ASPCA Grant for Horse Rescue

The ASPCA has awarded TBAR a $15,000 grant which will allow us to take in neglected horses that were ordered removed from their homes. The case is ongoing, but without support from organizations like the ASPCA, TBAR and our foster homes would not be able to step up and help law enforcement and these poor animals in need.

Thank you, ASPCA!

Popeye’s Story



Popeye Jun07aWebJune 2007 T-Bar Name:Popeye T-Bar Number: D245 Weight: 3lbs
Sex: Neutered Boy Age on 5/2007 1 yr
Breed:  Beagle / Boxer
Color:  White with orange patches
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
Update June 2008: A very special family came along that fell in love with Popeye. Even though Popeye was not officially up for adoption, this family was able to do whatever Popeye needed to make him a part of their family and make him happy. Slowly and gently, Popeye was transitioned to their home. And Popeye fell in love with his new family. He’s happy, healthy and has his very own family. A wonderful, fairy-tale ending to Popeye’s story! Update June 2007: Popeye is recovering nicely. He has lost vision in one eye, but it doesn’t seem to bother him.  He has won the hearts of all the TBAR volunteers who care for him and his sponsors with his charming personality and happy attitude. His favorite activity is to pick up a soft, fluffy toy in his mouth and accompany the volunteers on the feeding rounds. He loves his toy! So full of life and love, how could any one hurt this dog?!

Update Dec 2007: Popeye’s abuser was found guilty! He was sentenced to 30 days in prison, has to pay the court $500 and has to pay Tbar the $600 initial vet bill that we paid. He also has to go to a mental health evaluation and anger management classes. Justice for Popeye!

* WARNING: Popeye’s story is horrible. Stop reading now if you don’t want your heart to break. **

Original Story: Popeye was seized by the Sheriff’s Department because a man had tied him up and beaten him with a golf club. X-rays showed that Popeye had a fractured skull, broken sinus cavity and a bulging eye. They also showed that he had been shot in the head. Later, the man confessed that Popeye was a stray and he was ‘doing us a favor’ by trying to get rid of him. While his injuries were critical, through it all, Popeye was wagging his tail and showing love to his caretakers. TBAR and the vet couldn’t give up on a dog who wanted to live so badly and could show love after all his abuse. The first few days were touch and go for Popeye and he wouldn’t eat. But slowly, he started to feel a little better and started to eat. Popeye has a long recovery, but he deserves a second chance at life, don’t you think?


Popeye before

If you would like to sponsor Popeye and contribute to his rehabilitation, we’ll keep you updated on his progress. You can know in your heart that Popeye will never again be hurt or suffer; he will only know love and kindness from now on. That’s our promise to him.


Thank you to Popeye’s sponsors:  Angela Sera