Foster an Animal

TBAR’s Foster Care Program

It’s a fact: socialized and trained dogs find forever homes faster. 

We love our foster homes! Not only do our foster homes maximize the number of animals TBAR can rescue, they provide a comfortable home setting that keeps the animals happy and healthy. Foster homes provide valuable socialization and one on one rehabilitation (when needed).

If you’ve got room in your heart and in your home, consider becoming a part of our six week foster care program. 


TBAR supplies:

  • The dog
  • The crate
  • Dog food
  • Veterinary care
  • Training tips for you
  • Support

You supply:

  • Love and affection
  • Socialization
  • A real home environment
  • Attention and exercise
  • Basic Obedience Training
  • Six weeks of your time

What you Get in Return:

  • Make a difference in a dog’s life
  • Help a dog find his forever home
  • Lots of slurps and tail wagging
  • The satisfaction of making a difference

At the end of the six weeks, you bring your foster dog to a TBAR adoption event. If the dog finds a forever home – GREAT! If not, the dog comes back to TBAR. 

A six week commitment. Period*.
It’s like taking a Community Education class.

Read “Becoming a Foster Home” article (PDF)

Applicable to Dogs fostered from the TBAR Ranch only.

 READY TO FOSTER? Click here for our foster application


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I really help a dog in 6 weeks?

A: Absolutely! Six weeks is plenty of time for a dog to learn basic obedience, for a puppy to be crate-trained, for a dog to find his/her confidence, and for a dog to learn about being in a home. Often 6 weeks is all a dog needs to become more adoptable and find a forever home. It’s amazing what some TLC can do. 

Take Sedona for example. Sedona had lost her confidence and did poorly at adoption events because she was so timid and unsure of herself. Thanks to a loving, patient foster home, Sedona found her confidence – in herself and her person – and is once again a happy girl. After six short weeks of socialization, Sedona found her forever home. 

Q: I’ve never done this before. How do I know what to do?

A: We’ll guide you every step of the way from how to introduce your foster dog to other family members, to setting up the crate as a safe space, to basic obedience training, to feeding requirements, to exercise, etc. AND, as a foster home, you have special access and priority to us. You will also receive a Foster Care Manual for your reference. 

Q: Won’t it be too hard to give up the foster dog at the end of 6 weeks?

A: Giving up your foster dog is a happy/sad day. While you may have fallen in love with your foster dog, knowing that the dog is going to a loving forever home will bring you alot of joy and satisfaction, which outweighs the sadness at seeing them leave. You know you’ve done a good thing! Being a foster home is one of the most courageous, generous things you can do! 

Q: What if my foster dog isn’t adopted after 6 weeks; and I want to continue to foster him/her?

A: After 6 weeks, your foster dog has a reserved space at TBAR. However, if you would like to continue to foster, you can sign up for another 6 weeks of foster care. Keep in mind that your foster dog can be adopted at any point in the 6 week foster care program. 

Q: What if I want to foster a special needs dog?

A: Bless you! TBAR’s special needs dogs require additional one on one rehabilitation skills; and we will teach you what you need to know to help these dogs come out of their shell and be social with humans. We also have a dog trainer available for consultation. Special needs dogs offer the opportunity for extra reward because they have farther to go; and when you help them find their confidence again, it’s wonderful! 

Q: What if my foster dog needs veterinary care?

A: While we hope your foster dog will only need routine veterinary care such as vaccinations and spaying/neutering, emergency situations do happen. If possible, please contact TBAR at 936-878-2349 first; however, if the dog needs immediate veterinary attention, please take the dog to one of our approved vets ASAP. Refer to your Foster Care Manual or click here for a list of TBAR veterinarians.

Q: What should I expect in bringing my foster dog home?

A: As with any change, the first few days can be a bit ‘bumpy’ as everyone (people and pets) adjust to the new, temporary family member. As your foster dog learns your routines, everything will settle down. And if you have any questions or problems, remember – we are here to support you,


FOSTERING A T-BAR DOG OR CATWe are always looking for  foster homes to help give these dogs and cats  individual attention and lots of love. You must be a T-Bar Member to be a foster home ($25 for annual membership).  Membership fees help us pay vet bills like the basic shots and worming for our animals
If you are interested in fostering one of our dogs or cats,  you will need to complete and send in the following forms:
Foster / Adoption Application
Vet Reference
Personal Reference
If you would like more information about fostering with T-Bar, please contact us at  (936) 878-2349 or send us an email to [email protected].

You must become a T-Bar member and pay a $25 membership fee beforefostering a horse. 
If you are interested in fostering one of our horses you will need to complete and send in the following forms:
Click here to access the forms. Please submit the Foster Application, Vet Reference, and Personal Reference Forms. 
If you would like more information about fostering with T-Bar, please contact us at (936) 878-2349 or send us an email at [email protected]