Tbar Heaven 2006


Once upon a time (a couple of weeks ago), Melanie, founder of True Blue Animal Rescue (http://www.t-bar.org), was called to the local auction house to rescue a donkey that was slated for the auction, meaning it would most likely go to a slaughterhouse buyer.

Melanie shows up to pick up the donkey and is told by a woman about another horse that was brought in and tagged for auction – a small Arabian horse that was thin, but gentle, good with kids and had lots of years left in her. The owners said they’d pull her from the auction for $150.

While Melanie is there looking over the little Arabian, she notices another horse in the far corner of the pen with a glassy-eyed look – the one you see in a horse that has been run through the auction already. Inquiring about the horse, Melanie is told that nobody bought it because none of the killer buyers were there. He looked pretty sad – skinny, shabby and a swollen knee. It wasn’t hard to guess where he would end up.

Melanie continues to look over the Arabian; and to her surprise the other horse walks right up to her and puts his head on her chest. She thought “Oh no, not this one too!” Melanie goes back to checking out the Arabian. Well, the other horse walks over and puts his head in her chest again, so she hugs him. Now there’s no way she can let this guy go through the auction again only to end up at the slaughterhouse. As she said, “He didn’t know he already had her ‘at hello’, as was said in the movie Jerry McGuire”. As Melanie is walking out of the pen, this same horse walks in front of her and lies down groaning as he went. Melanie had to stop; and she told him “OK, OK. You can come home with me too.” So True Blue Animal Rescue buys the little Arabian and the boy horse, saving them both from slaughter too.

Move forward a couple of weeks now. Chai, as he’s now called, Hebrew for ‘life’, symbolizing his second chance at life, has been enjoying good food, a warm stall, lots of love from Melanie at True Blue Animal Rescue, and good veterinary care. Turns out he’s about 30 years old and a sweetheart. One morning, Melanie goes out to feed and finds that Chai passed over the Rainbow Bridge during the night. He looks peaceful, at rest, calm, and contented.

Do you see the sacred task that Melanie was asked to perform?

Melanie was CALLED to save this horse – he literally begged for his life; and she answered with a loving YES and took him home. Chai was able to enjoy love, comfort, peace and compassion and leave this life peacefully for greener pastures because of her grace and compassion.

This was the Divine working through Melanie. And she listened and followed the Guidance.All in the life of Animal Rescue…


Chuck1Chuck – TBar #D154
Gone before his time








Fallon is a 15 year old Llama that was donated to T-Bar because her owner wanted her to have a good home. She will be a permanent resident at a T-Bar facility so she won’t have to become stressed over another move. She is a sweet animal, but not especially friendly. She would rather just be fed and then left alone. We enjoy watching her and talking to her while she intently listens.



Joe – TBar #D111
Lost to Parvo; Loved till the end









Mike – TBar #D101
*You will not be forgotten*







Momma Girl








palominoNicole – TBar #H057

Nicole choked and had to be tubed by a vet to get the blockage out. This intervention caused damage to Nicole’s esophagus that she could not recover from. Even mash would make her choke. We laid her to rest in order to allow her peace.





Formerly known as Patches
Your Best Friend

Bob – TBar #H068
Gone before his time
Euthanized due to severe
leg injury left untreated (neglect case)

Pal – TBar #D114
Euthanized due to heavy heartworm load
and two bad hips

Yoda – TBar #D127
Anniken and his brother Yoda were found in the middle of the street and were rescued before being hit by a car. Both were in bad shape – very sick little boys. They received much love, attention, veterinary care and prayers, and put up a fight. But in the end, Yoda couldn’t hang on and now Anniken must go on for both of them.


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