Donkey Adventure!

Donkey1Donkey Adventure

by Linda Taylor

Eve Peacock was just interested in a spotted miniature donkey.  Little did she know that her inquiry would lead her and her son on an animal rescue adventure.

In January of this year, True Blue Animal Rescue was called to assist the Sheriff on a seizure of 19 donkeys.  Eve and her son helped on the day of the seizure with the loading and transportation of the emaciated donkeys, all adults and youngsters ranging from very small to regular sized.  Yes, 19 Donkeys – they were placed in adoptive and foster homes after first going to the sale barn, as TBAR had “no room at the Inn” at the time, so to speak.

When they are healthy, donkeys are beautiful, velvety eared animals, with soft brown eyes.
They are God’s special creatures that are sweet, patient and strong.  This little herd of sweet donkeys included spotted ones, dark fuzzy brown ones, and dove grey ones with crosses on their backs.

Eve took home her spotted grey donkey and named her Jasmine.  She spent time bringing her back to health, and in the spring Jasmine had a healthy baby that they named Josie.

You can see in the photos, that this is truly a TBAR Happy Hooves story.

A Special Heartfelt “THANK YOU!” goes out to the haulers, loaders, fundraisers, fosters, and transportation helpers that were there that day.  We also want to thank all those VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE out there that help do what we ALL do… for Animal Rescue!



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