Foster Feature: Gina

Today’s foster feature is Gina. She was next to be euthanized at the Brenham Shelter so the manager there asked if we could network her to find her a home. We sent out the picture of her in the kennel and although True Blue Animal Rescue foster homes are all full they came up with a plan to save this beautiful yellow lab. They contacted Kathryn Kwiatkowski of K’s Mutt Hut in Brenham and asked her to help. She offered a discounted boarding fee just to cover her care. Kathryn runs a wonderful boarding facility in Brenham, but she’s a rescuer through and through. She’s always rescuing animals and can’t look away when asked to help. The members of True Blue Animal Rescue chipped in to cover her board for several weeks. This will allow time to get her vetted and up for adoption.

If you or someone you know would like to adopt this sweet girl, please share or email us at [email protected]. Please help buy Gina another day by paying for a day of board. Go to and make a $10 paypal donation with a note to let us know it’s for Gina.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who donated enough to get her out of the shelter and a great big thank you to Kathryn of K’s Mutt Hut for taking care of her and giving her a chance!

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