Adopted Horse: Ribbon

Ribbon went from a scraggly malnourished horse to this beautiful, healthy, well trained mare with a girl of her own! Happy endings like this take a team of people to accomplish. First there’s the person who saw her and rescued her from her situation, then the wonderful foster home who fed her and got her the vet care she needed to become healthy and finally, the trainer, Robert Profili, who spent months of his time to get her ready for her new family. 

When Olivia met Ribbon it was love at first sight and everyone knew it was meant to be. Olivia spent her own money to adopt Ribbon with the support of her Mom and Grandma. This is a dream come true and happy ending for Olivia and Ribbon.
Ribbon would like to thank Della Lindquist for sponsoring and fostering her making this happy ending possible.

Would you like to adopt? Visit and then email us a [email protected] for more information on how to adopt!

Rescue Horse Adopted: Dusty

This horse was abandoned and alone. True Blue Animal Rescue took him in so he could get the vet care he needed and go into a foster home. This week his foster Mom decided he was meant to be there forever and adopted him! Hooray for Dusty and his new Mom, Jenni. If you’d like to adopt go and take a look at the horses we have for adoption and consider our Foster to Adopt option.

Rescue Horses Cheyenne and Sonyador

Have you ever thought about fostering a horse? This family had very little experience with horses and were wondering the same thing. They finally decided to give it a try. It wasn’t easy and in the beginning they wondered if it was too much but the didn’t give up. They gained knowledge from horse experts and took their time with these two horses. Their time and effort finally paid off.
Take a look at Sonyador and Cheyenne sporting saddle blankets and saddles! These two horses came to True Blue Animal Rescue neglected and abused. After gaining weight they both had some training with Juan Vendrell but they weren’t saved until their foster home spent the time to build this trusting relationship with them. Save a life, foster or adopt a rescue horse! For more information go to and email [email protected] or call 936-878-2349

Success Story Update: True Seven (now Pablo)

TBAR-Success-Throwback-PabloNothing makes us happier than to hear from people who have adopted in the past and send us pictures of their rescue kids with their forever family. Here’s one of those pictures that touches my heart in a special way. Pablo Redcloud aka True Seven, Picasso and Tejas came to TBAR as a baby. He went to several foster homes and was even adopted but he had some bad habits that were tough to break and he managed to out smart his people every single time. The last time he came back we sent him to Juan Vendrell for training and that helped a lot but his antics were still too much for the next adopter too. Even though Pablo was too much for them they didn’t give up on this beautiful boy and sent him to another trainer. This trainer was Otis Dyer. Otis is a gifted trainer who didn’t give up on Redcloud and continued working with him and eventually fell in love with him and decided to adopt him for himself. Here’s what Otis has to say about Redcloud now:
I have really become fond of my rescue horse Pablo Redcloud. He has become a trusted partner and a good friend, plus a fun ride. I’m glad I was able to adopt him, we are a good fit. Thank you Dan Matula and Melanie Hewett-Deaeth for allowing me to adopt him and give him a forever home.

This story warms my heart and is a perfect expression of what Valentine’s Day is all about. We get the animals out of harms way but that’s only part of rescue. The true rescuer is the one who adopts and works through the difficulties a rescue animal might have and loves them unconditionally the way Otis loves Redcloud. Have a heart, adopt, don’t shop. We have lots of dogs, cats and horses that need homes. Go to if you want to help rescue an animal.

Success Story: Harry (horse)

TBAR-Success-Harry-HorseThis beautiful Bay Thoroughbred named Harry has been adopted! This is his first day with his new pasture mate and it looks like they already like each other. His adoption family confirmed that he is getting along and the two have become best friends. Would you like to adopt a horse? Take a look at our web site and email or call for more information: [email protected] or 936-878-2349. We have several horses that are ridable. All they need is you!

Success Story: Patrick and Barbie

TBAR-Adopted-Patrick-Barbie-HorsesHappy 2016 everyone! Just after Christmas we had the joy of moving Patrick and Barbie, the two feed lot Belgians, to their new home. They are enjoying vast pastures of grass at their fabulous new home. Paul heard about them after our facebook post and since he already adopted a PMU draft breed horse from us 10 years ago, he decided to add these two to his farm. I can’t wait to see Patrick and Barbie gain full health too!! Every time you adopt, rescues have room to take in another animal. Adopting saves lives so adopt, don’t shop.

Success Story Update: Junebug!

TBAR-Adoption-Update-JunebugWho remembers Junebug? Several years ago we received a call from law enforcement asking us if we could take this horse. She was emaciated and had both old and new injuries. You can still see where she must have been hit so hard her ribs were broken. We named this sweet mare Junebug. Despite all the hardships she had endured this mare remained gentle and loving. Eventually she gained the weight but her story wasn’t over till her very special person found her and adopted her. Just look at the love between these two.

Thank you for adopting her and taking such good care of her Madison! Here’s what Madison has to say about Junebug now:
“She still loves children, she loves to go full speed when you ride, she loves carrots apples and the apple flavored treats we give her, she also loves cantaloupe rind too, shes not scared of guys anymore either!”

If you would like to adopt a sweet rescue horse we have several that are ridable and waiting for their forever person. Please email [email protected] or call 936-878-2349 for more information