Pet of the Week: Luna

True Blue Animal Rescue Texas Horse for Adoption Luna

The beautiful Luna has been enjoying the pasture life at T-Bar but would be very happy to have a family who could train her and help her reach her true potential. I know she would love to have her very own home. When you adopt somehow the animals know they are in a special home and they become life long companions to you and you to them. Luna is just waiting for that perfect home. I know it is out there, somewhere, we just need to find it. T-BAR is a no-kill rescue. Not only do we like having our animals adopted out, we also are in dire need of foster homes. That way we can help more animals out there, especially with winter coming. Please save a life by adopting a pet, instead of buying a pet and please have all your pets spayed and neutered. It is the right thing to do. If you are interested in Luna or any other horse, dog or cat, please go to and see all the animals that deserve a second chance and fulfilled life full of love, email [email protected] or call(936)878-2349 and one of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible. Adoption Fee: Please email [email protected] for Luna’s adoption fee!

Update: Moonshine

Moonshine update. Here he is with the vet that pulled coggins and vaccinated him. He loaded easily and handled this new situation like a champ. Thanks again Juan Vendrell of TC Ranch Ventures for getting him to this point. Next phase will be his new training foster home with AJ Greer.

Moonshine update. Here he is with the vet that pulled coggins and vaccinated him. He loaded easily and handled this new situation like a champ. Thanks again Juan Vendrell of TC Ranch Ventures for getting him to this point. Next phase will be his new training foster home with AJ Greer.

Foster Feature: Moonshine

Today’s Foster Feature is Moonshine by Melanie DeAeth

This beautiful gray stallion was seized in a large group of horses that had been running wild and breeding. He was about 4 years old and we could not get a halter on him so I needed to train him to be haltered and handled well enough for a vet to come out and vaccinate and geld him. I set out to do the work I love so much. There is no greater feeling than teaching a horse like this to trust. I knew I had to work with him every day so many evenings after work I ended up working with him at night, and in the moonshine. Which is where he got his name. I’ll never forget one night when I was working with him and getting him to continue to accept the halter and the pictures my husband took came out full of orbs. Believe what you will about this, I’m not sure myself, but it was a peaceful night and a night where Moonshine learned to trust and the pictures around him had orbs and our test pics around other animals that night did not. It was not raining that night either. It was my testament that working with these sensitive animals is magical work! As you can see, in the end he was haltered. I am posting some videos showing some of the work we did together too.

After Moon was vaccinated and gelded he went into a pasture with a group of geldings. He’s always been a soft and gentle soul who is searching for his special someone but needed more round pen training so he’d become a safe adoptable horse. Finally his turn to go to the trainer came and after a month with Juan Vendrell of TC Ranch Ventures here’s Moonshine accepting a halter, being brushed and he can be saddled.

The next phase of his journey will be continued training with a foster home. He should be going there in a week and we’ll hear more about this rescue horse’s journey

Event Recap: Horseman Market Days 2014

Equestrian Market Day was successful for another year. This event was held at the Brazos County Expo and sponsored by The Brazos Valley Driving and Riding Club. It’s a great opportunity for horse enthusiasts to buy things for their equine hobby at bargain prices. Even though it was hot, humid, dusty and a lot of work, at the end of the day, we want to do it again. For Tbar it’s a great opportunity to make money to help the animals. Thanks to the many wonderful people who donated horsey items for us to sell, we did just that. Lots of people stopped by to say hi and to browse through everything Tbar had displayed to sell and to learn more about rescue. This type of exposure is very important for the public as well as a learning experience for our volunteers. Thank you to all who braved the heat and worked hard to make this event a great success. The following pictures show a great turnout both from Tbar and the public. It is events like this that take lots of work and dedication from our volunteers, as well as officers and staff.

ABLE Kids Camp Read to Ride: Recap 2014

Our Read to Ride Program was lots of fun this summer! Children aged 6 – 10 who read books over the summer were able to come out and learn about and ride a horse. The kids had lots of fun and so did the volunteers! This program was offered during the month of July and time slots filled quickly.

The kids were excited but apprehensive when they arrived but after brushing, saddling and then riding a horse they had gained confidence and pride in their accomplishment. We plan to extend this program to include children up to 12 years old next summer so watch the web site for announcements in the spring. Those who want to attend more than once can do that for a $20 donation to Tbar.

As another incentive to read we will have a field trip come out from Brenham ISD for all the students at Alton Elementary who read and kept track of the books they read over the summer.

We also have plans for horsemanship classes in the spring so keep watch for updates and announcements on that too.

Upcoming Event: TBAR Open House August 30

Teresa and Lady Bug


Have you ever wanted to meet some Texas animal rescue pets while talking to volunteers about the rescue? Now is your chance! On August 30, 2014 one of our TBAR foster homes will be hosting an open house. Come out and meet ABLE camp horses and visit with some TBAR dogs. We will have our T-shirts and cookbooks for sale, and a few refreshments as well. Kids are welcome to tour as well. Join our Facebook Event Page for more info, or you can email [email protected] or call (936) 878-2349

Pet of the Week: Emir

Emir POW.jpg

How much has anyone dreamed about riding an Arabian horse. Then how many that have not had that dream come through? Well this is your lucky day. Emir is a beautiful Arabian/Saddlebred mix young male. He is up to date with his shots, coggins, and is gelded. He has been started under saddle. He is about 14hh or a bit under. He is 6 years old now with several months of professional training. He has been ground driven, but no rider as of yet. He is level headed and given time to learn to trust his partner and working out for himself. He is beautiful and obvious probably full blood, but no papers. He was a part of a seizure of several of his buddies. He is at the perfect age for someone to adopt him and finish his training. He will be a perfect match to his partner and will give you all he has, as long as you give him TLC.

T-BAR is 501(c)3 non-profit no-kill animal rescue. Save a life and adopt instead of buying a pet. If you are looking for or would like more information on Emir, or another animal you see, please call 936-878-2349 or email,  [email protected]  to make an appointment – read about the adoption or foster program guidelines and download an application.  Fill it out and send it back (email or regular mail) and once you are on file as an approved adopter or foster home, you can meet any animal you want and take them home for a sleepover – try out. Please remember to have all your pets spayed and neutered. It is the right thing to do.

TBAR Foster Feature: Cricket

Today’s Foster Feature comes from one of our wonderful True Blue Animal Rescue Foster Homes: Casie Cooper! 


We picked Cricket up from TBAR on Valentines day a few years ago. She was part
of a group siezure at a breeding facility.

I knew she was going to be a challenge from the moment we met her. She was in
the working pens ready to be loaded when we walked up. I reached through the
fence to pet her. She froze and started shaking like a tiny chihuahua! I figured
it was best not to mess with her much in the chute. We loaded her up.

Once we unloaded her into the round pen at home, things got a little better. It
was obvious that she had not had much interaction with people. But through all
of her fear and insecurity, she was never aggressive or mean. Never offered to
kick, bite or even paw. She was legitimately scared, but seemed to know we
weren’t going to hurt her.

After about 2 weeks of good progress in the round pen, she was able to be
touched, haltered, led and moved her hips when asked. At that point, we thought
it a good idea to try some transitioning to working in a larger area. Boy were
we wrong! Hah!

We opened the gate to the round pen and stepped to the edge. She stretched and
sniffed. I waited. Then walked through. Well, she bolted! Ran like crazy!! Got
loose from me and jumped the fence into the back pasture. Then the front
pasture. Then the front yard. Then the back pasture. Then the front again and
finally the back again and ran like crazy. All I could think, after “Please
don’t break your neck”, was “What the heck was that”!? “I must have done
something wrong? Too fast?” I decided I was out of my league! We called a
friend who trains horses.

Our trainer friend came over once we got her back in the pen. A week later, he
felt confident he could transition her. Same scenario. Less dramatic, but the
same outcome nonetheless.

We felt hopeless. Figured we would have to keep her forever and just have a
really pretty yard ornament and no space to foster a more adoptable horse. Then
we realized that if she ever needed medical attention, minor or emergent, we
would have no way to care for her. Unacceptable in an animal lover’s eyes.

In comes Juan Vendrell. We took Cricket over and unloaded her into his working
pens. Within a week, he could lead her through an opening from one pen to
another! She still rushed, but absolutely traveled through an opening into
another area with lead still in hand!! At the end of the month, Juan had her in
the pasture doing lunge line work with ease. Anyone who has hit a roadblock with
a horse understands the happiness this brings!

We now have a horse who was almost unhandleable who now has true adoption
potential. She has gained confidence in new situations and continues to learn
with every interaction we have. No matter how sparse they be lately. Seems like
whatever lessons he gave her, are solid enough that I don’t feel like I have to
rush home from work every day to reinforce. His help has made my job as a foster
much less stressful and even rewarding again! Thanks Juan! 🙂

Thank you Casie for sharing your story, for being a TBAR foster home, and for not giving up on Cricket! For anyone interested in becoming a Foster Home for True Blue Animal Rescue in Texas, please visit our info page, email [email protected] or call (936) 878-2349. It is because of foster homes like Casie that TBAR is able to save more lives!

Throwback Thursday – Dancer

Our #ThrowbackThursday animal is also our Pet of the Week! Dancer was removed from his owner by law enforcement. He had been left in a stall was starving and had overgrown hooves. His road to recovery included special farrier work, lots of nutrition and a month of natural horsemanship training by Juan Vendrell of TC Ranch Ventures. Now he accepts a saddle and rider and is ready to finish his training. If you want to know more about adopting Dancer email [email protected]
TBT Dancer

Pet of the Week: Dancer

dancer pow

Are you interested in having a four-legged, beautiful companion and best friend in your pasture or barn? This boy is quite attractive so look no further. This is Dancer a gorgeous 12 year old bay Arabian gelding. He is up to date with shots, has a negative coggins and is ready to go to someone’s home. He’s not rideable at this time but, he accepts a saddle and a rider and he is ready to finish his training. He has had lot of natural horsemanship groundwork and desensitizing training with Juan Vendrell of TC Ventures which will help his new forever family further his training.

If you are looking for or would like more information on Dancer, or another animal you see, please call 936-878-2349 or email, [email protected] to make an appointment. Fill it out and send the adoption form back (email or regular mail) and once you are on file as an approved adopter or foster home, you can meet any of TBAR’s adoptable animals.T-BAR is a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit, no-kill rescue. Save a life and adopt instead of buying a pet. Please, have your pet spayed or neutered. It is the right thing to do.