Happy Valentine’s Day! Roman and Triple Crown

True Blue Animal Rescue Roman and Triple Crown Valentine's DayHappy Valentine’s Day!

Roman is doing well and has been gaining weight and energy. He’s coming out of his shell and his personality is blossoming. Triple Crown Nutrition has agreed to sponsor his rehabilitation by providing their high quality senior feed for him. This feed has 10% fat with no carbohydrates. It also has all the minerals and vitamins he needs to recover quickly. He won’t need to eat as much grain to get the same results. I’m excited to see his progress! To make sure Roman starts on Triple Crown right away one of their top representatives Jerral Seale personally delivered the first 20 bags of feed. Roman couldn’t have asked for a better Valentine’s gift than that!!

Pet of the Week: Sonador


Hey guys, now we have a horse as pet of the week for this week. This would make a good horse to refresh his riding and should be able to train her for anything they want. Sonador is an 8 year old mare who was starved and left tied to a tree. She has now gained weight and is ready for adoption. She’s easy to halter, lead, brush and pet. She has been ridden but will need some refresher training. She is very wiling to please and would make a great trail horse for anyone willing to spend some time with her. T-BAR is a no-kill rescue. Not only do we like having our animals adopted out, we also are in dire need of foster homes. That way we can help more animals out there, especially with winter coming. Please save a life by adopting a pet, instead of buying a pet and please have all your pets spayed and neutered. It is the right thing to do. If you are interested on where you can help or to look at all that is availble to either adopt or foster, please go to www.t-bar.org and see all the animals that deserve a second chance and fulfilled life full of love, email [email protected] or call (936)878-2349 and one of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible. Adoption Fee: Please email [email protected] for adoption fee!

Success Story Wednesday: Indy and Believer


Here are our recent success stories, Indy and Believer!

Indy just got adopted last week. You can see him here with his new mom (don’t they look happy together)! Indy was one of 57 horses taken in through law enforcement due to abuse and neglect. We’re just thrilled that he finally found his forever home with Susan!

Believer is the paint horse out in the pasture with his new pasture mates. His mother was seized due to abuse and neglect and he was born in TBAR. Now, as a well behaved three-year-old he has finally found his new home too!

Thank you to all of the TBAR volunteers that fed, cared for, and helped socialize and train these beautiful horses so they could find their forever home! And many thanks to their new families for opening their hearts and pastures!

Pet of the Week: Cricket


Pet of the Week: This week we have a horse that all boys and girls, and adults would love to have. Cricket will not only make a great pasture ornament, she can be a companion to another horse and young enough to train with a rider for anything they might want her to do. She has had some training with a trainer on the ground, and is ready now for her perfect home. Cricket is a stunningly black and white paint. How much further do you have to look for that perfect horse you and anyone else in your family wanting a horse? Her coloring is beautiful and she is well painted with the black and white. Please think of Cricket for your next or first horse.

T-BAR is a no-kill rescue. Go to the website, www.t-bar.org to learn about the adoption or foster program guidelines and download an application fill it out and send it back (email or regular mail) and once you are on file as an approved adopter or foster home, you can meet any animal you want and take them home for a sleepover – try out. Or give us a call at 936-878-2349 and you can email us at [email protected] to make an appointment. Please adopt a pet, instead of buying a pet and please have all your pets spayed and neutered. It is the right thing to do

Pet of the Week: Admiral

Admiral_Pet of the Week_TBAR

This weeks pet of the week is Admiral!
Admiral is a Paint/Pinto Quarter Horse mix. Admiral is all ready to go to his forever home. Being a sorrel paint, he would look great in your pasture. He is a beautiful boy. He was gelded the summer of 2011 and is a stout boy who loves to play in the mud and run all day with his pasture mates. Admiral comes to people for treats and with some time and attention, he could be a great partner. Perfect for a pasture pet or for someone who wants to train him to be the perfect horse for you. He is young enough to be trained for just about anything you would like to do. With the help of a trainer you could learn while he learns. True Blue Animal Rescue is a 501c3. We operate through foster homes until we find the perfect home. If you are interested in Admiral please either email to help@t-bar.org. Or give us a call at 936-878-2349. We would love to hear from you. Or go to our website at www.t-bar.org and look at all of our animals.