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True Blue Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 Non-profit, No-kill Animal Rescue in Central Texas, established in 2004. We are run by dedicated volunteers and our animals cared for in loving foster homes.

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Dogs Adopted Nov-Dec 2008

T-Bar’s 2008 Dog Success Stories
Dogs that Found their Forever Homes * 


Abbey T-Bar Name:  Abbey T-Bar Number: D334 Weight: 15 lbs
Sex: Spayed Girl  Age on 11/01/2008 7 mos
Breed: Wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier
Color:  White with Black and Orange Patches
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
Description: Abbey is a Jack Russell Terrier that is fun loving and full of energy. She weighs 15 pounds so she is small with wire hair that is easy to keep and doesn’t shed too much. Even though she’s small she is not a lap dog. She is very loving and affectionate but due to her energy level she needs lots of exercise so she doesn’t have time to sit on your lap. She’s very curious and will check out the house or yard and then quickly moves onto something new. She is very smart and would love to have an owner who has time to teach her tricks. She needs a home with a fenced yard.  Her cute face and comical expressions will make you fall in love with her instantly. She is housebroken and crate trained, spayed and current on all her shots.
BonnieTW T-Bar Name:  Bonnie T-Bar Number: D074 Weight: 35 lbs
Sex: Spayed Girl Age on 7/2008: 3 years
Breed: Copelyn Hound 
Color:  Black, with Orange and White markings 
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Cameron, Texas
Description: Due to a divorce, Bonnie and her brother, Clyde are looking for a new forever home. Wonderful personalities – can you see Bonnie smiling? 
RoscoeHome2 T-Bar Name:  Roscoe T-Bar Number: D336 Weight: lbs
Sex: Boy Puppy Age on 7/19/2008 7 weeks
Breed: Shepherd/ Retriever Mix
Color:  Golden Brown with dark brown and white highlights
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
Description: He’s the brave one and has a wonderful and fun personality.Roscoe’s Mom writes: “I adopted Roscoe early in October…He is doing great with me. Here are a couple pictures of him. He’s completed puppy Obedience classes and we have started taking agility training courses. He is very intelligent and a great dog to have around. Thanks, Lindsey”  
skipper08 T-Bar Name:  Skip T-Bar Number: D335 Weight: 40 lbs
Sex: Neutered Boy Age on 7/2008 1 yr
Breed: Australian Shepherd / Heeler Mix
Color:  White with Orange on his head and back
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
Description: Skip probably knows what a handsome dog he is but it has never gone to his head. No one knows his background but he must have had a good home at one time. Skip is a very calm and sweet dog who is very well-behaved. He comes when called and sits when you ask him to. He’s really smart too. He knows which bowl is his food bowl. At feeding time, he leads the younger puppies at True Blue Animal Rescue (TBAR) to their bowls and then goes to eat at his own bowl. Other dogs would just growl at them and chase them off but this guy is smart enough to think of a better way. When the pups are inside the house and they need to go out, Skip goes in and rounds them up and they follow him outside. Skip is about a year old and a striking white with tan head and tan spots on his back. He is neutered and vaccinated. Probably a Australian shepherd/heeler mix, he will be a loving and loyal member to the lucky family who adopts him. For more information, contact TBAR at 936- 878-2349 
BluewoCast T-Bar Name: Blue T-Bar Number: D333 Weight: 3lbs
Sex: Boy Age on 6/2008 4 months
Breed:  Hound
Color:  Orange and Black
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
Update 8/15/08:  “We had the pleasure of having Blue in our home for 3 days. He was nothing but a sweetheart. He was housetrained and crate trained. He slept fine in the crate at night. He was not aggressive with any people he met, or our other dog. When our dog got aggressive with him, he didn’t get scared or growl back, he just wagged his tail. He is not possessive of his food, and even let our other dog take bites out of his bowl. He walked well on a leash and rode great in the car. Were it not for our dog’s hip problems, we would have loved to make Blue a permanent member of our family.”
– Mary Pena
Blue’s Story: Blue was founding wandering in the country. He was limping badly and was very skinny. X-rays revealed a high break on his back leg. Being a young dog, we opted to put the leg in a cast which should heal nicely over the next 6 weeks. Blue required a special procedure to set his leg which cost $600 (surgery would have been $1200). Update 6/15/08: A follow-up x-ray shows that Blue’s leg is healing nicely. He’s right on track to a full recovery.  Update 6/27/08: Blue’s cast came off today! He is still thin but now that the cast is off his body can start using energy to gain weight instead of healing. He has bald patches on his front legs from the IV’s he had and his back leg is still stiff and has bald spots from the cast. The leg that had the cast on is the far one. Update: Nov 08 – Blue went home to live with his new mother, Becky, who has three other dogsBlue’s vet bill totaled over $1200. 

Thank you to Blue’s sponsors:  Art Helping Animals, and Mary & Ricky Pena


GeorgieFaceWeb T-Bar Name: Georgie  T-Bar Number: D132 Weight: 45 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male Age on 1/2008:  4 years 3 months
Breed: Shepherd  HOUSEBROKEN
Color:  Black with tan and white markings
Adopted THANK YOU!  Location: Washington, Texas
DescriptionGeorgie isn’t head of his class – he’s average. He doesn’t have stunning good looks, he’s average. Even his story of how he ended up at True Blue Animal Rescue (TBAR) is average – someone found him dumped on the streets. So Georgie has been overlooked time and time again, for the cute puppies, the unusual colorings, the really sad stories. Georgie is just your average wonderful family dog. The kind of dog that gets along great with everyone – other dogs, people, especially kids – and everything – walks, inside, and outside. He loves water whether playing in the sprinkler, with a hose or in a kiddie pool. This 3 year old Shepherd is on the small size, only 45 lbs; neutered, current on shots and longing for a home of his own. Won’t you take a closer look at Georgie?
November 2008 – Georgie was “officially” adopted this weekend by a wonderful couple.  He is living inside with his new family and loving the extra attention


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