Sponsored Horses

Sponsored Horses

In Rehab or Permanent Residents

Sometimes animals come into T-Bar that have such special requirements and challenges that they are virtually unadoptable. In those special cases, they live their life out with love and care at T-Bar Ranch or a loving foster home. 


Zelda Name: Zelda, the Zorse T-Bar Number: H010
Age: 17 yrs Sex: Mare Height:14hh Weight:N/A
Date Came to T-Bar: N/A
Color: Copper with zebra stripes
Breed: Zorse
Registered Association:N/A Reg #: N/A
Riding Abilities: N/A
Adoption Fee: Not for adoption Location: Washington, Texas
Lilah Name:  Lilah T-Bar #:  H059
Age: 22  yrs Sex:  Mare Height: 15 HH Weight:
Color: Overo paint with a bald face
Breed:  paint
Registered Association: Reg #:
Abilities: Healthy Shaman born April 2, 2006 
Adoption Fee: n/a Location: Washington
Description: Lilah has such fair skin that when she came to TBAR through a seizure, her entire face had severe burns and was infected. Lilah can not be turned out in the pasture during the day, only at night.


Jazmine Name:  Jazmine T-Bar #:  H086
Age: 7 yrs Sex:  mare Height:  Weight:
Color: palomino
Registered Association: Reg #:
Abilities: n/a
Adoption Fee: n/a Location: Washington
Description: This little filly had the unpleasant and almost fatal experience of being struck  by lightning (seriously). She was left blind by the accident, but is a sweet and trusting girl. She has completely bonded with Firecracker who has become her seeing eye horse..

Sponsor Jazmine and Firecracker:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Name:  Bella T-Bar #:  H164
Age:  27 yrs Sex: Mare Height:  Weight:
Color: Brown
Breed:  Arabian
Registered Association: Reg #:
Abilities: Rideable
Adoption Fee: $350
Description: Bella’s history is one which has become all too common. Bella was rescued by True Blue Animal Rescue (TBAR) along with many other horses who were starving and neglected. This lovely 25 yr. old dark bay mare has made a remarkable recovery thanks to the tender care and good food she has received at her foster home. Now Bella needs her own special forever home to complete a happy ending for her. She is very tame and well-trained and has potential as a good kids’ horse or just a friendly companion.

Update 2011: Bella’s foster family just loves her and the grandkids enjoy her. Due to her senior years, she will live out her life at her foster home. THANK YOU foster family!
Erkle Name: Erkle T-Bar Number: H045
Age: 9 (as of 2014) Sex: Gelding
Date Came to T-Bar: 2007
Color: Bay
Breed: Quarter Horse
Riding Abilities: Non-rideable
Adoption Fee: 

Not for adoption


Brenham, Texas

Erkle lost his front left hoof to a rattle snake when he was 2 years old. It grew back but with a serious rotated coffin bone issue- requiring frequent trims on both front feet (prone to founder if not trimmed).

The owner lost her place soon after the bite incident when Hurricane Ike struck, so she “donated” Erkle to TBAR. He’s about 9 yrs. old now, VERY friendly but shouldn’t be ridden by anyone over 20 lbs. He’s a beautiful thoroughbred and the class clown – always getting himself in trouble. If you would like to sponsor Erkle, please email [email protected]!

As these horses gain weight and/or are rehabilitated, they will be  evaluated and be available for adoption. Consider submitting your adoption application now (click here). 

Or consider fostering one of these horses and be rewarded as they become, healthy, happy horses again.   


You can sponsor a rescue horse and help them get back to health. Examples: vaccinations and Coggins test for one horse costs $115, wormer costs $10, the farrier cost is $30, 1 bag of Equine Senior (a 1/2 week of feed for a skinny horse) is $16, 1 bag of One and Only for senior horses is $14.