Newest Rescue: Hitch (Horse)


Please Welcome True Blue Animal Rescue’s newest intake. We named him Hitch because he was tied to a bumper hitch when we picked him up. He had no pasture turn out or shelter so he lived his life tied up. We would like to thank Deputy Wegner or Washington Co Sheriff’s Dept for calling us to pick him up when his owner decided that the best thing was to turn him over to rescue. Hitch will be placed for adoption as soon as he gains some weight!

Newest Rescue: Horses (Foster home needed)


We all know there are stray dogs and cats in our communities but did you know there are also stray horses? These two horses are homeless and in need of a foster or adoptive home. They appear to be young. The darker one is soon to be gelded and the lighter one is a mare. They are both friendly and show great potential. True Blue Animal Rescue will cover the vet bills. All you need to provide is shelter, feed and love. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a foster home. Email¬†[email protected] or call 936-878-2349.

Help Us Name our Newest Rescued Horse!

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Texas-New-Rescue-Feb-21Thanks to Austin Co Deputy, Nathan Hale, this sweet mare will live to know a full belly again! She was found in a pasture alone and starving. Her pasture mate didn’t survive and was on the ground beside her. Lucky for her Nathan removed her from this situation and certain death. She arrived at Brenham Vet Hospital yesterday and was determined to be about 25 years old and healthy enough to make a full recovery. She’s sweet, trusting and loving. She’s spending the weekend at the vet hospital while we wait for coggins results and then she’ll be moved to a True Blue Animal Rescue foster home for rehabilitation. After she’s gained a little weight she’ll have her teeth floated and then on to full recovery.

Now all she needs is a name! Please post your name suggestion in the comments below.
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Thanks for helping us help the animals!