Dogs Adopted May-Jul 2008

T-Bar’s May-July 2008 Success Stories
Dogs that Found their Forever Homes * 


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA T-Bar Name:  Ruthie T-Bar Number:D330 Weight: 10 lbs
Sex: Girl Puppy  Age on 6/01/2008 12 weeks 
Breed: Whippet
Color:  Golden Brindle with white paws
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Brenham, Texas
DescriptionRuthie was picked up from a site with a lot of feral dogs. She was the only one who came up to the people and wanted attention. Looking closer at Ruthie, you could see a long scrape on her leg. She was asking for help. Ruthie is healing up quickly and gaining weight with the regular food and care she’s getting in her foster home. Update: Ruthie is ready for a loving, forever home. She’s going to be medium-sized. 
PopeyeJun07aWeb T-Bar Name: Popeye T-Bar Number:D245 Weight: 3lbs
Sex: Neutered Boy Age on 5/2007 1 yr
Breed:  Beagle / Boxer
Color:  White with orange patches
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
Description: Update June 2008: A very special family came along that fell in love with Popeye. Even though Popeye was not officially up for adoption, this family was able to do whatever Popeye needed to make him a part of their family and make him happy. Slowly and gently, Popeye was transitioned to their home. And Popeye fell in love with his new family. He’s happy, healthy and has his very own family. A wonderful, fairy-tale ending to Popeye’s story! Update Dec 2007: Popeye’s abuser was found guilty! He was sentenced to 30 days in prison, has to pay the court $500 and has to pay Tbar the $600 initial vet bill that we paid. He also has to go to a mental health evaluation and anger management classes. Justice for Popeye!
PeteyWe T-Bar Name:  Petey T-Bar Number:D240 Weight: 65 lbs
Sex:  Neutered Boy Age on 5/2007:  1.5 yrs
Breed:  American Staffordshire Terrier
Color:   White and Brown
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Austin, Texas
DescriptionPetey was lost with no hope in sight. He wasn’t sure how he ended up lost. He was out with his family, chasing after a ball; and when he brought it back, they were gone. He searched and searched – what kind of hide and seek was this? After weeks of looking, Petey laid down and gave up. A kind stranger found him – Petey was terribly thin. The stranger looked into his eyes and connected with Petey’s lost soul. He took Petey home with him and gave him a warm, safe space to sleep and food to fill his belly. Since the kind stranger agreed to foster Petey, he was accepted into True Blue Animal Rescue (TBAR) so he could find his forever home. This striking, white and black 1-2 year old American Staffordshire Terrier, loves to play and run. And if you want a cuddle dog, Petey’s your dog! He’ll curl up with you and sleep with his head in your lap. Petey would love to be your ‘only child’, so he can have all the attention. He comes already neutered and current on his vaccinations. 
SnoopyApr08 T-Bar Name:  Snoopy T-Bar Number:D243 Weight: 65 lbs
Sex:  Spayed Girl Age on 5/2008:  2.5 yrs
Breed:  Copeland Hound
Color:  Orange with black highlights
ADOPTED  – Thank You!  Location: Brenham, Texas
Description: Snoopy was adopted from TBAR about a year or so ago.  Unfortunately, her mom has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and can no longer keep Snoopy.  
Boone2nd T-Bar Name:  Boone T-Bar Number:D283 Weight: 25 lbs
Sex: Neutered Boy Age on 12/2007 2 years
Breed: Beagle / Hound Mix    CRATE-TRAINED/HOUSEBROKEN
Color: Orange with Brown and White Patches
ADOPTED – Thank you! Location: Brenham, Texas
Description: Boone was found on the side of the road almost dead when he was saved. He had been at a vets office since April 2007 trying to find a home. TBAR was able to take him in and will find him his forever home. Boone is crate trained / house broken and is a sweetheart. He loves to play with other dogs, even little ones. He’s small, the size of a beagle or sheltie.Boone was adopted by a great family in Burton. They have a huge fenced yard and two sweet dogs for Boone to play with, one elderly Australian Shepherd and a really sweet 5 yr old that looks like a giant rat terrier! He is going to be VERY happy there. He has a 16 yr old girl that just loves him and a 21 yr old boy to run and play with, in addition to a great mom and dad !Update from Boone’s forever home: Just wanted to let you know that Boone is a wonderful dog (but you already knew that).  He acts like he has lived here all of his life.  He and Thor play all of the time.  They all have their own Kongs now. Even old Snickers seems livelier and plays more-not only did we help him but he has helped us. We love him very much and I can’t imagine life without him know.  We appreciate all that you do for so many animals in need. 
PaulaCollarPaulaFamily T-Bar Name:  Paula T-Bar Number:D324 Weight: lbs
Sex: Girl Puppy  Age on 6/2008 8 weeks
Breed: Terrier
Color:  Tan and White
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Brenham, Texas
Description: These puppies were found in a 5 gallon bucket in the woods!  Paula has already found a wonderful home where she will be spoiled! When we showed up at their house the new mom opened the door and new dad was sitting in his wheel chair with his camera pointed at us! He wanted to document every step of their new arrival. They have a beautiful home and simply ADORE their new baby…..,She is really one lucky little girl to have gotten the two as her new forever family!!
Maya4 T-Bar Name: Maya T-Bar Number:D108 Weight: 80 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female Age on 1/2008:  4 yrs
Breed: Rottweiler / Australian Shepherd Color:  black/white/tan
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Brenham, Texas
From Maya’s new Mom: “Maya is doing great!! I really feel like we clicked. So far we have gone on several car rides, taken a bath (not her favorite thing to do), played with little kids, and exposed to other dogs and cats. I’m amazed at her ease with all the new situations. While I’m gone during the day she resides on my bed and seems quite at home. Thank you so much for taking this great dog in. I really lucky to have found her!!” 
Bravo08 T-Bar Name:  Bravo Blue T-Bar Number:D276 Weight: 15 lbs
Sex: Neutered Boy Puppy Age on 1/20086 months
Breed: Pointer / Great Pyrenees      CRATE-TRAINED; HOUSEBROKEN
Color: White with tan patches on his ears; one blue eye and one brown eye
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Caldwell, Texas
DescriptionSaving the best for last! Bravo Blue is one of eight puppies that were born unwanted. The result of an accidental meeting between neighbors’ un-neutered and un-spayed dogs.  Bravo is extra sweet and quite calm for a 6 month old puppy; maybe he’s trying to make up for being a mistake. All of his siblings have been adoptedand their new families rave about how smart they are!  Bravo is the last one left.   He is a beautiful, young Pointer mix with one blue eye and one brown eye and a big grin.  He looks a lot like his mom and will grow into a beautiful bird dog and be a wonderful family dog and ranch dog.  Some of his brothers and sisters look   more like dad, a Great Pyrenees. 
Yankee T-Bar Name:  Yankee T-Bar Number:D316 Weight: 55 lbs
Sex: Neutered Boy  Age on 4/01/2008 8-10 years
Breed: Golden Retriever/ Irish Setter
Color:  Red Orange
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
DescriptionYankee wandered up to a TBAR member’s house looking for some food. He’s obviously been someone’s house pet, but no one has claimed him. Yankee had several cysts which have been removed. He will be in rehab until the stitches come out. He’s neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and ready to find a home in a couple weeks. He is a VERY nice dog. Housebroke ( he doesn’t mess his kennel) comes, sits, stays and walks well on a leash. Being an older dog, he’s mellow and won’t require a 15 year commitment like other dogs. 
OreoWeb T-Bar Name:  Oreo T-Bar Number:D249 Weight: 50 lbs
Sex:  Spayed Girl Age on 6/2007:  2.5 yrs
Breed:  Border Collie / Labrador
Color:  Black and white 
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Brenham, Texas
Description: Oreo is well-trained: sits on command, housebroken, playful with dogs and loves all people. She loves to have her belly rubbed, is lovable, loyal and very smart. Like all border collies, Oreo needs attention and lots of room to run. The cats and small animals don’t like Oreo trying to ‘herd’ them, so Oreo would do better in a home with no small pets.
Goldahoulas6W T-Bar Name:  Iddy  Biddy T-Bar Number:D269 Weight: 10 lbs
Sex: Girl Puppy Age on 10/1/200712 weeks
Breed: Golden Retriever / Catahoula 
Color:  Tan with spots on her belly 
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Alvin, Texas
DescriptionAdorable and will not be big. Mom was a small golden retriever. 
Tex T-Bar Name:  Tex T-Bar Number:D299 Weight: 55 lbs
Sex: Neutered Boy  Age on 2/01/2008 1 yr
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Color:  Black with white heart on chest and one white-tipped paw
ADOPTED – Thank you! Location: Cameron, Texas
Description: Tex and Corky act like brothers (even though they’re not) because they were both babies when they were dumped in the country to fend for them selves. They relied on each other to survive. Both dogs are house broken, leash trained, good with kids and OK with cats and other dogs. Tex is a rowdy spirit with an all lab personality. Everything is a game – play, play, play; and if it involves water and running, he is in heaven.   
Shep1 T-Bar Name:  Shep T-Bar Number:D211 Weight: 55 lbs
Sex:  Neutered Male Age on 12/2006:  11 years
Breed:  German Shepherd 
Color:  black and tan
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: College Station, Texas
Description: Shep isn’t for every body. In fact, Shep isn’t the dog most people would
want. Only a very special kind of heart will say yes to Shep.
Shep’s story started out all right, but took a sad turn…Having been loyal to his family for over 11 years, Shep’s loyalty was repaid by being dumped in the woods of Somerville. He lost alot of weight trying to find his way home. Wandering the woods, he got caught in a trap but bravely kept looking for home even with a badly damaged toe (which had to be amputated). As if that’s not sad enough, Shep has a terminal case of heartworms*. So one way or another, Shep has only a couple of years left -With good food and loving, Shep will again become a striking black and tan German Shepherd. He’s a gentle, calm-natured dog; and he seems to appreciate the 2nd chance he’s getting. He gets along well with other dogs too. He’s neutered and had all his shots.So you see, Shep needs a very special person with a big, loving heart that can give this stately gentleman the glorious, loving retirement he so deserves.There’s no long term commitment of 15+ years like with most dogs; just a rewarding, short-term love affair with Shep.

“We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.”
– Mother Theresa


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