Roof for Kennels (updated)

July 9: Phase 1 of putting a cover on the kennels started this week. Thank you all for your donations to help us give a better life to the dogs at True Blue Animal Rescue. Tomorrow (7/10/17) we’ll begin Phase 2 which will be concreting the poles in place.

July 10: Phase 2, the poles are set and ready for the roof!

July 15: Phase 3: The structure of the kennel cover is complete and the rest of the roof will be finished soon!

July 16: Phase 4: The kennel roof is complete! Now we’ll start putting the dogs back under their nice protective roof. They’ll have fans to keep them cool with plenty of shade from this new roof. We’ll be moving them back under cover this week so they can enjoy their new home. Thanks to everyone who donated to help us give the dogs a roof over their heads!

Before & After

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