2013 Memorials

We thank you for thinking of the TBAR animals when deciding to honor your loved ones.

In loving memory of Dale Newbrough, Proud US Marine, Served in the South Pacific at Guadacanal and Iwo Jima in WWII and received a Purple Heart (donation from Marilynn Wrigley and Amy Hemsell)

In loving memory of Shelby McCoy, four-legged furry child of Megan McCoy, from Thomas Klehm

In loving memory of Rascal, loyal friend of Tammy Diehl of Brenham, from Linda Kane and Cheryl Sevin

In loving memory of Kim Kaiser: from the entire Connecticut Asetta family

We will be adding names of others that have donated in Kim’s name.  All of TBAR thanks you for honoring Kim by donating to us.

In loving memory of Geneva Smith: from her beloved husband, David Smith, and her family & friends

In loving memory of Rita Klehm: from Thomas Klehm

2013 Honorifics

In honor of Jana Ahlers, from Patsy Phillip and Jacqueline Self

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