Foster Feature: Sonador

Today’s foster feature is our newest rescue horse, Sonador.

The County Livestock Officer in Austin County responded to a call and found her tied, around the neck, to a tree- both back feet tied with a rope- starving, with no food or water anywhere she could reach. He IMMEDIATELY seized her and called for TBAR’s assistance.

She spent 5 days at the vet waiting for a clean coggins report. Since this case was going to court evidence had to be collected too. Even though it was more than obvious to the vet the horse only needed food, he had to run fecal tests, full body exams and assessments to determine that she is a healthy otherwise, underweight, 10 year old mare who’s current condition was due to the lack of food.

We would like to thank Deputy Nathan Hale for removing her from this abusive home and the judge in Austin Co who awarded her to True Blue Animal Rescue on August 20, 2014. Now we can all breath a sigh if relief knowing that this sweet mare will never suffer again!

Sonador will need a few months of foster care with good food and lots of love to recover from her abuse/neglect. She settled nicely in with the other horses in her current foster home but she’ll be ready for an adopter very soon! She’s sweet, gentle, easy to handle and loads easily into a trailer. Please email [email protected] or call 936-878-2349 if you’d like to adopt. If you’d like to donate toward her vet care use True Blue Animal Rescue’s facebook donate button.

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