Gracie was days from death when she was rescued. Your support bought her TLC in the form of healing foods, veterinary care, and lots of attention. 8 months later, Gracie was healthy again and found her forever home. T-Bar couldn’t do this important work without you and your support. All donations go directly to the animals!

Gracie’s Story:

Description: Gracie was donated to TBAR and is emaciated. Her body registered a 1 on the Henneke Body Scale – as low as it gets. She’s only 2 years old and has been starved most of her short life. She has to be given food slowly because she doesn’t know that she will never go without food again. (picture taken at her previous home)  

Update: April 14, 2008: Gracie has put on a lot of weight and her winter coat is shedding out in chunks! It’s hard to catch her with her head up, she’s eating all the time. Thanks to your support, Gracie is getting the care and feed she needs to get back to health!

Update: October 1, 2008: Look at Gracie now! She’s beautiful, happy and healthy and ready for a forever home!

November 2008: Gracie and Valentino were adopted together! Thank you!


Thank you to Gracie’s Sponsor(s): V. Bridges Hoyt Design

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