Supporters & Memorials

Thank you to everyone who donated to True Blue Animal Rescue for the many animals that needed us this year. If you donated on a Facebook fundraiser instead of donating directly to True Blue Animal Rescue, we get a check 6 to 8 weeks later, but we don’t get a list of donor names. Thank you for caring enough to donate. Without you, we couldn’t save as many animals as we do each year.

We try very hard to list and acknowledge all honorariums, memorials and event sponsors but if we have inadvertently left one out or posted incorrect information, please bring it to our attention and we will rectify the error.

Lifetime Members

We’re forever grateful to our lifetime members!

  • Andrea Schweikhard
  • Betty Dooley
  • Carol Schertz
  • Cheryl Craven
  • D. Ann & Gary Komar
  • Diana and Bobby Bender
  • Diane Deitz
  • E.A. Hewett
  • Elizabeth and C.L. Gildroy
  • Ellen Spahni
  • Evelyn Bench
  • Faye Harris
  • George and Adele DeTitta
  • Jobody Fitness LLC (Brenham, Texas)
  • Jody and A.W. Goodson, Jr
  • Joy and Jerry Hamaker
  • Kathy Parker
  • Lauren Lynch
  • Leigh Scott
  • Lewis Nelson White Jr.
  • Linda and James Taylor
  • Lisa Allen
  • Mark and Carol Jensen
  • Mary Clendennen
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Schmid
  • Mrs. C.A. Whiteford, Jr.
  • Nancy and William Gardiner
  • Ralph Pinnell (Favoring Winds Ranch)
  • Rama Santschi
  • Robert and Diana Bender
  • Roger and Leigh Scott
  • Sallie Blackie (Betswest Foundation)
  • Sandra White and Kenneth Welsh
  • Sara Spencer
  • Susan Brown
  • Susan Whiteford
  • Suzy Simar

Lifetime members: In memoriam

We’ll never forget the contribution of these late members.

Herman Detering passed away in 2015. He was dedicated to promoting animal welfare and helping rescue horses. He made an impact on our TBAR members while helping bring around many of our rescued horses.

Loretta Pinnell passed away in 2015. She was with TBAR since it began in 2004. She was a sweet and kind and always there to lend a helping hand. She rescued dogs, cats, horses and any other critter that crossed her path.

Mike “Yankee” Pulkkinen, passed away in 2018. He was a foster home and longtime friend of TBAR. He was a host to our chili cookoffs and events on many occasions, and always offered his support to the organization.

Anthony Maldonado passed away in 2019. With his wife, Whitney, Anthony was one one of the first volunteers to help TBAR when we started in 2004. He had a great connection with animals and was always willing to help out with rescues and events.

2019 Sponsors, special thanks, honorifics and memorials


  • In memory of Molly Knodt from Annchen Knodt: “Molly was a TBAR dog that graced us with her sweet personality”
  • In memory of Leroy, Bravo Blue, a TBAR adopted dog from Andrea Schweikhard
  • In memory of Janie Lovell from Rat-a-tat-tots
  • In memory of Mary Jane “Janie” Lovelle from Suzan Roberts
  • In memory of Mona M. Counts, RN, FNP, PhD, FAAN, she had a big impact in her profession From Elizabeth Hewett
  • In memory of Charles Lubowski from Julia Jordan
  • In loving memory of our precious kitty Taffy from Diana and Robert Bender


  • In honor of Kathy Parker from Lauren Lee Sarlya
  • In honor of Mickey Beddingfield from Lauren Lee Sarlya

Monthly donors

  • Sharon Schneider
  • Nancy Daleo
  • Deborah Siegele
  • Rebecca Durda
  • Ghost Island Primitives
  • Sharon Schneider
  • Ann Brady

Birthday fundraisers

The following people held Facebook fundraisers for their birthday to benefit True Blue Animal Rescue

  • Fawnya Doiron
  • Amy Hart
  • Eva Livy
  • Amy Hemsell
  • Rhonda Blaschke
  • Dylan Peschel
  • Jennica Slater
  • Ruth DeAeth
  • Gina Leatherman
  • Simone Belota
  • Melanie DeAeth
  • Lexi Hubenak
  • Donna Hyland

These are the birthday fundraisers that we saw and shared on our Facebook page. If you share your birthday to help the animals and benefit True Blue Animal Rescue, please message the page so we can share too!

Additional donations made in honor of birthdays:

  • Happy Birthday to Brenda Weiser from Deborah, Barbara & Tim Kirk Boyd, and for all of the other donations for your Birthday. Thank you, Brenda!
  • In honor of Rozanne Goddard on her 70th birthday, with love from Suzanne & Richard Mitchell

Event supporters

Hosting Santa Photo Events: Special thanks to Dan Lindquist and Monica Wilson Lindquist of Dog Gone Fun Agility for hosting the Santa pictures 2019. Special Thanks to James Taylor for his role as Santa.

Parade: Special Thanks all the TBAR volunteers who helped decorate the Parade float.

Donations to Help

Donations for the dog named Snow from:

  • Cheryl Sullivan
  • Gene McKinney
  • Rebecca Cammack
  • Shawn Wolfe
  • Lauren Lee Sarlya
  • Elizabeth Kelly
  • Elissa Watts
  • Marian Hewett
  • Stephanie Stout
  • Jeanette Afflerbach
  • Jonna Skehan
  • Peter Warren

Donation in honor of Trooper from Deborah Adams

Donation for rescue kitten from Katherine Champion

Donations for the two dogs from Harris County, Mabel and Bella

  • Denise Siwinski
  • Julie Pohar
  • Caitlin Greene
  • Karen Best-Gonsalves
  • Kim Morgan
  • Lesley Fetterman
  • Shelly Cree
  • Shirley Wang

Donations for Dutch

  • Ramsay Elder
  • Robin Skaskiw
  • Creative Images

Donations for Bonita’s puppies

  • Shay Morrow
  • Dean & Nancy Heard
  • Mary Haneburg
  • Martha Kendell
  • Donations for Fabio
  • Elizabeth Thielens
  • Diane Deitz
  • Donations for Dash, the dachshund
  • Kathleen Rooker
  • Donna Drews
  • Texas Cotton Gin Museum
  • Donations for Buddy and Blossom
  • Emily Foster
  • Jonathan Kurtzweil
  • Creative Images
  • Sandra Nelson
  • Martha Kendell
  • Susan Dodge
  • Diane Holt

Previous year’s Memorials and Honorifics