Juan Vendrell Horse Evaluations

Several of our rescue horses were evaluated by Juan Vendrell on Saturday. With some ground work and basic training these horses will make great riding horses. Pictured is Ginger and Romeo. Juan donated his time to train horses so all proceeds could go to helping animals displaced by hurricane Harvey. If you would like to adopt a rescue horse view them online and then contact us to arrange to meet them.

ASPCA Awards TBAR 2017 Grant

The ASPCA awarded $5,000 to True Blue Animal Rescue. $2500 of this grant money is to help pay for the vet bills incurred by True Blue Animal Rescue after taking in 8 stray horses last year. The other $2500 is to help keep horses in their homes by supporting people in the community by purchasing hay or paying to geld stallions. We will also be using the community support money to provide humane euthanasia for elderly or sick horses that are suffering.
If you can use support with a horse or know someone else that does, please contact us at help@t-bar.org or call 936-878-2349.

Author Susan Broesche at TBAR

Hot off the presses! ‘Sue’s Sunrise Surprise’ written by Susan Broesche. Thank you Susan Stanley Broesche for coming out and sharing your book. If you missed out you can order yours online at or join her at the White Horse Tavern in Burton, Texas in Oct. 3 for breakfast to be there for the official book launch! Great Christmas gift for animal loving children! ? — with Susan Stanley Broesche.

Newest Rescue: JJ and Puppies (updated)

September 11: JaeJae was is an owner turn in who had 9 puppies. She still needs to gain some weight, but she is a sweet little girl and needs a good home. Here 8 babies are also available for adoption!

July 31: JJ the Chihuahua had 9 healthy puppies!! So many great colors! Thanks for everyone’s prayers and good thoughts during the day as she gave birth. She started at 10:30am and finished up around 3:00pm. TBAR welcomes these 9 little lives into our hearts.

July 23: We picked up another foster pup this week. An 11 month old Chihuahua mix that is due to have babies next week. Owner turn in to TBAR rescue. Baby having babies. XRAY shows 8 puppies. Hope we aren’t in over our head.



Updated: Regarding Hurricane Harvey Dogs Rescued by Houston SPCA

Update: We are pleased to announce that True Blue Animal Partners with Houston SPCA! Please read the new article explaining how this great opportunity worked out!

In the aftermath of the Hurricane Harvey disaster on the Texas Gulf Coast, hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, as well as supplies, volunteers and animal advocacy groups have poured into all of the affected areas to assist with the care of rescued animals.  Alarms are being raised, however, regarding one group, the Houston SPCA, with regard to their long term plans for the fate of pit bulls and “bully” breeds rescued from the flood waters in the Beaumont area.

As Hurricane Harvey left Houston and began moving east, Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange, TX became dangerously flooded, and rescued dogs, cats and other small animals were brought to the Ford Center in Beaumont for temporary shelter.  There, multiple rescue organizations’ staff and volunteers, including Houston Pets Alive!, Austin Pets Alive!, Best Friends Animal Society and others cared for the animals as they came in.  On September 2, the Houston SPCA was granted a Memorandum of Understanding by city officials and assumed overall control and authority for operations within the Ford Center.  According to Melanie DeAeth, President and Founder of True Blue Animal Rescue, a 501c3 non-profit all breed, no- kill shelter in Brenham, TX, the Houston SPCA has long been criticized by animal advocacy groups for a lack of transparency and questionable policies regarding the adoption and placement of “pit bull type” dogs.  It should be noted that the Houston SPCA is not affiliated with ASPCA or any other SPCA in Texas.

According to the Best Friends Animal Society blog, their organization contacted Houston SPCA president, Patti Mercer and offered to assist with the care and reunion efforts of the animals being housed in the Ford Center.  The offer was declined.  When pressed, Ms. Mercer did verbally agree to at least a 30 day hold for the animals to be reunited with their owners, but declined to give any further details regarding long term plans for any animals not picked up by their owners within the 30 day holding period.  According to DeAeth, who was among those who collected supplies for the shelter and volunteered on site, there were approximately 70 pit bulls or pit bull types in the Ford Center as of Sept. 2. The fear among animal advocates is that they will be euthanized regardless of health status or temperament.

Investigative journalist, “Watchdog Mary,”, Mary Schwager is posting on her Facebook page that the Houston SPCA agreed, and then declined, an interview with her. Ms. Schwager is also reporting that HSPCA declined to answer in writing a list of questions she submitted to them.

The Best Friends Animal Society is circulating an internet petition asking the Houston SPCA to guarantee a long term, life -saving commitment to the Harvey animals. As of this writing, the petition has approximately 110,000 signatures. Austin Pets Alive! has shared the petition on their Facebook page and “stands with Best Friends Animal Society . . . . . to hold the Houston SPCA accountable by committing to life saving guarantees for animals rescued from Hurricane Harvey”.

As a representative of True Blue Animal Rescue, DeAeth emailed the Houston SPCA asking to become a rescue partner with them. This partnership would allow them to transfer bully breed dogs that are not claimed by their owners into True Blue Animal Rescue in the same way that they transfer dogs from many other shelters. Adding Houston SPCA to their list would give a chance to the unclaimed pit bull type dogs at The Ford Center in Beaumont, Texas.

“I love all animals”, said DeAeth. “After Hurricane Katrina, I volunteered for displaced animals at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center and I rescued a litter of pit bull puppies.  I found homes for all but one male. I kept him and named him Lamar.  He is 13 years old now and the biggest goofball. Pitbulls are  wonderful dogs and they deserve a chance to find loving forever homes. That is what we want for the dogs in Beaumont.”


Free Horse Training Clinic Sep 16

Watch Juan Vendrell of TC Ranche Horsemanship train TBAR rescue horses while you learn how to work with and handle horses.

September 16

11:00-12:00: Beginners to Intermediate

12:00-1:00: Break for Lunch

1:00-3:00: Intermediate to Advanced

There is no charge to attend. Sandwich and chips box lunches will be available for $5 and we’ll have horse tack and supplies for sale with all proceeds and donations going to help the displaced animals of Hurricane Harvey.

Author Susan Broesche will be there to sigh copies of her book. ‘Susan’s Sunrise Surprise’ a story about a little girl and her love for horses.

Dog Adoption: Alaske

Adopted is our favorite word! Here’s Alaske in her new home with her loving family. Would you like to adopt? Check out www.t-bar.org and give us a call and tell us which dog, horse or cat you’d like to meet. 936-878-2349

Francesca and Puppies (updated)

July 29: Francesca would like to thank all the rescuers who helped her get off the street in Houston. She is the sweetest dog too. She must have lived in a house at one time because she loves being inside and has not had an accident inside either. She’ll be available for adoption as soon as her puppies are weaned and we get her spayed. www.t-bar.org

July 28: Good morning from Bear, Monkey and Cougar. They are fed and have full bellies already this morning.

July 27: Look whose eyes opened first! She’s only 11 days old and doing well on milk replacer. Her name is Cougar and she’ll be available for adoption in about six weeks.

July 25: Francesca is sitting with her pups and keeping them warm and clean even though most of their milk comes from bottle feeding. I’m exhausted from doing round the clock feedings but it’s worth it to watch Francesca settle in and enjoy being a Mom to puppies that are thriving. We did lose one more and poor Francesca seemed so resigned as if she was used to that. I imagine she’s had a lot of litters that didn’t survive the elements and mange that she once carried. Each time she goes out to go to the bathroom she rushes back to them and sniffs and counts to make sure they’re still there. The Face of Rescue.

July 20: We’re happy to say that Francesca’s babies are thriving. Bottle babies are so cute but so much work. I’m loving every minute.

July 18: One of Francesca’s precious little babies died yesterday. I rushed her to the vet while she was alive but there was nothing anyone could do. Meanwhile, I noticed that they were always sucking and never satisfied so I started supplementing them with puppy formula every three hours. As you can see they are resting and content now. I don’t think their senior mama was making enough milk and her nipples are big and callused making it hard for the puppies to suck on. With the milk supplement these four pups will thrive and grow.

July 16: Who remembers Francesca? The dog that had been living in the streets of Houston for 10 years. We’ve been treating her for mange and heartworms with ivomectrin and now that she’s mange free and a better weight we were going to bring her in for spay soon. The other day we noticed her nipples looked swollen but thought maybe she had a mammary problem. We didn’t think this senior dog was pregnant! Well, here she is with 5 puppies!! We thought we were saving one life but we were really saving 6!

We’ve had Francesca for 50 days so she was about two weeks pregnant when she came to us. If she wasn’t so sick and elderly we would have spayed her right away but instead we waited…………….Surprise!!



Newest Rescue: Donkeys

You know we help a lot of stray dogs and cats but did you know that there are stray horses and donkeys too? These two were abandoned in Montgomery Co. When an owner wasn’t found they were turned over to True Blue Animal Rescue but we wouldn’t have been able to help them if we didn’t have foster homes. Thankfully these two are safe, but we are desperate for more good foster homes to help. If you have some land, a fence and shade, please consider being an equine foster home. For more information email us at help@t-bar.org or call 936-878-2349.