Special Funds for Special Animals

As TBAR has grown and expanded our assistance to animals, we’ve realized the scope of our activities necessitates additional funding in order to meet the needs of certain animals that come under the umbrella of TBAR. 

chip2-smValine & Leigh Bartlett Memorial Spay/Neuter Fund:

Because the biggest source of homeless animals is unspayed and unneutered cats and dogs, TBAR is taking a pro-active stance by offering spay and neuter assistance to those who cannot manage it all on their own. This past February and March, TBAR offered rebates to the owner of any dog or cat which was spayed or neutered in Washington County or Burleson County during those months. During our first year of this fund, 17 dogs and 18 cats were spayed, and 7 dogs and 14 cats were neutered. We hope to expand this spay/neuter program to additional counties and over more months of the year as funding becomes available.

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brooke4Brooke’s Fund: Another significant expense is medical care for the many sick, injured, or abused animals which come to TBAR. As a no-kill rescue, we choose to treat any animal which can be saved and can live a quality life. Most of the animals coming in require some sort of special care in addition to the basic needs and vaccinations. Some of the veterinarian bills are significant. 

This fund will be used to give dogs with heavy heartworm loads the expensive heartworm treatment they need. This fund is in memory of Blue Moon, Pal, Cinnamon, Little Caesar, Momma, Abby, and Jack. Blue Moon died due to complications from her heartworms. The others were humanely euthanized because they were already showing such severe symptoms from their heartworms, that their bodies could not withstand the treatment.

 In 2006 a dog named Brooke came into our care. Brooke had a heavy heartworm load but was not showing symptoms such as coughing and difficulty breathing. Her veterinarian felt she would be a good candidate for heartworm treatment. Thanks to the “Art Helping Animals” group and several individual Tbar members, enough money was raised to pay for Brooke’s expensive treatment. Brooke was given the heartworm treatment while in the care of her foster home, and has recovered and is doing well. 

The fund to pay for Brooke’s treatment has some money left over to help future dogs that come to us with severe heartworms. Our hope is that we will be able to build this fund so that we can offer treatment to every dog that comes to us with a heavy heartworm load, before they become too sick for help. Of course our ultimate goal is to educate people about heartworms. In Texas (and almost every other state) a dog has a 100% chance of getting heartworms if they are not given a heartworm preventative. Please help us spread the word that a simple once-a-month “biscuit” will keep a dog safe from this devastating disease. 

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Blue Moon
Little Caesar


If you can make a special donation to one or both of these funds,
it will be an investment in health and life for many deserving animals.


THANK YOU for Supporting the Animals!