Friday Fluff: Macy the Mini Pit

Macy was in a shelter soon to be euthanized. It doesn’t matter that she has a huge smile, because many people only see the sharp teeth and the strong jaws that give bully breeds a bad reputation. Macy, like other well-raised pit bulls, isn’t unruly or vicious though, and she is very thankful to the member of True Blue Animal Rescue who pulled her from the shelter before she was put down. Now Macy can rest easy in this no-kill animal rescue at her foster home until she finds her forever home. If you or anyone you know who is looking for a sweet girl who is dog and cat friendly, leash trained, housebroken, and an all around great dog, please consider Macy! Her personality is just as big as her smile Consider adopting. Email or call 936-878-2349 and read more about pitties at

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