Cats Adopted in 2007

Hallie – ADOPTED – Thank You! 


Adorable 4 month old calico girl. Found caught up in barbed wire. Has healed up just fine and is a real lap cat with a big purr you can hear across the room! She’s had her shots, is spayed and ready for her forever home. Hallie and Derry were adopted together – Thank You!

Derry – ADOPTED – Thank You! 


Sweet 4 month old orange tabby boy. His best friend is Hallie, above. Consider adopting the two together! Hallie and Derry were adopted together – Thank You!



Cassidy  loves to have you rub his belly and shows his pleasure by kneading gently on your arms. He knows not to use his claws with people already too. A big purr from this little body, Cassidy is a snuggler. He’s a kitten, so he’s ready to play with his siblings or you! He’s already had his first kitten shots including rabies and feline leukemia; and he’s neutered.  6/04/07 – 4 months

AUDREY – ADOPTED – Thank You!  


Named after the actress, Audrey Hepburn, this demure, little girl will fool you at first, acting shy and scared. But give her a moment to get used to something new and then she’s running around, acting playful!  She’s quite capable of holding her own when playing with the boys; and has even been known to be the instigator! She may be the demure one, but she has the loudest meow. Her calico colors are beautifully muted gray and tan/orange, with blue/gray eyes. For being the smallest, she has the loudest purr! She’s already had her  first kitten shots including rabies and feline leukemia; and she’s spayed.

BENZ – ADOPTED – Thank You!


As in Mercedes Benz, cause this little boy is a class act. He wants first and foremost to sit on your shoulder and purr; then he’ll run and play with his siblings. Of the three kittens, he’s the most brave…  His looks are a lot like a Russian Blue cat.

Gray and White – Adopted THANK YOU!


Gray and White – Adopted THANK YOU!


Houdini – ADOPTED – Thank you!
1 yr Male Tabby Cat


Sugar – ADOPTED – Thank You!
1.5 yr old girl


Pepper – ADOPTED – Thank You!
1 yr old girl 


ADOPTED – Thank You!


ADOPTED – Thank You!


Zane – ADOPTED – Thank You!


A rare Tabico. Very affectionate & playful (kittens just don’t like posing for photos much).
He’s about 8 weeks old, with beautiful, unusual markings.
Fascinated with the horses and not the least bit scared- thus the cowboy name.

Whiskers – ADOPTED – Thank You!


Curious and not the least bit camera shy.
Whiskers is about 7 weeks old and playful (see below).

Whiskers (showing his belly) and
Sparky – ADOPTED – Thank You!


Hercules – ADOPTED – Thank You!


A handsome British Shorthair Tabby.
This is one tough little guy. He is determined to push the heavy tack room door open
to see what’s on the other side. He’s about 7 weeks old. 

Thelma – ADOPTED – Thank You!


A beautiful long haired angora kitten.
She and her sister Louise are very adventurous and loving. Only about 8 weeks old.

Thelma & Louise – ADOPTED – Thank You!


Checking out the bounty!

Elise – ADOPTED – Thank You!


Elise is a very elegant, composed Calico.
She just calmly watches the others at play like any good princess. S
he looks older & bigger in the photo but she’s only about 9 weeks.

Bailey – ADOPTED – Thank You!


What? Where’s the camera?!
Bailey posed perfectly – in the wrong direction.
Don’t hold it against him please – Bailey’s about 7 weeks old. 

Onyx – ADOPTED – Thank You!


Another long haired beauty.
Onyx is calm and collected, posing like royalty atop his personal perch.
He’s about 8 weeks old and stunning– photo doesn’t do justice at all !

Midnight – ADOPTED – Thank You!


The friendliest, most affectionate kitten ever!
He’s a gorgeous long hair, solid black angora, About  9 weeks old. A real purr-ball!

Cassidy –  ADOPTED – Thank You!



Patches – ADOPTED – Thank You! Patches is one lucky girl! Surviving on her own for 7 months, she somehow managed to avoid getting hit by a car or attacked by dogs, and even found a kind soul to give her some food. Then along came a True Blue Animal Rescue member who trapped her to bring her to safety. This loving, playful, black and orange calico cat is now 8 months old, healthy, spayed, vaccinated and ready for a forever home. Patches has discovered that people are wonderful! She loves exploring her new world of indoor life; and lives for being petted. She’ll rub against your legs, and loves to sit in your lap and be held. She has quite the purr too! Her striking markings, like the orange stripe down her nose, just add to her character. So far, there’s nothing she doesn’t like – she’s even fine with other cats & dogs. See the world for the first time again, as you watch Patches discover and learn about your world. As long as she has you to run to for safety, she’s curious and willing to explore. 

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