Foster Feature: Butch Part 4

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Foster Feature from Shellie!

Butch the Dachshund – Part 4: Part of the Pack

Even though Butch had been able to see my other three dogs through the dog gate for ten days and seemed anxious to meet them, he was rather intimidated when it finally happened. He stuck pretty close by my side.

I had put Oliver’s old collar on Butch, which happened to be the same color as Oliver’s current collar. They are both black and tan dachshunds, so once they started running around together, it was clear that having the same color collar was NOT going to work – I couldn’t tell them apart without looking closely! I’d call out, “Butch, no Oliver…no Butch.” Oh my!

My three dogs really wanted to play with him, but he didn’t seem to know what that was. When he finally got to come in my room and pile on the bed with everybody, once they all settled down he jumped down, went to the toy basket, grabbed a knotted sock, jumped back on the bed, and dropped it on my tummy. He didn’t want to play…but it was like he was bringing me a gift! And once again, my heart melted as I looked into his expectant eyes.

I found out from the Animal Control Officer that Butch had been abandoned behind a motel in their small town…probably not a good area, based on how he related the story. They left his metal kennel there with a pillow in it. He would run out and bite people and run back to his crate for safety. The police were called, and they closed the crate door when he ran inside and then called the ACO. He spent the next month or so in their city pound.

Butch hasn’t shown much aggression, but he still has triggers that set him off. We’ll be working on those areas and getting him used to strangers. Over time, he’ll learn to trust that he is safe around people.

We worked on food aggression when he was in isolation, and now when they all eat together, since he is the slowest eater, my three gather around close to his bowl in case he walks away and leaves something behind. He has not growled, raised his lip, or shown any signs of aggression toward them! Makes a momma proud!!

He’s also learning to play! He will get excited and run and get a toy and bring it near me and chew on it for a short time. And he’s getting a little less intimidated by my three and will run around with them a get a little playful. Slowly but surely, he is coming around!

Butch will continue through rehab and, when he’s ready, will be available for adoption through True Blue Animal Rescue. Please go to and complete the adoption application if you are interested in adopting him or any of the other great animals at TBAR.

I’d like to give a special shout-out to this kind ACO who genuinely cares about the animals in his care and does things others won’t to help them! Through his kindness to Butch and allowing TBAR to rehab him, he has given Butch the opportunity to heal both physically and mentally and have a chance at a happy life with a great forever family. Thank you ACO Butch Schmidt of Columbus, TX! Your namesake will make you proud!

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