Foster Feature: Hope and Pups

Today we have a foster feature from Sophia Morales, who has saved and is fostering Hope and her pups.


I first saw Hope and her pups on a rescue page I follow on facebook, pleading for someone to come rescue her and her babies or they would be euthanized. Hope had sarcoptic mange and the shelter could not treat her or pups. At the time I was unable to foster since I was moving into my new house. Hope had days left, then hours. I finally moved into my new house during this time and saw that still no one had stepped up to rescue her. Since I was settled I contacted the person networking her and volunteered. Hope had such a sweet innocent face. She didn’t ask for any of this. And she definitely did not deserve to die just because she could not get treatment at the shelter. Once I volunteered we then needed donations to pay for her medical expenses and a rescue to tag her. And True Blue Rescue came and saved Hope and her pups. The moment I got her into my car I could see the relief on her face. Hope made sure all pups were by her side then just plopped down and fell asleep until I got her to her new foster home. She was a great mom, very caring and protective of her pups. She was so calm and gentle. She would look at me with her beautiful eyes and I would melt. Hope came to me potty trained, and very well behaved it was such a shame to me to think she would have been put down when she is such a wonderful dog. Once I got her first treatment for her mange she was a different dog no more sad looks the itching had stopped. Her hair began to grow back and the life and light inside of her renewed. When I let her outside I saw her begin to run and play , her ears finally perked up. Now when I come home to Hope I have a happy excited wagging tail beautiful dog waiting for me. She has really come out of her shell. She enjoys playing with her three girls that are left out of her litter (3 other pups have been adopted). Hopes pups Dotty, Mocha and Maddie are adorable. Lively smart little pups. Dotty is the bigger of the three, a beautiful dark brindle shes very adventurous and loves to be held. Mocha loves to play and pull on my pant leg. Maddie is the runt and has her mothers calm demeanor. Maddie prefers to be held and sleep with you then to play with her bigger sisters. Whoever adopts Hope is going to get one of the most special dogs I have ever fostered. She is so loving and gentle. She doesn’t jump on people or children and gets along well with other dogs. I had her and the pups in a crowded clinic with excited dogs and pups and Hope remained calm laying by my feet for her turn to see the vet. That is her personality shes really a big lap dog. Maddie I think will follow in her moms footsteps very calm and gentle, Dotty and Mocha are happy pups loving to play and run around.


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