Pet of the Week: More Puppies!


These precious puppies are 9 weeks old, fat and happy.  Their poor stray mama (who is about 35 lbs and black – looks like a Lab mix) had these babies on the property of a True Blue Rescue member, who of course, took them under her wing and is fostering them and their mom while TBAR and our great network of friends help find loving homes.  Did you know that a litter of pups can have more than one papa contributing DNA ?  Obviously the case with this bunch’a’punkins.  We saw them over the weekend, a couple of weeks after this photo was taken and were amazed at the differences in faces, snouts, leg and body lengths and coats.  Some have red with black points, wrinkly foreheads and jowls and longer noses that do look very much like hound dog faces; others are obviously Staffordshire Terrier mixes, with their chunky little bodies and square faces.  While a few have longer torsos and legs and distinct black blankets over the necks and backs with a shepard look starting to surface and last but not least, there are a few freckled faced, curly tailed babies who look like they have some beagle somewhere in there and is that little guy, 2nd from the right maybe a little bit bull dog ?  In other words – here is a wonderful bunch of great American mutts looking for their human match and loving home.  They’ve had their puppy shots and spay or neuter will be included in their adoption fee.  The first step to adopt or foster one of these little guys is to go to: and download an application (or call 936-878-2349 to ask for one to be mailed to you).  Fill that out and send it in, so you have one on file for the adoption team to work with.  Then email or call the above # and make a date to come see them.

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