Success Story: Sir Henry

TBAR-Adopted-Sir-Henry-CatSir Henry was adopted this week! We’re so happy that one of our wonderful kitties found a forever home. If you’re thinking about adopting a cat or a kitten take a look at the ones on our web site We have kittens and adult cats that are desperate for forever homes and February is the month to do it since we’re offering 1/2 off on adoptions right now. That’s only $35 and it covers spay / neuter and all vaccinations. Adopt, don’t shop!

Success Story: Harry (horse)

TBAR-Success-Harry-HorseThis beautiful Bay Thoroughbred named Harry has been adopted! This is his first day with his new pasture mate and it looks like they already like each other. His adoption family confirmed that he is getting along and the two have become best friends. Would you like to adopt a horse? Take a look at our web site and email or call for more information: [email protected] or 936-878-2349. We have several horses that are ridable. All they need is you!

Success Story: Mandy

TBAR-Success-Story-MandyWe love happy endings and this is a special one! Sweet Mandy lived at Tbar in a kennel for years. She’s a shy dog and looks like a greyhound / shepherd mix. We were starting to worry that she’d spend her life in a kennel when someone special stepped up and offered to foster. As her foster mom said, “Mandy wasn’t what I was looking for but she ended up being exactly what I needed in my life”
Save a life, foster or adopt!

Christmas Cat Willow

TBAR-Christmas-Willow-CatMerry Christmas from True Blue Animal Rescue’s cat Willow. Here she is demonstrating how cats will inspect your Christmas Tree for you. She recommends adopting a cat for your home so your tree can be inspected each year too. This tree is rescue cat approved.

Stumpy Graduates School!

TBAR-Stumpy-Graduates-SchoolTrue Blue Animal Rescue’s adopted dog, Stumpy graduated from obedience training at 1st Step Dog Training’s obedience training. He also passed the Good Canine Citizen test so he could be a therapy reading dog at Alton Elementary in Brenham, TX. Thank you Alex Aldama for teaching Stumpy how to be a therapy dog! He spent his first day in school meeting the kids and letting them read to him. Stumpy can now, sit, lie down, stay and come. He doesn’t jump up anymore and he walks well on a leash. Check out 1st Step for all your pet training and grooming needs.

Success Story: Paco

TBAR-Adopted-Dog-PacoPaco came to True Blue Animal Rescue after being picked up as a stray. He lived in a foster home for the last three months learning to live with and trust a family. When Juan saw him on the web site he knew it was the dog for him and that was confirmed when he came out to meet Paco. Hooray for Paco and Juan!

Success Story: Betty

TBAR-Adopted-Dog-BettyPoor Betty has been through a lot. She started out at a shelter in Wharton headed toward euthanasia when a foster home agreed to take her. They ended up moving and couldn’t take her with them so she went into a boarding kennel. Poor Betty is small dog aggressive making her harder to find a home for. We weren’t sure how things would end up for Betty when Baileys’ adopter, Melody, contacted us about fostering and possibly adopting if it works out. When she came to meet some of the other dogs Betty had just returned from boarding. She was skinny and sad but Melody decided to give her a chance anyway. Lucky Betty, Bailey and Melody!!

Success Story: Gracie

TBAR-Adopted-Dog-GracieRemember Gracie? She was the boxer mix that was pulled from BARC. She was balding, sad and miserable with no chance for survival till a kind hearted person pulled her and rehabilitated her through True Blue Animal Rescue. After her rehab she came to TBAR Ranch until her forever family found here. We received these pictures reminding us that it’s been one year since she was adopted! Thanks for the pictures Sherrie!

Save a life, foster a dog from a shelter! TBAR pays all the vet bills. All you need to provide is the food and love till they find their forever family. Are you interested? Email [email protected]