Success Story: Tina!

TrueBlueAnimalRescueTina TrueBlueAnimalRescueTina2

This weeks Success Story is Tina. and it’s a Christmas Blessing.

Tina’s New Mom sent this message:

Tina had a long talk with Santa this year.

She said she really wanted to stay in her foster home forever.

Santa couldn’t resist those eyes... and the snuggles every evening by the fire. So Santa said, “Come stay with me”.

Along with her BFF Jenny, who was also adopted from TBAR, her job will be to help Santa relax after a hard day’s work in the toy shop.

The second picture is Tina with her entire family. Her Dad plays Santa every weekend of Dec each year. Her Mom takes the pictures and all proceeds from their efforts go to True Blue Animal Rescue so more animals can be saved the following year. Her family is the Taylor Family and they are a blessing to rescue animals and especially to True Blue Animal Rescue!

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