Ace and the incredible Rescue Transport Network

Angie Hewett is a longtime supporter of TBAR (as she is one of founder Melanie’s sisters!) and recently she adopted her second TBAR dog! Where Angie lives, in Buffalo New York, it is much less common to see animals in need of rescue and adoption due to many factors, one of which is animal overpopulation control with the heavy promotion of spay and neuter programs. In many areas in the North it is much more common for spay an neuter to be enforced (otherwise you have to pay high licencing fees for your animals), and because of this there are many fewer unwanted pets in shelters than there are in the south (some even call it “pet underpopulation”). This with the combination of technology (websites, pet databases, etc) has created a whole new networking situation in the US today – people in the North want our unwanted pets, and a whole bunch of volunteers are ready to pull together to do rescue transport for dogs to get them up to their new forever home! In fact, compared to purchasing a pup up North, the transport option is still less expensive! Keep reading to hear about how rescue transport for dogs brought Jack and Ace together in their new family! 

TBAR Dog Transport (1)Jack and Ace are 2 dogs that we adopted from True Blue Animal Rescue. How lucky we are. We live in New York State and True Blue is located in the state of Texas.

We saw pictures of these amazing Dachshunds on True Blue’s Facebook page. I saw their pictures and really felt like somehow they belonged with me. I also could not imagine how I’d ever get them since I lived so far away from TBAR. I also was a little nervous because what if I found a way to get the dogs here and I found that they really weren’t good fit for our family.

As I previously mentioned Jack and Ace do live with us and here is how It all worked out.

TBAR Dog Transport (1)

Did you know that there is a transport service that will deliver reduce pets to anywhere in the US? Did you know that the fee to do this is not very much and the animals are very cared for and comfortable as they travel?

Well these services do exist, and it is exactly how we got both Jack and Ace

Now for the other concern I had. Both Jack and Ace were with one of TBAR’s foster homes. These people are amazing. They take these dogs in and do whatever they need to do to heal these dogs and allow them to be successfully placed in forever homes. The foster that had our dogs is named Shellie. Shellie is amazing. She started with sending us lots of pictures of the dogs and even sent us videos so we could really get a good idea of the dog’s personality. We also talked to Shellie several times over the phone.

TBAR Dog Transport (2)

We have young grandchildren and wanted to be sure Jack and Ace got along well with little kids. We also have another larger dog and wanted to be sure the little dogs would be ok with big dogs.

Well, Shellie solved this for us too. She took the little dogs to a friend’s house who had little children. Jack and Ace did well with them. She also went to another friends house who had a big dog. Another success.

After the conversations with Shellie and finding out how easy it would be to transport the dogs across the country we decided to adopt Jack and Ace, and I must tell you we couldn’t be happier.

TBAR Dog Transport (3)

I want you to know how worth it that it can be to adopt a rescue dogs. Sure there’s an adjustment period, you have to get used to each other (generally they tell you it takes at least 2 weeks for them to settle a bit and start to show their personality), but once this is accomplished you couldn’t have a better pet. Rescue animals really appreciate it when they feel safe and are finally in their forever homes.

Please don’t ever rule out taking a look at True Blue Animal’s website. If you see the perfect animal listing I promise you that transporting the animal to you will be easier than you could ever imagine, and you will be able to talk to the person fostering the animal to be sure this animal will be a good fit for you and your family.

We love Jack and Ace so much and we are so happy we took the chance. They really complete our family.

If you are interested in any TBAR animal, don’t let distance stop you from inquiring! Email [email protected] or call (936) 878-2349 and we can discuss with you our rescue transport for dogs!

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