ABLE Field Trip May 2014

Field Trip May 2014 (5)On May 9th 2014 True Blue Animal Rescue had some visitors from Alton Elementary School. Second grade classes were invited to T-bar as a field trip to learn more about animal care and rescue. While the forecast called for a lot of rain the skies mercifully held off hours after the kids left.

Field Trip May 2014 (9)

While on their tour of True Blue Animal Rescue the kids learned about dog and horse care. Melanie DeAeth made sure to explain to kids the difference between a healthy animal and one that is in need of care or even food. Having kids at T-bar is one of the core missions of the rescue group because as a teacher Melanie understands that education is the key to stopping animal abuse and neglect towards animals. Teaching kids how to help animals that may need help is a lesson close to the T-bar founder’s heart. The children saw the steps to helping animals, which were to tell an adult or call T-bar for help. The kids were then read a story about a horse that is in need only to be saved by one brave little girl.

Field Trip May 2014 (1)

Once the lesson on how to help animals was covered the kids got to meet a few of the T-bar camp horses. First to say hello to the kids was Jasmine. Jasmine is a horse that can no longer see due to being hit by lightning. Melanie let the kids observe the horse before letting them know she was blind. As always the children were in awe of her condition and how beautiful Jasmine is. Not to mention they had the joy of feeding her some treats! The next camp horse to make an appearance was Noel. Volunteer Teresa Gaskamp told the children that Noel was a horse that was rescued around Christmas time and that was why she was named Noel! The kids not only have Noel treats but also learned how to brush a horse. Each taking a turn and learning the safe places to stand near a horse and how to hold the brush against the animal.

Field Trip May 2014 (3)

After the grooming the kids had craft time, making Rhythm Beads. Melanie explained to the kids that the beads were a Native American tool used to keep the horses calm. The string of beads had tiny bells that would jungle as the horses walked. Rhythm was believed by the Indians to keep evil spirits and misfortune away, but are still used today used because the sound of the bells helps a horse keep a good pace. As they made their craft each Alton student got once piece of candy but the fun was not over just yet.

Field Trip May 2014 (8)

Dale DeAeth took the kids on a hay ride around the True Blue Animal Rescue farm showing them the sights while they had fun bouncing along. After the ride Dale took the kids to meet the horses that are kept in the large pasture since the herd had come up to the fence to see what was going on. He pointed out to the kids each horse and told them their names. By the time the day was over the thunder and rain started as the last group of kids boarded the bus back to the school.

Field Trip May 2014 (7)

Days when children come out to learn and see about the animals of T-bar are special days to the volunteers. Teaching kids that it is ok to care about animals and each other is a life lesson that Melanie and the rest of the staff hope they will carry in their hearts and minds for years to come.

Field Trip May 2014 (6)

If you are interested in bringing a group to TBAR to learn about the importance of animal care and compassion, you can contact or call (936) 878-2349. Please also remember that we have our Summer ABLE Read-to-Ride program now accepting registration if you would like to bring a child or two out for a 30-minute ride or experience this July! Click here for the poster.

*Update* The Alton field trip kids sent Thank You cards to TBAR and have expressed how much they loved meeting the animals and learning at TBAR!

Read-to-Ride 2014: Register Now!

Read to Ride 2014

Announcing our 2014 ABLE Kids Camp schedule!

Animals Bridge Love and Education (ABLE) is an educational camp for school field trips, church groups, scout troops and foster and adoptive family groups to come out, learn about our rescue animals and get a chance to interact with them.


Read-to-Ride is a 30-minute guided educational horse experience that includes brushing, saddling, and riding a TBAR ABLE horse.

Time slots are available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays in July, from 9am-12pm. Participants must preregister by noon the day before their visit. Registration available at: or by calling (936) 878-2349 (payment due on the date of riding, not at registration).

Cost is $10 for 1/2 hour of horse time, $20 for a riding lesson, or free for children ages 6-10 who bring in a completed “Read-to-Ride” Ticket (only one ticket redeemable per child per summer).

Due to animal wellness and personal safety there is a 250lb weight limit. Riding is in the arena only. Download the Read-to-Ride Flyer with ticket here

You can begin your registration below by picking a date and time!

TBAR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit no-kill animal rescue, and the Animals Bridge Love and Education (ABLE) program is a community outreach initiative with a focus on prevention through education.  For more info call (936) 878-2349 or email

April Family Fun Day

April Family Fun Day 3

Yesterday TBAR held a great Family Fun Day! We were worried about rain, but the weather held off and a great time was had by all! We hosted two sessions, a morning and an afternoon and the group organizers had a lunch planned for the families at the Washington on The Brazos State Park.

April Family Fun Day 5
Family Fun days offer fun activities for all to enjoy, including:
1) Learn safety with dogs and horses
2) Listen to a story about rescue animals
3) Ride a horse
4) Hay Ride

Our events are announced on our website, and also on our Facebook page.

April Family Fun Day 6

If you are interested in having your kids, aged 6-16, enjoy some horse time with TBAR ABLE residents, please stay tuned for info on our July ABLE Read-to-Ride Camps!


Read to Ride Camp

*Update!*  We have opened up space for more campers!  Please print out the following form for your ticket, and contact Melanie to set up a camp time!

PRINT ME!  Read to Ride Flyer with ticket

We are pleased to announce our new kids camp for the summer – “READ to RIDE” camp!  These camps will be motivating children to continue their reading skills over the summer by offering them a camp day filled with reading and playing with animals riding.

See our Camp Recaps Here!

Here is a video of the ABLE horses getting used to the ramp:

ReadtoRide Flyer ReadtoRide Flyer




ABLE Camp with Snook ISD

TBAR was glad to host some Snook ISD students this May!  The students were engaged and interested  in meeting the TBAR animals and learning about animal care!  And thank you to our volunteers, we couldn’t do it without you!

Snook Camp (1)

Snook Camp (16)



Snook Camp (9)


Snook Camp (26)



Snook Camp (5)



Snook Camp (18)


Snook Camp (22)



Snook Camp (28)




Snook Camp (23)




Snook Camp (24)



Snook Camp (31)


Volunteers 3



April Kids Camp

TBAR was glad to host Mrs. Kloesel’s class from Alton Elementary School. They took a field trip to True Blue Animal Rescue on April 19, 2013 where the students learned about animals and animal care and even got to feed and pet some dogs and horses!

2013-04 Kids Camp (17)

Melanie teaches the students about dogs in the big dog house.

2013-04 Kids Camp (24)

Then Melanie teaches about horses and horse care in the barn.

2013-04 Kids Camp (4)

The students were very interested.


Next, the class met Ruby!

2013-04 Kids Camp (6)


2013-04 Kids Camp (7)


2013-04 Kids Camp (8)


2013-04 Kids Camp (9)


And they also met Noelle!

2013-04 Kids Camp (11)


2013-04 Kids Camp (12)


2013-04 Kids Camp (13)


2013-04 Kids Camp (14)


And Jasmine!

2013-04 Kids Camp (18)


2013-04 Kids Camp (19)


2013-04 Kids Camp (20)


2013-04 Kids Camp (21)


2013-04 Kids Camp (22)


2013-04 Kids Camp (23)


2013-04 Kids Camp (15)

The class got to name the mini Donkey!  Her new name is Madison!

Then they got to feed the horses some treats.

2013-04 Kids Camp (16)

2013-04 Kids Camp (1)

2013-04 Kids Camp (10)

Petting Peppermint

2013-04 Kids Camp (5)

Meeting Shaman

2013-04 Kids Camp (2)

Here are the kids petting Zelda the Zorse

2013-04 Kids Camp (25)


Fun crafts and games!

2013-04 Kids Camp (3)

The Class after a happy field trip day!

*UPDATE*  The class sent this note to thank TBAR for their field trip!

April Camp Letter

Fall Fun Camp

Fall Fun Camp (1) Fall Fun Camp (2)


Twilight gives rides too.


Fall Fun Camp (3)

A great day ends with a hay ride.

Fall Fun Camp (4)


Fall Fun Camp (5)

More camper love.


Fall Fun Camp (6)


Fall Fun Camp (7)


Fall Fun Camp (8)


Fall Fun Camp (9)


Fall Fun Camp (10)


Fall Fun Camp (11)


Fall Fun Camp (12)


Fall Fun Camp (13)

Noah puts a breast cancer awareness ribbon on our camp horses.


Fall Fun Camp (14)

Noel gets painted with lots of medicine pony symbols.

Fall Fun Camp (15)

Getting helmets ready

Fall Fun Camp (16)



Fall Fun Camp (17)



Fall Fun Camp (18)

Noel takes a break.


Fall Fun Camp (19)


Fall Fun Camp (20)



Fall Fun Camp (21)



Fall Fun Camp (22)

Painting Noel.


Fall Fun Camp (23)




Fall Fun Camp (24)



Fall Fun Camp (25)




Fall Fun Camp (26)

Ladybug loves the campers.

Fall Fun Camp (27)

Doesn’t Noel look great!

Fall Fun Camp (28)

Copper is saddled and ready for someone to ride him.



Fall Fun Camp (29)

Petting ladybug.


Fall Fun Camp (30)



Fall Fun Camp (31)


Raph gets on Bubblegum to try her out.



Fall Fun Camp (32)

Ralph leads on of the campers on Bubblegum.

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4H Future Veterinarians Group visits TBAR!



69076_529725220387340_2015863876_n 227397_529724993720696_1733009064_n

Tbar camp resident Bubblegum gets a bath and lots of love! !!



Hard working picnic table painters! Thank you!



The picnic tables were wet with fresh paint so the kids had to get creative for places to sit, haha!



Tbar’s resident cat, Willie supervises as usual.



Clean horses, clean stalls and fresh paint on the picnic tables! All in an evening of work!

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Hooves and Paws Camp

ABLE 2 (1) ABLE 2 (2) ABLE 2 (3) ABLE 2 (4) ABLE 2 (5) ABLE 2 (6) ABLE 2 (7) ABLE 2 (8) ABLE 2 (9) ABLE 2 (10) ABLE 2 (11) ABLE 2 (12) ABLE 2 (13) ABLE 2 (14) ABLE 2 (15) ABLE 2 (16) ABLE 2 (17) ABLE 2 (18) ABLE 2 (19) ABLE 2 (20)

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