Pet of the Week: Summer



On March 8, 2014, True Blue Animal Rescue was asked to step in and take custody of a dog in Somerville, Texas. TBAR founders, Dale and Melanie DeAeth, were accompanied by Somerville police to respond to reports that a dog was being severely neglected. Thankfully the dog, later named Summer, was not completely emaciated since a kindly neighbor had been attempting to give the dog food. When TBAR staff met Summer, she was friendly and extremely happy to see people. All she wanted to do was give kisses and be near people, despite the neglect she had been experiencing.Summer was taken to the vet immediately after being seized from the owner. The vet discovered that she was heavy heartworm positive and would need expensive heartworm treatment. Because TBAR is a no-kill rescue and believes if the animal has a good quality of life and treatment is available, Summer was not euthanized due to financial burden and instead Summer blossomed in her foster home during her heartworm treatment. Summer loves playing in the yard and chewing on her toys. She also loves to play tug-o-war and is very gentle. Summer dreams of the day she will have a forever family who loves and spoils her and shows her that not all people are cruel. Can you make this sweet girl’s dream come true?If you think Summer would be a wonderful addition to your family, please contact True Blue Animal Rescue by emailing or leaving a voice mail at (936)878-2349 and we will return your call at our earliest convenience.You can also visit our website at for more information about TBAR.

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