Success Story Update: Junebug!

TBAR-Adoption-Update-JunebugWho remembers Junebug? Several years ago we received a call from law enforcement asking us if we could take this horse. She was emaciated and had both old and new injuries. You can still see where she must have been hit so hard her ribs were broken. We named this sweet mare Junebug. Despite all the hardships she had endured this mare remained gentle and loving. Eventually she gained the weight but her story wasn’t over till her very special person found her and adopted her. Just look at the love between these two.

Thank you for adopting her and taking such good care of her Madison! Here’s what Madison has to say about Junebug now:
“She still loves children, she loves to go full speed when you ride, she loves carrots apples and the apple flavored treats we give her, she also loves cantaloupe rind too, shes not scared of guys anymore either!”

If you would like to adopt a sweet rescue horse we have several that are ridable and waiting for their forever person. Please email [email protected] or call 936-878-2349 for more information

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