Success Stories: Leia, Mugsy, and Cinco!

TBAR-Adopted-Pets-Kittens-Dog-March-9Three of our animals were adopted this week. Mugsy went to his new forever home over the weekend. Princess Leia went to one of our shelter partners, Aggieland Humane Society, where she found her forever home and Cinco’s foster Mom decided she could not let him go and decided to adopt! We couldn’t be happier for them all! If you’d like to adopt a puppy, kitten, dog, cat or horse, check out our web site and then email [email protected] or call 936-878-2349 to let us know!

Success Story: Sir Henry

TBAR-Adopted-Sir-Henry-CatSir Henry was adopted this week! We’re so happy that one of our wonderful kitties found a forever home. If you’re thinking about adopting a cat or a kitten take a look at the ones on our web site We have kittens and adult cats that are desperate for forever homes and February is the month to do it since we’re offering 1/2 off on adoptions right now. That’s only $35 and it covers spay / neuter and all vaccinations. Adopt, don’t shop!

Success Story: Sable!


Today’s Throwback Thursday is Sable! This tiny little kitten was taken in by a wonderful foster home who has bottled babies before. Bottle feeding puppies and kittens is very hard with a very low survival rate for the babies. Sable is one of the lucky ones. Thank you Simone Belota for fostering Sable! Now he’s a healthy adopted kitten. Hooray for Sable!

Success Story: Zoey

Zoey_Success Story_TBAR

This morning’s Success story is Zoey. This kitten was found malnourished and with a broken leg. After a vet exam we found out that she was also FIV positive. Brenham Vet Hospital recommended letting her leg heal and to our great joy she began healing and was able to get around just fine. Not long after that her forever home found her and fell in love! She has a wonderful forever home now! Thanks to everyone who helped Zoey along her journey including Alissa Cannon for reminding us that FIV is not transmitted easily and that FIV cats can live long and healthy lives. Zoey will always be grateful!

Success Story: Sable!

Success Story Sable True Blue Animal Rescue


Success Story Wednesday! Sable was bottle fed by foster home Simone Nicole Belotal until he was old enough to be adopted. Bottling babies is very difficult and many kittens don’t make it. Sable is one of the lucky ones thanks to Simone. Now Sable has been adopted! Here he is with his forever home and best yet, this is Simone’s Mom so she’ll get so see Sable lots of times and know he’s being loved and cared for! One of the best possible outcomes! — with Deborah Petrosky.

Success Story: Joey

Remember Joey, the one eyed cat? Here he is with his new family! Poor Joey had a severe infection and had to have an eye removed and he is FIV positive. It seemed that his chance of finding a forever family would be impossible but then he met the PURRFECT family for him. They knew that he could manage just fine with one eye and that FIV can only be contracted through deep wounds or mating which makes the risk to other cats minimal. They knew that Joey was a special guy who deserved this special chance so they adopted him! Lucky Joey and lucky family!

For more information on FIV go to  or



Success Stories: Gizmo

Gizmo and his litter-mates were born in a College Station trailer park, but when their mother was unable to produce milk for her babies, a TBAR foster stepped in to bottle feed the 3 week old babies.

Mix Litter1

The babies were picked up and went straight into foster care where they received lots of love and attention. Gizmo grew into a very handsome little boy who loved cuddling and being the center of attention.


Now Gizmo has been fortunate to find a loving family who will provide for him and give him a restart to a happy life, as well as letting him be their little couch hog!

photo (8)

TBAR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit no-kill animal rescue organization. If you would like to help animals such as this one, please consider donating to TBAR, volunteering, fostering, or adopting. Donations go directly toward care, feed, and veterinary care of the rescued animals and every little bit helps us to help another animal in need of safety and rehabilitation. Rescue a pet: adopt instead of shop and spay or neuter your pets!