Jasmine and Moore Photography

Jasmine by Moore Photography


We were lucky to have Olivia and Jason with Moore Photography come out and capture some TBAR animals in the blooming bluebonnets!  We’d like to share with you Olivia’s post today on Jasmine:  “Get ready for the awesome story of Jasmine. She is another True Blue Animal Rescue work horse. Melanie Hewett-Deaeth, wisely uses her for a special lesson for children. Jasmine was hit by lightening and almost lost her life. While her life was saved she lost her gift of sight and found a home with T-bar. I was impressed by how gentle she is because horses are flee animals and mostly spooked easy.Jasmine has not let her loss of seeing stop her from being trusting and loving. When T-bar has open workshops for children Melanie lets them meet the horse first and then tells them that Jasmine cannot see. So kids understand that being disabled is not the end of the world, nor a reason to distance yourself from other people. Way to go Melanie and Jasmine. You inspire me.”

Thanks Olivia!  And thank you for the beautiful pictures that have made our new webpage look so great!

If you would like to see more of their work (including pictures of TBAR animals) you can like them on Facebook and also visit Oliva on Redbubble!

Here is a picture of Jasmine at our first ABLE Camp last summer!

ABLE 1 (22)

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