Throwback Thursday: Cotton and Candy

I’ll never forget the day I came home and found these precious babies had been tossed in the yard out front. I’ll never understand how someone could just toss their puppies into someone’s yard with no regard for the dogs or the person who they are dumping them on. Dumping animals is illegal and irresponsible. Thankfully I’m not the kind of person who would do that so we took care of this special brother and sister pair. We named them Cotton and Candy due to their fluffy white coats and sweet personalities. Candy, the all white female, was deaf and her brother, Cotton was her ears and her protector. Thankfully a special family understood their special bond and adopted them together. Special people like those who adopt dogs like Cotton and Candy make the world a better place. We were thankful they found Tbar and these two special babies. Cotton N Candy

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