Pet of the Week: Nova Prime

Nova_True Blue Animal Rescue Puppy

This week our Pet of the Week is another of our “Guardians of the Galaxy” puppies, who were a surprise litter that came from a rescued senior stray named Sage back in July! Nova Prime is a happy little lab mix who loves playing in a kiddie pool outside, and then coming in and sleeping on a big comfy pillow! She is ready and waiting for her forever family to find her, so help us to help her by passing around this post!

Nova is one of five puppies currently in TBAR. All of them are at that perfect playful age that love to learn new tricks, enjoy toys, and cuddle.

If you are interested in adopting, download our adoption application here:

Email it to and we will get back to you right away!

Pet of the Week:


Who doesn’t love puppies and a yellow lab puppy at that? This six week old puppy is looking for a family of her own! Her mother is a lab mix and little Carina looks like a beautiful yellow lab baby. She is healthy, up to date on shots and worming and ready to give love and puppy kisses. If you’d like to meet Carina or one of her black lab siblings give us a call or send an email.T-BAR is a no-kill rescue. Save a life and adopt instead of buying a pet. If you are looking for or would like more information on any animal you see on our website at and see all the animals that we have available and to learn about the adoption or foster program guidelines and download an application.  Fill it out and send it back (email or regular mail) and once you are on file as an approved adopter or foster home, you can meet any animal you want and take them home for a sleepover – try out. Or give us a call at 936-878-2349 and you can email us at  to make an appointment.   Please remember to have all your pets spayed and neutered. It is the right thing to do. pet_6168_2 pet_6168_1

Friday Fluff: Dream Big

True Blue Animal Rescue Dream Big Puppy

Little Moose knows he’s going to be a big dog – if not in size then at least in attitude!

Our Little Moose is a Corgie Mix, but he sure thinks he’s going to grow up to be huge! We won’t dash his dreams, because we know that no matter how short and stubby his legs might be he will fill up the whole heart of his future adoptive parent!

Do you or anyone you know want to give Moose his forever home? Contact or call (936) 878-2349 and read all about our adoption process HERE!


TBAR Adoptable Puppy – Eddie

TBAR Puppy Eddie
This weeks Pet of the Week is a little adoptable puppy named Eddie. How can you resist a face like this? He is 6 weeks old and has had his first shots and worming. He came into True Blue Animal Rescue because his mother passed away when he and his siblings were only 1 week old. Luckily some Tbar members were able to take them in and bottle feed them. Bottle fed puppies are very friendly and lovable. As you can see Eddie was comfortable as he had his foster mothers hand there. He’s starting to play with toys and loves to hop around and explore everything.

T-BAR is a 501(c)3 non-profit no-kill Texas animal rescue. Save a life and adopt instead of buying a pet. If you are looking for or would like more information on the bottle babies, or another animal you see, please call 936-878-2349 or email,  to make an appointment – and read about fostering or adopting and download an application.  Fill it out and send it back (email or regular mail) and once you are on file as an approved adopter or foster home, you can meet any animal you want and take them home for a sleepover – try out. Please remember to have all your pets spayed and neutered. It is the right thing to do.

Happy 4th of July!



TBAR is wishing you and yours a great Independence Day! Please remember that pets are often frightened by fireworks, so keep them safe today!

This photo is of our two week old puppies, Moose and Eddie, who are currently being bottle fed by one of our foster homes. They will both be available for adoption in four weeks. If you or anyone you know are interested in giving a forever home to a Corgy mix puppy you’ll want to get your application in now so we can have you approved and ready!

Visit our how to adopt page, email or call 936-878-2349 for more information on how to adopt from True Blue Animal Rescue. We have lots of kittens and puppies that need to be rescued by you!

Foster Feature: Family Circle Chis



A few weeks ago we introduced you to our Charlie Brown family of Chihuahua pups – now meet our Family Circle bunch!

*UPDATE*  We now have folks wanting three of these puppies — PJ, Dolly, and Jeffrey are pending adoption but Billy and mom Tina are still available!

I wanted to say how exciting it can be to foster a litter of puppies!   Watching their eyes begin to open and when they begin to focus on the world around them.    One key is preparation.   We used an inexpensive child’s swimming pool for our whelping box.   This is easy to find this time of year and allows the mother to get away from her puppies while leaving them safe and confined.   Combined with puppy pads for the floor, the surface is easy to keep clean.  These pups were big enough to climb out at about 4 weeks when they started trying to eat soft, moist kibble.   We put two doggie exercise  pens together to make  a 6 x 3  pen for them to learn to run and play in.   It will be still be several weeks before these pups are completely weaned.   During that time,  it is important to socialize and handle all the puppies.    Get them used to different types of surfaces beneath their feet, different noises, different types of toys.  Also, rub their toes, rub their ears, turn them over — establish a human-dog trust.     This will help your puppies to develop into well socialized,  outgoing puppies at an early age and keep them from being shy or fearsome.   Thanks TBAR for the opportunity to raise this cute litter!   Linda and James

TBAR depends on foster homes to help us save animals, as we do not have a shelter location. We hope this story has inspired you to consider becoming a TBAR foster home. If so, please email us at or call (936) 878-2349 and help us save more lives!

Foster Feature: Lucy and Pups!

Lucy Co

On May 12 TBAR officers mobilized to save a mother Chihuahua and her 6 puppies (that were only days old) from a high-kill-rate shelter. We were alerted to their situation thanks to a Facebook group called Houston, Save Lives is our Mission. It was important to move fast because the shelter was giving them only three days, the babies were too young to be separated from their mothers (so they were unadoptable), and they were so young (un-vaccinated) and susceptible to illness. TBAR volunteers, Linda and James Taylor, were able to pick them up and temporarily foster them, and quickly we had a foster volunteer, Michelle Marburger, that offered to take in the family until they could be adopted.

When the family was removed from the shelter the babies were covered in fleas so they all got dawn baths, but they thankfully they weren’t terribly anemic, probably because they were so young. The family of Mom, 3 boys and 3 girls, were named after Charlie Brown characters: Lucy (Mom), Patty, Sally, Marcie, Charlie, Shermy and Linus. Lucy settled in with her babies quickly, knowing she was safe now.

From her temporary foster home (Linda and James):
Wanted to say that Lucy checked the box and counted her little family every time we took them away from her. She is a great mom and very trusting. She is a loving little girl and we fell in love with her from the start.

From the foster family:

Mama is adjusting great. She is very smart and well potty trained. She loves to play in the yard a few minutes when she goes out to potty but then she ready to come back in and count her babies.

This first picture is funny… She was yawning showing how hard of work it is to feed all of these babies. The second one I finally got her to sit still and look.

I have had her out in the living room quite a bit with us today because she seems to want to be a social butterfly when she hears us.

Another update:

Ms. Lucy is REALLY doing great (as are her pups). She is very smart! Potty trained, knows sit, and lay. She warmed up to me and my older son really well initially and she has slowly warmed up to my husband and our 6 year old. She even left her room this afternoon when my husband stopped by the house to let her out to potty… yesterday she just sat there and growled at him when he tried to let her out… lol. So today he gave her a treat when she finished.

When we get home from work we let her out of her room and bring the puppies into the living room where we are. She is still counts them and she doesn’t leave their side much then. However, I have found if we go put her puppies back in the her room and we leave the doors open then she runs and plays and wags her tail and jumps on the couch beside us. She loves attention and she is so sweet! She is much different when it’s just her in the room.

Most recent update (yesterday, May 24):
Here is a basket full of love! Lucy and her 6 chi puppies… The basket was originally to transport the puppies from their room to the living room with us at night but this morning when I put them in there little Ms Lucy decided to crawl in and take a cat nap

One of the puppies has it’s eyes open but the others are still closed for now. Lucy is SO sweet!!!

Lucy Co

These puppies will be available for adoption once they turn 8 weeks and they will be listed for adoption once they are 4 weeks.

This family owes their second chance to the group, Houston, Save Lives is our Mission (this situation being social networking at it’s finest!), the TBAR volunteers, and most importantly, to the Marburgers who quickly stepped up and offered their home, love, and care to these animals in need. TBAR depends on foster homes to help us save animals, as we do not have a shelter location. We hope this story has inspired you to consider becoming a TBAR foster home. If so, please email us at or call (936) 878-2349

Pet of the Week: More Puppies!


These precious puppies are 9 weeks old, fat and happy.  Their poor stray mama (who is about 35 lbs and black – looks like a Lab mix) had these babies on the property of a True Blue Rescue member, who of course, took them under her wing and is fostering them and their mom while TBAR and our great network of friends help find loving homes.  Did you know that a litter of pups can have more than one papa contributing DNA ?  Obviously the case with this bunch’a’punkins.  We saw them over the weekend, a couple of weeks after this photo was taken and were amazed at the differences in faces, snouts, leg and body lengths and coats.  Some have red with black points, wrinkly foreheads and jowls and longer noses that do look very much like hound dog faces; others are obviously Staffordshire Terrier mixes, with their chunky little bodies and square faces.  While a few have longer torsos and legs and distinct black blankets over the necks and backs with a shepard look starting to surface and last but not least, there are a few freckled faced, curly tailed babies who look like they have some beagle somewhere in there and is that little guy, 2nd from the right maybe a little bit bull dog ?  In other words – here is a wonderful bunch of great American mutts looking for their human match and loving home.  They’ve had their puppy shots and spay or neuter will be included in their adoption fee.  The first step to adopt or foster one of these little guys is to go to: and download an application (or call 936-878-2349 to ask for one to be mailed to you).  Fill that out and send it in, so you have one on file for the adoption team to work with.  Then email or call the above # and make a date to come see them.

TBAR Event: Brenham Market Mania

Market Mania 2013


Mark your calendars and make plans to join us at our next event – Brenham Market Mania, community garage sale and TBAR adoption day!  TBAR members will be on hand to help you learn more about our organization and our animals and help you learn how to foster, adopt, join, or donate!  Drop by to give some love to our animals!

Saturday May 4


Brenham Market Mania:  Brenham Community Garage Sale – TBAR adoption day

Location:  701 Commerce St., Brenham Texas

We will be in one of the parking lots outside of Forever Young ReSale Shop (off Market Street)

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facebook-event1 - Copy


UPDATE:  Thanks to everyone who came out and visited with the TBAR staff and the 16 puppies that were with us!  Also, thank you to Jason and Olivia of Moore Photography for taking pictures of all the cute puppies and the lovely TBAR Staff!  We are glad we were able to raise a little money for TBAR and raise awareness to the Brenham Community!



puppy helpers