Tbar Heaven 2007










Chief was seized with 2 other horses for severe neglect. He was all bones and could not stand, even with lots of people helping. TBAR spent the night in the pasture with Chief, hoping he would be able rise in the morning. But his weakened body could not recover. Now Chief is at Peace with all the food he can eat and lots of love. He will never suffer again.


Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to save them, it’s an animal’s time to go. Such was the case with Cowboy. Rescued from neglect, we’re thankful he new love, care and happiness in the end. Our hearts are heavy that he left us so soon.








Daisy – TBar #H085
This pony suffered from moon blindness, but found love and healing at her foster home. Daisy passed over the Rainbow Bridge from a sudden, severe case of colic. Now she can see again.











Kerfuffle – TBar D176








Little Bit and Ben 3

Lil Bit and Big Ben
Lil Bit was so tiny, even for a mini, and Big Ben was so big. And yet they were best friends. They were the favorites of visitors to TBAR and will be deeply missed. They passed within months of each other. Lil Bit died suddenly as can happen with tiny minis. Big Ben was older and died peacefully while fighting a serious illness.



Sadie – TBar #D246
Sadie knew it was her time, so she laid down by her pups, Jasmine and Marcus and went to sleep. We’re comforted that¬† she knew lots of love in the end.







Speckles – TBar D220













This graceful, elderly lady was rescued from the auction house and lived out her last years with lots of love and care. She was featured in ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.







whitehorse1Toot – TBar #H090
Toot was seized by law enforcement and was severely starved. TBAR and the vets did everything they could to save Toot, but his poor body couldn’t come back. It broke our hearts to see such a young horse suffer so; and his story still pains us. At least now he is at Peace with all the food he can eat and lots of love.

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