Dogs Adopted in 2006 pt 1

T-Bar’s 2006 Success Stories
Dogs that Found their Forever Homes * 


Pumpkin2face T-Bar Name:  Pumpkin T-Bar Number: D190 Weight: 15 lbs
Sex: Girl Puppy Age on 11/20066 months
Breed:  Australian Shepherd/ Sheltie
Color:  orange and white
ADOPTED -Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
Description: You know how pumpkin pie gives you that warm, snuggly feeling and puts a smile on your face? And you just want more? Well, TBAR’s Pumpkin makes you feel the same way! An adorable, loving, cuddly Border Collie / Sheltie, this 6 month girl has reached her full size at only 25 lbs. Pumpkin loves to curl up in your lap and she’s small enough to fit! She’s great with kids, grown-ups and other dogs too. And her curly orange and white fur is too cute! If you’re looking for a medium size dog to add to your family, Pumpkin is a really yummy find. She and her black and white sister, Ruffles, are available for adoption from True Blue Animal Rescue. They’ve both had their shots and come with a spay certificate. Call TBAR today at 936-878-2349
Ruffles2 T-Bar Name:  Ruffles T-Bar Number: D191 Weight: 15 lbs
Sex: Girl Puppy  Age on 11/2006 6 months
Breed:  Australian Shepherd/Sheltie 
Color:  black and white
ADOPTED -Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
Description: see description above
HenryWeb T-Bar Name:  Henry T-Bar Number: D204 Weight: 15 lbs
Sex:  Boy  Puppy Age on 12/2006 3 1/2 months
(pictured at 6 weeks)
Breed:  Labrador
Color:  Black with white highlights
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
Description: Max and Henry are brothers
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA T-Bar Name: Benji T-Bar Number:D175 Weight: 35 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male Age on 8/2006  7 months
Breed:  Copleyn / Schnauzer
Color:  brown/black
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Cameron, Texas
Description: Benji is a cute terrier mix who is full grown at 35 lbs. He’s a medium sized dog. He was found in the gutter in front of a country home where a kind soul rescued him. He’s a very sweet, good natured dog and is very gentle with his foster home’s old dog. Benji has been around cows and horses, and doesn’t seem interested in them one way or the other. Benji is great with kids, large and small and just enjoys people in general. 
PuddingNew T-Bar Name: Pudding T-Bar #: D026 Weight: 40 lbs
Sex: Spayed  Female Age on 9/2006: 2 yrs
Breed: Staffordshire Terrier/ Boxer 
Color: Tan with white and black markings
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: WashingtonTX
Description: Some of us like vanilla pudding, some like chocolate, some even like our pudding mixed. The Pudding found at True Blue Animal Rescue is a mix that shakes and wiggles and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. This Pudding wants to stay with some happy person through thick or thin.Pudding was recently adopted and thought she found her forever home. She got along great with the other dogs and behaved beautifully, even in her crate. But her new ‘mom’ found she didn’t have enough time for Pudding… Poor Pudding…

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this girl. Pudding is a friendly and affectionate Staffordshire/Boxer mix. She walks well on a leash and sits when you ask her to. She would be a great indoor pet or outdoor pet. When she is outside she will stay right with you and come when she’s called; and she’s crate trained. She has been spayed. She’s in perfect health, beautiful, and

if someone were to adopt her, that person would change her life. Will you be the one?
brooke4 T-Bar Name:  Brooke T-Bar Number:D189 Weight: 3lbs
Sex: Spayed Female  Age on 9/2006 7 years
Breed:  Border Collie 
Color:  black and white
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Brenham, Texas
DescriptionBrooke is  a 7 year old, female, full blooded Border Collie. She is challenged with sarcoptic mange, flea allergies, hook worms and heart worms. Brooke’s owners loved her; but when they hit hard times, they just couldn’t give her the medical care and attention she needed. They loved her enough to do the best thing for her, which was to give her to someone who would help..  Brooke says “My treatment will be very expensive but I am lucky- the kind folks at T-Bar took me in and are willing to help me try to regain my health. They see how much I want a loving home and a chance at feeling good again. Please consider making a donation to cover my medical costs- there is a PayPal button under my picture  that you can use!I am very loveable and gentle. I prefer older children and adults. I love to play with the water hose, chasing balls and exploring . I am completely housebroken and am used to spending time in my yard. I can be left out during the day if it’s not too hot, but I prefer to be indoors lounging around when I can. I also sleep inside at night.I will make a nice addition to your home even if you already have pets. I like to play with other dogs my size and I’m even used to cats, since I’ve lived with three. My neighbor even has chickens and I don’t bother them. (I have been known to kill a rat or two, though) A little TLC is all I need, and someone to give me a chance!”If you would like sponsor me and help with my treatment, please use the PayPal button above, purchase some beautiful art below or call 936-878-2349 for more information.Update: November 2006: Thank you for all your support for Brooke’s treatment! She’s undergoing heartworm treatment now, thanks to you; and she could use your prayers to make it through safely. AND, Brooke has been adopted by her foster mom who fell in love!

Charity Art Auction – 20-50% goes to help Brooke

Check out Brooke’s Progress Journal

* Note: Is your dog getting monthly heartworm preventative? If not, did you know that if you live in Texas, your dog has a100% chance of getting heartworms? And heartworms are ultimately fatal if not treated? 
Duke_sm T-Bar Name: Teddy T-Bar #: D080Weight: 103 lbs
Sex:  Neutered Male Age on 8/2006: ~ 5.5 yrs
Breed: MastiffSt.Bernard HOUSEBROKEN
Color: Black, Tan and White
Everybody loves Teddy when they meet him – he’s the most popular dog at our TBAR adoption events; but so far no one has given him a home.  Yes, he’s big; but don’t let Teddy’s size fool you – he’s just a big Teddy Bear!  He’s a beautiful Mastiff/ St. Bernard who loves you to love him. Easy-going and friendly, he’ll roll over on his belly so you can scratch him. If you bend over and ask for a kiss, he’ll give you a big wet one on your cheek. Teddy’s early life wasn’t so great – he was kept outside and ignored. And then his family just took off and left him behind. Now Teddy just wants a home full of lovewhere he can be by your side  and never be left again.  He gets along with other dogs, LOVES kids (big and small), ignores cats, and has fantastic manners. He walks beautifully on a leash, even with kids; and he’s healthy, had all his shots and is neutered. Unlike alot of big dogs, Teddy is really quite the ‘couch potato’. Are you looking for a gentle giant to add to your family? 
ADOPTED – Thank You!      Location: Brenham, Texas
Jasmeene_new T-Bar Name: Jasmeene T-Bar Number:D170 Weight: 2lbs
Sex: Girl  puppy  Age on 9/2006 5 months
Breed:  Boxer/ Staffordshire Terrier
Color:  White and Brown
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
Description“Would you look at those baby blues!” Jasmeene is so unusual looking, we thought for sure she’d be adopted right away. We’re surprised she’s still with us – and so is she! Jasmeene was dropped off in the country to fend for herself. Lucky for her, a good Samaritan family found her. They wanted to keep her, but their 10yr old pet dog, just diagnosed with cancer, isn’t up to a new puppy in the house. So Jasmeene came to TBar to find her forever home. Their little girl who was very sad to part with the puppy, named her Jasmeene. This sweet little gal is a bundle of love that loves to run and play.  You can’t help but laugh while watching her romp through the grass. She’s a quick learner and will be completely housebroken shortly. This white & brown Boxer / Staffordshire Terrier comes with inoculations and a free required spay when she is old enough.  
chester T-Bar Name:  Chester T-Bar Number:D174 Weight: 25 lbs
Sex: Boy puppy  Age on 5/2006 5.5 months
Breed:  Labrador
Color:  Black
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
DescriptionChester is the last of a litter of 4 – his siblings have already been adopted. He loves to play and chew rawhidesHe will sit in your lap and enjoys petting and scratching. He’ll be a medium sized dog making him a great companion and watch dog. He’ll watch out for you if you watch out for him. If you’re looking for an intelligent puppy to love and train as a family pet, choose Chester.Neutering and inoculations come with the adoption and True Blue Animal Rescue (TBAR) will also discount 10% on puppy training classes that will be held right here at TBAR when you adopt a dog from us.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA T-Bar Name: Indy T-Bar #: D044 Weight: 40 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male Age on 8/2006: 1.5 yrs 
Breed: Lab Mix
Color: Black with a white stripe on chest
ADOPTED – Thank You!! Location: WashingtonTX
Description:  Indy is a beautiful, well-tempered, smart Labrador Retriever. Typical of his breed, he loves kids and is happy to sit at your side and be petted. A calm natured dog, Indy would make a great family addition and would love nothing more than a family of his very own. He loves walking on a leash or playing ball with you. He has spent time inside being house trained but is just as comfortable outside. He’s a very loyal dog who loves attention. He is a bit reserved until you get down to his level – and then he’ll run over with his tail wagging. A strikingly handsome dog, Indy would make you proud! So why is he still here? Because he’s just another black lab and for some reason, black dogs don’t adopt as easily. Go figure!   Will you be the one to look past his color and see his big heart?
KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA T-Bar Name: T-Bar Number:D183 Weight: lbs
Sex: Boy Puppy  Age on 8/2006 6 weeks
Breed:  Terrier
Color:  black/tan
ADOPTED – Thank You!In cooperation with BARC of Houston Location: Washington, Texas
Description: This little puppy won’t be over 30 pounds full grown. Notice the small size compared to hand holding it. 
KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA T-Bar Name: T-Bar Number:D184 Weight: lbs
Sex: Girl Puppy  Age on 8/2006 6 weeks
Breed:  Terrier
Color:  orange with black highlights
ADOPTED – Thank You!In cooperation with BARC of Houston Location: Washington, Texas
Description: This little puppy won’t be over 30 pounds full grown. Notice the small size compared to hand holding it. 


PICTURE UNAVAILABLE T-Bar Name: Arctic’s Mom T-Bar Number: D181 Weight: lbs
Sex: Girl  Age on 8/2006 
Breed:  Yellow Lab/ Cocker Spaniel
Color:  yellow
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas

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