15 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female Age on 11/19/05: 6 mos.
Breed: Labrador ADOPTED – Thank You!
Color: Black with white spot on her chestSara’s story starts out really sad…but hopefully it has a happy ending.
A couple traveling from Montgomery, Texas found Sara and her sister running down Hwy 6. Just as they stopped to rescue them a truck hit and killed Sara’s sister. They were able to save Sara but couldn’t take her home. Luckily they heard about TBar horse adoption day and brought her over to the event. They were in tears and Sara was terrified !
Sara is now in a TBar foster home and is a happy, playful, healthy little girl who needs a safe forever home. She’s good with cats, dogs, and kids. She’s housebroken, well behaved, and very smart! And she’s ready to find her forever home – is that you?
 Piper2 T-Bar Name: Piper
T-Bar Number: D008 Weight:20lbs
Sex: Spayed Female  Age: 1 year
Breed: Mixed breed ADOPTED – Thank You!
Color: White and brown ears and mask that is lined with black, brown spots on body      Housebroken / crate trainedPiper was just a little puppy when she was abandoned and taken in by True Blue Animal Rescue. It was scary being out there all alone, so she tends to be shy and cautious. Can you blame her? Unfortunately, it’s keeping her from getting adopted. Very often when someone comes out to find a new dog they want the dog that comes to them or licks them. These out going dogs are adopted out quickly while the sweet and gentle souls like Piper stay in rescue as foster pets never knowing the love and attention of a forever home. Piper is patiently waiting for someone to give her a chance. If you want to show Piper how it feels to be loved, she’ll offer you the loyalty of a lifetime. This special girl won’t jump up on kids and she gets along with all other pets. She was housebroken when she was younger, but due to the fact that she isn’t an inside dog at her foster home, she will need a refresher course in her new home. Won’t you give Piper a chance?

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