TBar Heaven

While our goal is to save animals and give them a good life, there are always those sad times when animals in our care pass on and enter a place that we call TBar Heaven. We are consoled in knowing that we were able to love, care and feed them before they passed into TBar Heaven; and we are thankful that they left knowing the love of a rescue person. We know that the animals in TBar Heaven are running free and will never know sadness, hunger, abuse, or neglect again. All the problems that they had here on Earth are left behind and they finally are able to relax.

A Poem
Don’t cry for the animals
That life has set free
A million white animals
Forever to be
Don’t cry for the animals
Now in God’s hands
As they dance and they play
To a heavenly band.
They were ours as a gift
But never to keep
As they close their eyes
Forever to sleep
Their spirits unbound
On silver wings they fly
A million white animals
Against the blue sky
Look up into heaven
You’ll see them above
The animals we lost
The animals we loved
Tails, ears or manes flowing
They run through time
They were never yours
They were never mine
Don’t cry for the animals
They will be back someday
When our time has come
They will show us the way
Do you hear that soft whisper
Close to your ear?
Don’t cry for the animals
Love the ones that are here.
Author Unknown

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