Pet of the Week: Tyson

TBAR-Pet-of-the-Week-TysonToday’s pet of the week is Tyson. Tyson is about a year old, fully housebroken, crate trained, walks well on a leash and is working on and doing well learning to sit on command and give his paw. This sweet boy has weak back legs from a birth defect and lack of exercise as a puppy. He was kept in a crate and not let out. The vet x-rayed to be sure there was no pain or discomfort and found that Tyson is fine just the way he is. Now that he’s had time to build his leg muscles he runs and plays just like the rest of the dogs but he also hops which is the cutest thing to see! We believe Tyson is a heeler / shepherd mix. He’s friendly, loves kids and gets along with all other dogs too. Please email us if you’d like to arrange to meet Tyson. [email protected]

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