Sponsor a Horse!

Sponsor a Horse Program

Really want a horse but just can’t manage it for one reason or another?
Still want to be part of a horse’s life and their care?

We understand that there are many people that would like to adopt a horse but busy schedules, obligations or perhaps a lack of horse knowledge would prevent them from adopting a horse. Being part of True Blue Animal Rescue’s  sponsorship program is a way for you to make a difference.

Many horses we rescue require special feed, extensive farrier, dental work and medical attention. Some horses are hard to place and will be with us for several months if not their whole life.

With extra help, we may continue to rescue other equines from abuse, neglect and other situations when needed.


Please Consider sponsoring a horse.We need both Individual and Corporate sponsors. If you can’t sponsor a horse alone, consider a group sponsorship with friends, family members or even co-workers. Any and all donations are welcome.

A donation of $125.00 per month or more entitles you to a certificate with a picture of the horse you will be supporting, an update when the horse is adopted, and your name will be listed on our web page as the horse’s sponsor. 

All sponsors are invited to our Animal Care days, where you can meet your sponsored TBAR horse in-person (if they’re not adopted)  and meet the other TBAR horses (and dogs) on-site. Join the TBAR Volunteers Facebook page to learn when these events are held.


Sponsoring a horse can make such a difference, not just for the horse you sponsor but for all the other horses we can help due to sponsors like you! As with all donations to our rescue, your sponsorship may also be tax deductible.

Sponsorship form_horse

Download the form, print it out and mail, email or fax it to us

Click Here to Pay for your Sponsorship On-line via PayPal’s secure system:

Choose a Horse!

Clicking on the link will open a separate window with TBAR’s horses. Pick the horse or horses you would like to sponsor and then enter the name(s) in the Sponsorship Form.

Sometimes animals come into T-Bar that have such special requirements and challenges that they are virtually unadoptable. In those special cases, they live their life out with love and care at T-Bar Ranch or a loving foster home. 

You can sponsor a rescue horse and help them get back to health. Examples: vaccinations and Coggins test for one horse costs $115, wormer costs $10, the farrier cost is $30, 1 bag of Equine Senior (a 1/2 week of feed for a skinny horse) is $16, 1 bag of One and Only for senior horses is $14.

You also may consider sponsoring an ABLE Kids Camp Horse, if you are interested in working with a ridable animal.