TBT: Cotton!

TBAR-TBT-Dog-CottonWho remembers Cotton? This fluffy white puppy with apricot ears was dumped with his sister many years ago. Here he is all grown up in his furever home. We love getting update pictures from our adopters. Thank you Kathy!

Happy Tails: Rocky

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Throwback-Success-RockyDo you remember the surprise litter of puppies that came from our senior rescue, Sage, this past summer? Well here is the little boy of the litter, Rocket Raccoon! He has turned into a beautiful dog, and is very happy in his new forever home! He now goes by the name of “Rocky”!

We love it when our adoptive homes share updates, it is a thrill for us to see how much the animals have grown and adjusted in their new families, and it gives us the motivation to keep going with animal rescue. Please send us your updates to [email protected] and we would love to share them with our Facebook family!

Throwback Thursday: Lucia

PicMonkey Collage LuluLucia, or “Lulu” is a fun Throwback Thursday! She was adopted in 2007 after being fostered by Teresa, one of our Officers and Board members. Eight years later, Lulu’s adoptive family have become a big part of TBAR. Olivia (now a TBAR Officer) and Jason take beautiful pictures of our TBAR animals to help us find them forever homes! You can see Lucia’s photos, the one with the background was her original listing photo (when she was called “Palla”), then the other puppy photo from her foster mom “Can you believe it? Her first picture with us and she blinked!” and then a more recent one: “​Here is one of Lucia, our little angel. One of the few times she did a sitting for me. I was photographing Jack and she decided to play too. I wish she would sit for me more often, she is a beautiful creature.”

We’d love to share your TBAR adoption story with our supporters! Please email [email protected] no matter if you adopted 10 days or 10 years ago. These updates warm our hearts!

Throwback Thursday: Sadie

True-Blue-Animal-Rescue-Texas-TBT-Sadie-LorettaLoretta, one of our Officers and Board Members who has been with TBAR since the beginning, has submitted Sadie for our Throwback Thursday this week! She says: “We adopted Sadie at 8 weeks and this year she is 11. She is such a loyal and perfect companion. I ignore the grey coming in around her eyes and her snout. To me she is MY dog. She does not like to be separated from me at all. Thanks to T-Bar and Mel and Dale for trusting me to care for her by adopting her.”

We LOVE hearing updates on the TBAR animals that became a part of your family! Please send your pictures to [email protected] so we can share these beautiful stories with everyone who helps make animal rescue possible!

#TBT: Taffy!

TaffyOur Throwback Thursday picture is of Taffy. She was seized with a large group of horses that were being starved. The after picture is in her new home where she is now loved and spoiled!