Upcoming Event: Chili Cookoff 2015!

TrueBlueAnimalRescueEventChiliCookoff2015Mark your calendar for our Annual chili cookoff sponsored by Independence Harley Davidson. This event it a lot of fun! Lots of chili to eat, BBQ sandwiches, animals on site and an area for kids.
We are still looking for vendors (free spaces) more chili cookers, and we welcome other rescues to set up an adoption day for them! Please contact if you’d like to participate: [email protected] or 936-878-234

Riding Lessons with Juan

When Dale and Melanie aren’t busy taking care of rescue animals they enjoy taking lessons with Juan Vendrell of TC Ranch Ventures and riding them. Before the lesson Juan spent some time with rescue horses, Comanche and Rock, in the roundpen getting them ready to ride. Riding lessons with Juan are $55 an hour. Juan is a horse trainer too so he’ll work with you and your horse so you can both learn together. For more information go tohttp://www.tcranchhorsemanship.com/
We also have a clinic planned for Feb 14 with Juan at Tbar ranch so mark your calendar and watch for more info on that coming soon!

Christmas Parade Results

True Blue Animal Rescue Brenham Christmas Parade 2014 Results


Thank you to everyone who came out to the Christmas Stroll and Lighted Parade last night! TBAR received honorable mention for “Best Overall” float! All of our volunteers had a blast decorating and walking in the parade, and little Moose is demonstrating how exhausted everyone was after the night of fun!

Fall Family Fun Day 2014!

Another one of our Animals Bridge Love and Educations (ABLE) days was Family fun day on Nov 1st. The kids enjoyed horse rides, a hay ride and feeding and petting animals. Nothing brings us more joy than sharing our rescue animals with children. This opportunity for a family to come out and enjoy a few hours at Tbar Ranch is one of our favorites! These pictures say it all!

Kids Camp: Five Oaks Visit 2014

True Blue Animal Rescue had the pleasure of hosting the Five Oaks Achievement Center on August 13th and August the 15. From nine am until noon the kids that came out were treated to a number of fun T-bar events. The day started with the introductions to the horses they would be working with along with the many rules about how to behave around a horse. Melanie DeAeth, founder and president of True Blue Animal Rescue made sure the boys and girls that came out got hands on experience working with the animals.

Not only did the horses get one on one attention but so did the kids that came out. Thanks to our wonderful volunteers each student also had a teacher for the day. While one group went off for a nice hay ride around the T-bar ranch the next group was assigned a horse and a volunteer. First they were taught how to groom a horse and the proper brushes to use on what part of a horse’s body. Next was the even tougher lesson of putting on a saddle! That one was a little more involved!

Next the kids got to walk their horse to the round pen to learn very basic ground work skills. Melanie directed the group with first putting on a rope halter, then making sure the horses were okay with the lead line moving near the horse. Also known as desensitization. While doing these skills the teens came out of their shells and had fun asking questions about their horses and even about life.

Once round pen work was over the group then were asked to lead their horses to the True Blue Animal Rescue riding arena. There, with their special volunteer for the day, the kids were able to pick out a riding helmet and then be led around the arena for riding. A few of the kids were not certain they wanted to ride but with a little cheering on everyone gave it a try! By the end of the day all the teens that came out were cowboys or cowgirls. After the riding the volunteers demonstrated how to take a saddle off a horse the proper way and store it. Next the kids rubbed down the horses and all too soon they had to say good-bye.

True Blue Animal Rescue would like to thank the people that sponsor camp horses and the volunteers that came out on the days that Five Oaks was with us on their visit. Without your help and support, events like this would not be possible. Thank you so much and to the kids from Five Oaks, we hope to see you again.

Event Recap: Horseman Market Days 2014

Equestrian Market Day was successful for another year. This event was held at the Brazos County Expo and sponsored by The Brazos Valley Driving and Riding Club. It’s a great opportunity for horse enthusiasts to buy things for their equine hobby at bargain prices. Even though it was hot, humid, dusty and a lot of work, at the end of the day, we want to do it again. For Tbar it’s a great opportunity to make money to help the animals. Thanks to the many wonderful people who donated horsey items for us to sell, we did just that. Lots of people stopped by to say hi and to browse through everything Tbar had displayed to sell and to learn more about rescue. This type of exposure is very important for the public as well as a learning experience for our volunteers. Thank you to all who braved the heat and worked hard to make this event a great success. The following pictures show a great turnout both from Tbar and the public. It is events like this that take lots of work and dedication from our volunteers, as well as officers and staff.

Pit Bull Month: Spay/Neuter $20

Pit Bull Spay Neuter


Animal Friends of Washington County (in collaboration with PetSmart Charities) is offering a special this month for Pit Bull awarness month – you can get your pet fixed for only $20. Call 979-277-0400 and book your appointment today!

Looking for a Pit Bull of your own to give a happy and loving home to this month? True Blue Animal Rescue has many bully breeds waiting for their forever homes, including some senior pits that would love a soft cushion, some AC, and an owner to pet them for their last few remaining years. Please consider looking at our listings and opening your home to adopt or foster from TBAR!

Upcoming Event: TBAR Open House August 30

Teresa and Lady Bug


Have you ever wanted to meet some Texas animal rescue pets while talking to volunteers about the rescue? Now is your chance! On August 30, 2014 one of our TBAR foster homes will be hosting an open house. Come out and meet ABLE camp horses and visit with some TBAR dogs. We will have our T-shirts and cookbooks for sale, and a few refreshments as well. Kids are welcome to tour as well. Join our Facebook Event Page for more info, or you can email [email protected] or call (936) 878-2349

Ace and the incredible Rescue Transport Network

Angie Hewett is a longtime supporter of TBAR (as she is one of founder Melanie’s sisters!) and recently she adopted her second TBAR dog! Where Angie lives, in Buffalo New York, it is much less common to see animals in need of rescue and adoption due to many factors, one of which is animal overpopulation control with the heavy promotion of spay and neuter programs. In many areas in the North it is much more common for spay an neuter to be enforced (otherwise you have to pay high licencing fees for your animals), and because of this there are many fewer unwanted pets in shelters than there are in the south (some even call it “pet underpopulation”). This with the combination of technology (websites, pet databases, etc) has created a whole new networking situation in the US today – people in the North want our unwanted pets, and a whole bunch of volunteers are ready to pull together to do rescue transport for dogs to get them up to their new forever home! In fact, compared to purchasing a pup up North, the transport option is still less expensive! Keep reading to hear about how rescue transport for dogs brought Jack and Ace together in their new family! 

TBAR Dog Transport (1)Jack and Ace are 2 dogs that we adopted from True Blue Animal Rescue. How lucky we are. We live in New York State and True Blue is located in the state of Texas.

We saw pictures of these amazing Dachshunds on True Blue’s Facebook page. I saw their pictures and really felt like somehow they belonged with me. I also could not imagine how I’d ever get them since I lived so far away from TBAR. I also was a little nervous because what if I found a way to get the dogs here and I found that they really weren’t good fit for our family.

As I previously mentioned Jack and Ace do live with us and here is how It all worked out.

TBAR Dog Transport (1)

Did you know that there is a transport service that will deliver reduce pets to anywhere in the US? Did you know that the fee to do this is not very much and the animals are very cared for and comfortable as they travel?

Well these services do exist, and it is exactly how we got both Jack and Ace

Now for the other concern I had. Both Jack and Ace were with one of TBAR’s foster homes. These people are amazing. They take these dogs in and do whatever they need to do to heal these dogs and allow them to be successfully placed in forever homes. The foster that had our dogs is named Shellie. Shellie is amazing. She started with sending us lots of pictures of the dogs and even sent us videos so we could really get a good idea of the dog’s personality. We also talked to Shellie several times over the phone.

TBAR Dog Transport (2)

We have young grandchildren and wanted to be sure Jack and Ace got along well with little kids. We also have another larger dog and wanted to be sure the little dogs would be ok with big dogs.

Well, Shellie solved this for us too. She took the little dogs to a friend’s house who had little children. Jack and Ace did well with them. She also went to another friends house who had a big dog. Another success.

After the conversations with Shellie and finding out how easy it would be to transport the dogs across the country we decided to adopt Jack and Ace, and I must tell you we couldn’t be happier.

TBAR Dog Transport (3)

I want you to know how worth it that it can be to adopt a rescue dogs. Sure there’s an adjustment period, you have to get used to each other (generally they tell you it takes at least 2 weeks for them to settle a bit and start to show their personality), but once this is accomplished you couldn’t have a better pet. Rescue animals really appreciate it when they feel safe and are finally in their forever homes.

Please don’t ever rule out taking a look at True Blue Animal’s website. If you see the perfect animal listing I promise you that transporting the animal to you will be easier than you could ever imagine, and you will be able to talk to the person fostering the animal to be sure this animal will be a good fit for you and your family.

We love Jack and Ace so much and we are so happy we took the chance. They really complete our family.

If you are interested in any TBAR animal, don’t let distance stop you from inquiring! Email [email protected] or call (936) 878-2349 and we can discuss with you our rescue transport for dogs!

Community Spotlight: Wal-Mart

TBAR Donations from WalMart

Today we want to thank our community supporter, Wal-Mart, for their regular donations of animal food! It is the wonderful workers at the store that find the bags that are eligible for donation and put them aside for us, and then call us to come pick up the donation. These food donations are so valuable to us because they really make a huge difference in our costs. This regular donation allows us to feed more animals while keeping food costs low so we can and put donated and fundraised money toward medical care for all of our horses, dogs, and cats.

Thank you Brenham Wal-Mart and associates for making a difference in the community by donating to TBAR and helping to save more lives!