2018 Memorials, honorifics, donations, sponsors, and special thanks

Lifetime members:

  • Diana and Robert Bender
  • Lewis Nelson White Jr.
  • Mr. Edwin Schmid
  • Mary Clendennen
  • Mrs. C.A. Whiteford, Jr.
  • E.A. Hewett
  • Ellen Spahni
  • Linda and James Taylor
  • Faye Harris
  • Andrea Schweikhard

Monthly Donors:

  • Rebecca and David Durda
  • James and Christine Moore
  • Deborah Siegele
  • Sharon Schneider
  • Louis Garcia III
  • Fran Brokmeyer
  • Nancy Daleo – Three Legged Dog

Horse sponsor

Raymond and Cecilia Freeman – horses

Horse Trainers who donate their time:

Juan Vendrell of TC Ventures


  • In Honor of Diana Hodde from Joseph and Janet Green
  • In Honor of Amy Hemsell from Karen Gardner
  • In Honor of Jana Lynne Ahlers from Dee Treece
  • In Honor of Angela Hewett from Lauren Sarlya / Heartsmart Horseman-ship


  • In Memory of Dixie Stevens, wife of Tom Stevens, from Carlene Daniell, Gail Pinto, Mary Berner, Jerry W Stevens, and Barbara Elstad
  • In Memory of Ruth Duch from Nancy Bowling
  • In Memory of Greg Peevler from Carol Schertz
  • In Memory of Asya from Carol Schertz
  • In Memory of Allen and Ramah Winter From Nelson and Linda White
  • In Memory of Karen Lasky from Jack and Sharon Daugherty
  • In Memory of Cecil Weiser from Wendy Potter, Coleen Gundzik, Friends of Gloria Weiser Ashbaugh, Gary Aaron, Eric Kessler, Gloria Ma-lek, Stephanie Nieswiadomy, Linda Childers, West Houston Airport, Jana Willis, Deborah Moore
  • In Memory of Leroy, AKA Bravo Blue from Andrea Schweikhard
  • In Memory of Larry Fred Baker from Nancy Bolte
  • In Memory of “Mr. Chips”, dog belonging to Kathy and Dennis Williams from The Kochis Family
  • In Memory of Michael Pulkkinen (Yankee) from Mike and Cyndi Pasquine, Brazos De Dios, Harley Owners Group, Curtis and Jackie Green, Anita and James Ness, Martha Knies and Rebecca Whaley, The Ranch Harley Davidson, Garth and Punkin Doan, James and Kelly Plourde
  • In Memory of Sonia Butler, mother of Karen Presley, from Amy Hemsell, Marilynn Wrigley and Melanie DeAeth
  • In memory of Clara Williams, a very good girl that belonged to Kathy and Dennis Williams, from Elizabeth Kochis

Corporate and Foundation Support

  • Covia Corporation
  • Virbac Corporation / The Every Dog Project
  • Leichtag Foundation
  • BetsWest Foundation
  • The Fifth Age of Man Foundation
  • Edward Jones – The Green Ladies / Katie Matthews

Donations to Help Murphey’s Vet Bills

  • Robert and Diana Bender
  • Lizabeth Rankin
  • Victor and Ann Brier
  • Victoria DeBerry
  • Delise Mauha
  • Tony Raymond

Donations to Help Fritz’s vet bills

  • Shelli Schmidt
  • Susan Dodge

Donations to Help Troopers’s Vet bills

  • Shelli Schmidt
  • Kimberly Fitxgibbon
  • Brandi Koehne
  • Texas Cotton Gin Museum
  • Melissa Taylor
  • Janna Alsobrook

Fundraisers to Benefit True Blue

  • Holiday House Craft & Bake Sale
  • Purse Raffle to help buy fans for the dogs

Birthday Fundraisers

  • Rhonda Blaschke
  • Melanie DeAeth
  • Teresa Gaskamp
  • Whitney Maldonado
  • Amy Hemsell
  • Eva Livy
  • Fawnya Doiron
  • Sophia Tallon
  • Emery

Anniversary Gift

For Lisa Matson for 20 years of service with Robert Half International

Christmas Card Donations:

Nancy Bowling


  • Special Thank you to Yankees for holding the event
  • Heather Baran – IHD for coordi-nating the event
  • Chili Appreciation Society Interna-tional for sponsoring the event
  • Amy’s Pet Sitting of Brenham
  • James and Linda Taylor
  • Tractor Supply-Brenham
  • Brenham Produce
  • Puppy Dawgs & Cat Tails
  • Brenham Vet Hospital
  • Bluebird Off the Square
  • Chili’s Brenham
  • Applebees Brenham
  • Somerville Feed
  • Olive Garden – CS
  • Wings N More – University
  • Guest House on the Brazos
  • The Ranch Harley-Davidson
  • Home Depot – CS
  • Yankees Tavern N Grill
  • CASI
  • Kristen Distributing
  • Coca-Cola
  • Little F’Art Designs
  • Mary Francis

Hosting Santa Photo Events: Special thanks to Dan Lindquist and Monica Wilson Lind-quist of Dog Gone Fun Agility for hosting the Santa pictures

Parade: Special Thanks to Ellen Spahni and Larry and Tonia Spahni for taking the lead on the Parade float. Special Thanks to Heather and Sarah Silver for painting the float backdrop.

We would like to thank Mark and Car-ol Jensen for their generous donation of the concrete pad, roof and kennels for the new building that is going up at TBAR Ranch.

We’d also like to thank the Virbac Cor-poration for their donation from The Every Dog Project to Kristin Lewis of Covia Corporation for their donation which was used to help with buy sid-ing and doors to help finish this build-ing.  

We try very hard to list and acknowledge all honorariums, memorials and event sponsors but if we have inadvertently left one out or posted incorrect information, please bring it to our attention and we will rectify the error.

Really Unusual Things To Know Before Adopting A Puppy

Rescuing or adopting a dog, especially a puppy, is an exciting experience that often rivals the arrival of a newborn or human infant that comes into our lives. As a new puppy parent, often some of us don’t know exactly what to expect when we bring home a new, furry, little bundle of joy and all the responsibilities that entails that comes with those wagging cute little tails.

We all know about the additional expenses when it comes to the necessary medical attention, shots and such, proper food, toys, treats and other obvious things we comprehend before entering into this type of a long-term commitment. So instead, let’s look at some other lesser known things we need to consider and completely understand before the papers are signed.

More Specific Information

Prospective pet parents may be privy to the exact breed they’re adopting in advance, but other times the exact type of canine they’re getting may be a little bit fuzzy. Many folks don’t know that almost a quarter of dogs being adopted are actually from pure bloodlines according to the Humane Society of the USA.

Even if you’re not getting a purebred pooch of your exact choosing, you’ll still be getting a “ruff” (pardon the intended pun) idea of the breed of this new four-legged best friend you’ll be acquiring from our shelter or another rescue group.

Given this information, you will now be able to do some important and interesting research about their breed. You can find out many useful facts about them including:

  • A rich history of the origin of their breed
  • Whether they’re friendly with other dogs, cats and children
  • How adaptable, intelligent and playful they tend to be
  • Whether or not they’re known to be vocal with barking or howling tendencies
  • Their exercise needs and if they do well in smaller spaces

But don’t let the fact you live in a condo or apartment steer you away from getting a larger canine if you’ve got your heart set on a bigger dog. There are bigger breeds that do very well in smaller spaces. For example, some really “big boys” like the Great Pyrenees, Mastiffs, Newfoundlands and Saint Bernards that have been given the nickname of “mat dogs” for sleeping the majority of the day away.

It’s a dog day after all! These seemingly endless naps that our canies take usually occur while we’re away at work or school. This is a perfect scenario since we can still give them the exercise they need during our off-hours when we’re at home with them.

Fitting Lifestyles Together

Now that we’ve done our homework about what we’ll be able to expect from our precious pup, once they’ve grow into adulthood, we can carefully fiit in their needs to match our own. In other words, if we’re more athletic and want our dog to go out hiking, biking, running even swimming and enjoying other outdoor activities with us, therefore we can match their breed with us accordingly so we’re the perfect companion match.

On the other hand, perhaps an older individual or retired couple is perfectly content staying at home with a little cuddle bug. Certain kinds of lap dogs are an excellent choice to complement this opposing type of lifestyle. In both of these instances, the pups and potential owners mesh very well together given their individual needs.

Before you make this kind of life-altering decision, weigh your options carefully and make sure you understand that tiny little pup will become a huge part of your life. While they’re cute out of the gate, they can’t wait to be a part of your life for a really long time.

Iron Horses Chili Cookoff 2018

Cure the winter blues at Yankee’s Tavern on January 27th!
Enjoy a chili cook-off, Brazos Valley All-Star band, a silent auction, and the Steel Horses Ride to Help Real Horses! Join us to eat or cook. Proceeds benefit True Blue Animal Rescue.

Plus! College Station Truck Club will be hosting their 3rd Annual CSTC Show & Shine. Get details at https://www.facebook.com/events/1408803332507540?%3Fti=ia

Love to eat? $5 gets you a wristband to taste all the chilis entered in the People’s Choice competition.
Want to be a table judge? Email [email protected] or call (979) 803-0120.

People’s Choice – Free to enter w/ Cash Prizes; Cook for the crowd to taste!
H-D Challenge (Open Chili) – This is the category to enter if you want to cook chili. $10 Entry Fee; Turn-in @ 2pm.
H-D Showmanship Challenge (Best Booth Presentation) – Show the spirit & decorate your booth! Free to Enter.
50/50 Bean Challenge – It’s a pot of beans, any type of beans. $10 Entry Fee; Turn-in @ 1pm.
CASI Chili – $25; Turn-in @ 2pm; Grind only
CASI Showmanship – Free with CASI Chili Entry; Judging at 2:30 – 3:30

H-D Challenge – This is the chili cook-off for non-CASI cooks. The only rule is that it must be safe to eat. Judging will be conducted by a table of judges. The chili must be cooked on-site the day of the event.
People’s Choice Chili – Hand out chili to the public to earn their vote! This one is free to enter. Just bring extra chili to hand out to the public. The only rule is that it must be safe to eat.
H-D Showmanship Challenge – Decorate your booth and show spirit while you cook!

CASI Chili cooking and showmanship rules can be found herehttps://www.casichili.net/uploads/3/7/7/2/37727781/rules_2017-2020.pdf

More info: Facebook Event Page

2017 Donations, Memorials and Honorifics

Sponsors /Special Thanks /Honorifics and Memorials :

Lifetime members

  • Evelyn Bench
  • Robert and Diana Bender
  • Carol Schertz
  • George and Adele DeTitta
  • Kathy Parker
  • Rama Santschi
  • Elizabeth and C.L. Gildroy
  • Mark and Carol Jensen
  • Jody and A.W. Goodson, Jr
  • Mrs. C.A. Whiteford, Jr
  • Roger and Leigh Scott
  • Betty Dooley
  • Sandra White and Kenneth Welsh
  • D. Ann & Gary Komar
  • Cheryl Craven
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Schmid
  • Nancy and William Gardiner
  • Susan Brown
  • Lauren Lynch
  • Sara Spencer
  • Suzy Simar
  • Lisa Allen
  • Diane Deitz
  • Leigh Scott

Supporting foundations

  • Charles Jago Elder Foundation
  • BetsWest Foundation
  • Coastal Securities Fund



Monthly donors

  • Fran Brokmeyer
  • Jim Moore
  • Cecilia Freeman – Horse Sponsorship
  • Louis Garcia III
  • Larry Baker
  • Rebecca Durda
  • Sharon Schneider
  • Deborah Siegele
  • Angie & Dave Abt
  • Nancy Daleo / Three Legged Dog


  • Sandra Delgado from Mr. and Mrs. Ed Eleazer Jr
  • W.J. and Inga Pazka from Carol Schertz
  • Horse named Dutch from Kathy Lang
  • Barbara Beerwinkel from Alice Stern
  • Genevieve Giles from Luanne and Martin Coles
  • Gladys Jaeger from Luanne and Martin Coles
  • Apache Blue from Susan Brown
  • Sadie Girl from Daryl Peel
  • Carolyn Little, mother of Lynne Holder from Douglas Snyder
  • Van, Megan & Scamp from Janet Rose
  • Harley & Buddy from Leigh Scott


  • Lori, JD and Eliot Murphy from Rama Santschi
  • Mia, a very sweet dog and good companion from Dr. and Mrs. Wilbert Brown, Jr
  • Diana Hodde from Terry Boeker
  • Jana Lynne Ahlers from Dee Treece
  • Random & Row Kittens from Casey Radcliff

Community Support

  • United Methodist Women of First Unit-ed Methodist Church
  • Greater Houston community Foundation

Horse Trainers who donate their time

  • Juan Vendrell of TC Ventures

Chili Cookoff Event

  • Special Thank you to Yankees for holding the event
  • Heather Baran – IHD for coordi-nating the event
  • Chili Appreciation Society Interna-tional for sponsoring the event
  • C & B Gift Shop
  • Bluebird off the Square
  • Must Be Heaven
  • Park Street Bakery
  • Chili’s
  • Blue Bell Creamery
  • Brenham Produce Co
  • Tractor Supply Co
  • Lowe’s
  • Spec’s Liquor
  • Amy’s Pet Sitting of Brenham
  • Chappell Hill Bakery & Deli
  • Puppy Dawgs & Cat Tails
  • Brenham Vet Hospital
  • Dan’s Meat Market
  • Radio Shack
  • Lowe’s
  • Custom Pest Control
  • Westwood Cinema
  • Home Depot
  • Olive Garden
  • Red Lobster
  • Paolo’s Italian Kitchen
  • Abuelo’s
  • Chuy’s
  • Steinhausers
  • Los Cabos
  • Dumas Walker
  • Philips Vet Hosp
  • The Ranch Harley Davidson
  • The Home Depot
  • Target
  • Windrose Golf Club
  • Pet Supplies Plus
  • Cinemark Movies
  • Kristen Distributing
  • The Village Cafe
  • Marilynn Wrigley
  • Fresh is Best, Companion Natural Pet Food
  • Doug and Patti Tucker
  • Floozie Koozies / Alecia Arnold
  • Mary Francis
  • West End Elixir
  • Dr. Kaiser, Family Dentist
  • Scentsy By Simone
  • Dean & Nancy Heard / Guest House on Washington on the Brazos
  • Smitty’s Cafe & Bakery
  • III Stephens, Inc, Michelle Winkelmann
  • Gail Baker
  • CASI
  • Mike & Tammy Pulkkinen
  • Heather Beran
  • James and Linda Taylor

Donations for a specific purpose

Donations for animals effected by Hurricane Harvey

  • Sarah Webster
  • Kelly Bolick
  • Lynne Larkin
  • Ann Brier
  • Renee Lande
  • Brian Ross
  • Craig Smith
  • Nancy Webster
  • Joan Poerschke
  • Vicki Cafarella
  • Bennetta McGraw
  • Tana Shaffer
  • Ted Hemmer
  • Rhonda Blaschke
  • Julie Wright
  • Teri Van Horn
  • Deborah Sutherland
  • Nancy McQuistion
  • Steve Recla
  • Shelli Schmidt
  • Marla Eurick
  • Gina Leatherman
  • Kelli Jordan
  • Lisa Allen
  • Angela Abt
  • Jennifer Macallister
  • Danielle Cecala
  • Denise Martin
  • Cheryl Harris
  • Diane Deitz

Items for animals effected by Hurricane Harvey

  • Aggieland Animal Shelter – pet food and crates
  • Peach Pit Ranch LLC – hay
  • Diane Holt – hay
  • Mark and Shelli Schmidt – hay and pet foods and supplies
  • Dan and Leslie Matula – hay
  • Tractor Supply Co in Brenham – pallet of food
  • Tractor Supply Company – gift card
  • The Feed Barn in Navasota – feed dis-counts
  • Beard Navasota Vet Hospital – wraps and bandages
  • Brenham Vet Hospital – wraps and bandages

Ryder the dog

  • Douglas Summerour

Ginger the horse

  • Janna Alsobrook

Captain the horse

  • Cheryl Zientek
  • Linda & James Taylor
  • Marsha Chappell
  • Bonnie Parsons

Francesca the senior dog

  • Richard and Barbara Baskerville
  • Shelli Schmidt

Stray Puppies on FM 1155

  • Katy Mckinin

Hurricane Harvey Dogs sponsorship

  • Linseisen’s Feed and & Supply of Bell-ville, L.P.

Miracle the horse

  • Dottie Finkelman

34 Horses

  • Dottie Finkelman

One Eyed Jack the horse

  • Kathy Parker

Hurrican Harvey Dogs kennels and dog houses

  • Teresa James
  • Cheryl Harris
  • Lynne Larkin
  • Laura Knizner
  • Shari Mchenry
  • Jenni Skaug
  • Angie Abt
  • Janie Edwards
  • Deborah Sutherland
  • Lani Richerson

Stella the dog

  • Anne Currie
  • Shelli Schmidt

Donated to help put a roof over the dogs

  • Diane and Steve Holt
  • Robert and Diana Bender
  • Fairmount Santrol
  • Mr. and Mrs. Nelson White Jr
  • Carol Schertz
  • Greater Houston Community Founda-tion
  • Luanne and Martin Coles
  • Elizabeth Hewett
  • Angie and Dave Abt
  • Mark and Shelli Schmidt
  • Brett & Carolyn McCully
  • Dee Treece
  • Kelly Saunookw
  • Lauren Lynch
  • Melanie and Dale DeAeth
  • Dorcas Jenkins
  • Jan Redden
  • Janie Edwards
  • Kim Oliger
  • Janet Rose
  • Woods Christopher Woods
  • Sandra Taylor
  • Ann and Tom Brady
  • Val Darlington
  • Karlene Martella
  • Andrew Moore
  • Shay Morrow
  • Fran Brokmeyer
  • Nancy Gardiner
  • Anne Moeller
  • Dave Brown
  • Leigh Scott
  • Cherry Craven
  • Cher McHan
  • Tracy Medack
  • Jeff Paul
  • Connie Hill
  • Michelle Sweet
  • Rachel Finke

We try very hard to list and acknowledge all honorariums, memorials and event sponsors but if we have inadvertently left one out or posted incorrect information, please bring it to our attention and we will rectify the error.

ASPCA Donations

For horse vet bills and to help community members care for their animals. Learn more.

Event Recap: Adoption Day at the Holiday House Craft & Bake Sale 2017

True Blue Animal Rescue joined forces with Brenham Animal Services at Main Street House Bed & Breakfast. A great big thank you to Jill Evans for hosting this event and holding a raffle to raise money for True Blue Animal Rescue. Pictured is Melanie DeAeth and Jill Evans, True Blue Animal Rescue’s tables and a happy ending for one of Brenham Animal Service’s Dogs. In the end four dogs and a cat went to furever homes during this event making it a huge success for all!
True Blue Animal Rescue has lots of puppies looking for homes. Check out www.t-bar.org if you’re thinking about adopting. — with Jill Ford Evans.

Upcoming Event: Holiday House Craft & Bake Sale

We will be holding pet adoptions at the Holiday House Craft & Bake Sale on Saturday November 11 (9am to 3pm).

At the Main Street House Bed & Breakfast: 409 East Main Street in Brenham


  • Raffle
  • Door prizes
  • Handmade treasures
  • unique gift items
  • tasty treats

All crafted by local and regional artisans.

We’re accepting donations of pet food, bedding, towels, etc.