Foster Feature: Grayheart


This week we have another post from Linda and James Taylor!

Last weekend we transported another mare, Grayheart, to her new adopted home.  We had Grayheart for two years as she grew from a young foal into a beautiful, confident mare.

Yes, fostering is an emotional job.  The hardest part about fostering is letting go…letting them move on to the next leg of that animals journey in life.

As you say goodbye , there are always tears.   Each tear contains an equal mixture of joy and sorrow.  But in the end,  there is this deep feeling of satisfaction that you have done something good… something that matters  .

And then,  you turn toward the next animal, the next story, the next special one in need of a resting place ….in need of a foster.

We are proud to say:

“We are a tbar foster home.  “

James & Linda Taylor

Thank you, Linda and James, for opening your homes and hearts to an animal in need! If this story has inspired you or anyone you know to become a foster family to a TBAR animal, please read the information on our foster page and then email [email protected] or call (936) 878-2349

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