#2 Cavalia Odysseo Ticket Auction Benefiting TBAR

Cavalia Odysseo (IMAGE)ANOTHER pair of tickets for Cavalia Odysseo being auctioned off on ebay for True Blue Animal Rescue! The winner of this pair will get to choose a date to attend through Feb 22nd. They are also VIP tickets! Read the flier for more information. Here is the ebay link for the tickets: Click Here

Do not let this amazing opportunity to see this fabulous show by giving a tax deductible donation to True Blue Animal Rescue!i

Amazon Smile for True Blue Animal Rescue

amazon smile

Do you shop on amazon.com? Did you know that using smile.amazon.com instead will allow a portion of your purchases to go to a charity of your choice? Just log in and designate True Blue Animal Rescue as the charity that you want to support, and amazon donates to the animals! It is the same amazon shopping experience, with the same choices and prices, but you’ll start to see “eligible for amazon smile” on some of your purchases. Every little bit ads up, so please bookmark smile.amazon.com to help you remember to always start there to make sure that you are always shopping for a good cause!

Community Spotlight: Wal-Mart

TBAR Donations from WalMart

Today we want to thank our community supporter, Wal-Mart, for their regular donations of animal food! It is the wonderful workers at the store that find the bags that are eligible for donation and put them aside for us, and then call us to come pick up the donation. These food donations are so valuable to us because they really make a huge difference in our costs. This regular donation allows us to feed more animals while keeping food costs low so we can and put donated and fundraised money toward medical care for all of our horses, dogs, and cats.

Thank you Brenham Wal-Mart and associates for making a difference in the community by donating to TBAR and helping to save more lives!

Foster Feature: Sage


Late in May True Blue Animal Rescue received a call that a dog was living at a rest area in Washington County. Melanie, the founder and president of T-bar, went to pick the dog up. What she found was upsetting. The Staffordshire Terrier mix was a senior dog in poor health and in need of food. More upsetting was the lack of concern people nearby seemed to have to an animal in need.

Melanie had to load the dog by herself and it wasn’t hard because the dog, later named Sage, was eager to leave her harsh surroundings. Once at True Blue Animal Rescue the dog was given shots and a dewormer pill to set her on the path to being sound. However, on closer inspection, poor Sage was missing hair, had skin growths, had many small cuts and had a serious eye infection that needs antibiotics.

Sage’s case is one that is sad because she is a senior pet, close to ten years old, that must have had a family at one point, but they decided to let her go. Melanie stated the dog had a lot of health issues but the answer is never throwing an animal away. Aside from the eye infection it is obvious that somehow Sage had injured her hip or her leg and it healed incorrectly. When standing in front of her looking her head on her right leg sticks out farther than her left. Surprisingly, Sage tested negative for heartworms.

Sage is a very shy dog and in dire need of a lot of TLC. Her recovery will be long and costly. If you would like to help Sage out with a donation, no matter what size please visit the T-bar web site at www.T-bar.org and hit the “Donate Now” button. No matter how big or small your donation will mean everything to this older dog’s recovery.

(Warning, images below may be too graphic for some viewers)


Happy Mother’s Day!

TBAR would like to say Happy Mother’s Day to all those that care for others, fur-babies or otherwise! We hope you have a special day!

TBAR Mothers Day

TBAR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit no-kill animal rescue organization. Consider donating today to honor a mother you love, and we will list them on our website!

Be Kind to Animals Week 2014


I would venture to guess that everyone reading this is kind to animals.

We all love pictures of cute animals, happy tail photos of adopted animals, and the warm fuzzies that come with happy endings.

As members of an animal rescue, we all see bad things happen to animals, but it is the happy side of rescue keeps us going.  Let us spread the word far and wide about animal welfare!

I did some research and the American Humane Association created Be Kind to Animals Week in 1915 to encourage compassion toward animals. During this week they encourage everyone to be more than compassionate. Let us ask ourselves how we can influence more good outcomes? How can we spread more warm fuzzies and make more animals feel loved?

Here are a few tips from the American Humane Association:

• Report any suspected animal abuse or neglect to animal control in your county

• Commit to adopting your next pet from an animal shelter

• Donate to or volunteer at your local animal shelter or for a local rescue group

• Spay or neuter your pets and encourage friends and family to do the same

• Spend quality time with your pet

• Make sure your pet has an ID tag or microchip

• Drive cautiously through areas populated by wild animals such as deer

• Plant flowers in your yard that will attract butterflies or hummingbirds

• Speak out in your community about the importance of respecting animals


TBAR Volunteers invite you to choose one of the above activities or come up with one of your own to celebrate “Be Kind to Animals” week.

We also invite everyone to make a donation to True Blue Animal Rescue, and then post a special message on our Facebook page. You can use this message to honor the memory of a beloved pet. Tell us what special thing you will do this week to honor that pet’s memory in conjunction with Be Kind to Animals Week. Please keep all comments family appropriate.

Here, let me get us started:

In memory of Zach, the cocker spaniel who passed over the rainbow bridge way to early in his life. His short life touched many hearts.    In his memory,   I will donate $20 to TBAR.

Chance’s Rescue

*Warning* Post contains photos and descriptions of a graphic nature that may be disturbing to some (especially younger) viewers and readers*


On April fourth, in Caldwell, Texas, an injured dog wandered up to the Komar family’s property. On close inspection they saw the dog was seriously injured by a gunshot to the head. Despite being shot, the dog wanted their help and rather than look the other way, the Komar family stepped in to lend a helping hand. Sadly the family was not allowed to keep the dog themselves due to living on rented property. First, they tried calling law enforcement but were told that the dog would most likely die. Upset and not getting the help they needed, they began to call other rescue groups. A few turned them away but at last they found help with True Blue Animal Rescue.

Jacqueline Komar, or Jackie, didn’t bat an eye when she was asked if she could drive to Dr. Lee Panko’s office on a Sunday in Brenham, Texas. There, with two of her children, Destiny and Gabrielle, Jackie brought in the wounded Catahoula. Jackie lifted the dog on the examination table and her, the kids, and Melanie and Dale watched as Dr. Panko began his exam. The dog’s eye was the first thing Dr. Panko probed at and the top of the dog’s head was next. As Dr. Panko did his examination, the family that had cared for him for three days asked tons of questions. The vet answered them all as they came, letting the kids know the dog was one to one and a half year’s old, and that he wasn’t chipped or fixed. As Dr. Panko spoke he checked the dog’s sinuses, reflexes, skin condition, and hearing; all were found to be sound. After Dale found out the Komar family had not already named the dog, T-bar members decided to name him Chance.


While doing the examination, Jackie informed the vet that when the dog panted Chance had an odor about him. Leaning closer, Dr. Panko agreed and said the smell was from the massive infection the dog had from the wound he’d suffered. By the skin that was trying to grow back over the wound Dr. Panko guessed that Chance had been shot only three or four days before, meaning the dog had, thankfully, found the Komar family almost right after being shot.


The dog had a ring around its neck that was made by a collar that had been on long enough to wear down the fur; a few months. Also his tail had been cropped too short leaving him nothing, not even a nub. Chance’s gums were a pale pink, rather than a healthy deeper color, which Dr. Panko suggested was due to blood loss and malnutrition. The wound on his side was thought to be ringworm but Dr. Panko said that it was not, but a scab covering an old wound. Dr. Panko believed the gun shot went through an eye and came out the back of Chance’s head. The vet decided that removing the damaged eye would be better for Chance in the long run because if it healed on its own the scar tissue would be painful for the dog.


All during his examination Chance was quiet and calm, even with seven people huddled around him in a tiny room. Destiny wanted Chance to have a toy that she had bought all by herself before her family had to say goodbye to him. The Komar’s wished they could keep Chance but were relieved that True Blue Animal Rescue and Melanie DeAeth, had stepped in for the dog and his care. Once in T-bar care Chance was treated to new toys and treats by the Snook school children and also an interview by KBTX!


Chance has a long road to recovery but thanks to so many people being touched by the battle this little guy has gone through his emergency care visit has been paid for. He still has his eye removal operation coming up. His T-bar status is listed as in Rehab, but will be listed for adoption as soon as he is well. People have asked if he will be a special needs dog after his horrific injury but Dr. Panko sees no long lasting health issues once Chance has his eye taken care of.


If you would like to help T-bar with Chance’s bills or just want to make a donation to True Blue Animal Rescue please use the donation button. No matter how big or small your donation it makes all the difference to animals in need. If you want up-to-date news on Chance he now has his own Facebook page. Chance’s second Chance.

*UPDATE* Enough funds have been raised to cover Chance’s vet bills! Thank you for the outpouring of generosity for this beautiful creature!





Pets of the Week: Three Musketeers

This week T-Bar got in the Three Musketeers: three beautiful donkeys that are looking for a home. Once you have a donkey, they are in your life forever. Their antics with people and with other four legged creatures are a sight to behold. Porthos is brown and 4 years old,
Athos is white and 10 years old and Aramis is a two year old white donkey. Like the three Musketeers they wandered a neighborhood in Burleson County. When nobody claimed them the sheriffs dept took ownership of them and asked us to take them. They now have had their tetanus shot, gelded, and ready for their new home. They are sweet and gentle and didn’t cause any problems with any of the people or animals in the neighborhood they wandered around in. If you’d like one, two or even three donkeys these sweet boys are available for adoption or foster.
If you can’t take a donkey but would like to help please donate toward their vet bill by sending a donation to T-Bar at http://www.t-bar.org, paying by pay pal or send a payment directly to Brenham Vet Hospital 2455 Highway 290 West Brenham TX 77833-6806 or call them at 979-836-2472. T-Bar never recoups money on vet bills from adoption fees alone. We need everyone to help by donating.


TBAR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit no-kill animal rescue organization. If you would like to help animals such as this one please consider donating to TBAR, volunteering, fostering, or adoptingDonations go directly toward care, feed, and veterinary care of the rescued animals and every little bit helps us to help another animal in need of safety and rehabilitation. Save a life: adopt instead of shop and spay or neuter your pets!

Dog Rescue: Summer




On March 8, 2014, True Blue Animal Rescue was asked to step in and take custody of a dog in Somerville, Texas. T-bar founders Dale and Melanie DeAeth were accompanied by Somerville police to respond to reports that a dog was being severely neglected. Thankfully the dog, later named Summer, was not completely emaciated since a kindly neighbor had been attempting to give the dog food.


On approaching the house they saw that the dog was living in a fenced off area that was about four by three feet, and surrounded by debris. Before going into the cage Melanie and Dale looked Summer over and decided she was most likely a Staffordshire Terrier mix, but the dog was friendly and extremely happy to see people. Summer was not wearing a collar, so Dale made a makeshift one so that he could get her to the car safely.


While waiting on Melanie and the Somerville police officer, Chris Ruttrell, to exchange paper work, Dale DeAeth spoke calmingly to Summer. Summer loved the attention and responded with kisses. Summer twice attempted to make the jump into the DeAeth’s vehicle, but was too weak to make it inside. So Dale picked Summer up and placed her in a kennel to transport her back to T-bar.


Once at the T-bar rescue center, Melanie gave Summer a treat with worming medicine inside. The dog began rolling in the green grass and Dale held her on the leash waiting for Melanie to get more medicine. While waiting Dale notice she had sores on her rump from being forced to be in a sitting position almost non-stop. She also has a cyst or some other type of growth on her hip and cuts on her front legs. Next Melanie gave Summer a shot for Distemper, Parvo and Lepto before leading Summer to her new home near the other T-bar dogs.



Summer settled into her new home nicely and was treated to a new toy along with her new dog house and fresh food and water.


**Update on Summer. March the 11 Dr. Lee Panko of the Brenham Veterinary Hospital came out to T-bar to give shots to a few horses and dogs. Dr. Panko also gave Summer a check-up and took some blood samples. Summer tested positive for heart worms and he noted that she is heart worm heavy. He also pointed out that Summer was missing most of her teeth and he believed it was because she was gnawing at anything she could reach trying to get nutrients to survive. Since Summer is close to five years old these teeth will not grow back. Aside from her malnutrition, Summer’s biggest hurdle is the heart worms. Treatment will be expensive, but her case is so bad that her other surgeries will need to wait until the heart worms are taken care of. If you would like to donate to Summer’s rehab please click on the “Donate” button. Your donation, no matter what size, can make a difference in her life.

Three Donkeys Found Wandering Burleson Co. Neighborhoods


True Blue Animal Rescue is again helping with the vetting and re-homing of more donkeys. T-Bar President, Melanie DeAeth, received a call about three homeless donkeys that were wandering the streets of Burleson County, Texas. After contacting the Sheriff’s Department, T-Bar agreed to assist in getting these skinny little guys to the vet and then helping them find their forever homes. Once their time on “stray hold” is up, T-Bar volunteers will be headed out to pick these three up and then will be taking them straight to the vet. They will be gelded, vaccinated, wormed and will also receive hoof care.

All they will need are families who will take them home, love them, feed them and make sure they never have to live the homeless life again! If you are able to foster or adopt any of these three, please email us or call (936) 878-2349 for more information!

TBAR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit no-kill animal rescue organization. If you would like to help animals such as this one please consider donating to TBAR, volunteering, fostering, or adopting. Donations go directly toward care, feed, and veterinary care of the rescued animals and every little bit helps us to help another animal in need of safety and rehabilitation. Save a life: adopt instead of shop and spay or neuter your pets!