Success Story: Dora!

Dora finally found her forever home!  She owes a great deal of thanks to everyone who helped spread the word that her foster mom was relocating (and it would be best for her to go to a forever home, rather than get used to another foster home).  Her new forever home found her due to the networking efforts of TBAR fans!
Dora’s Story:
Dora was born around November 1, 2012.  She

 and her 5 siblings were rescued from a trailer park in College Station, Texas. TBAR received a call that there were 5 two-week-old, starving kittens whose mother was not producing any milk and the people who were caring for them could not keep them. TBAR took the kitties in and provided them with a loving foster home while they awaited their forever homes. Gradually, the rest of the litter got adopted; all but Miss Dora. She went through much anticipation and false-alarms when it came to finding her home, despite the fact that she was a very loving and cuddly kitten whose favorite thing was to lay in a lap and be loved on.


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