Emery’s Birthday Donation

tbar-emery-birthday-donationWhen Emery turned 9 she didn’t ask for gifts for herself, she asked for gifts for the animals! True Blue Animal Rescue horses were blessed when she showed up on Sunday with horse feed, buckets, halters and $161 to buy more feed! Thank you Emery and your wonderful family. You have a heart of gold.

Success Story: Bambi Dog

TBAR-Adopted-Bambi-DogBambi was found in a ditch, sick, skinny and hairless. Her foster Mom, Kyrstin, took her in, took care of her and helped her get healthy. During this time Kyrstin fell in love with this sweet and gentle dog and decided to keep her. This might be a foster failure but for Bambi it’s a huge success!
Are you considering adopting a dog, cat or horse. Check out our website, www.t-bar.org and then email us for more information on how to adopt. [email protected]

Upcoming Events: May 2015


We have quite a few events coming up this month, and would like to share them with you!

Upcoming Events:

May 8: Read to Ride (School Field Trip – volunteers only)

May 9: Carnival in the Park (open to the public), visit http://www.animalfriendstexas.org/pet-carnival/ for more info!

May 14: Read to Ride (School Field Trip – volunteers only)

May 16: Training Clinic with Juan Vendrell (Rescheduled due to Rain, open to the public for a $20 auditor’s fee)

For more info on any of these events, or to become a TBAR volunteer, email [email protected]

Foster Feature: Oliver and Opal

opalImagine being an animal waiting for a foster or forever home. Just for a moment, think about seeing so many nice smelling people come and go and yet, it’s not your turn. Finally one day you think salvation is in your paws. Someone points to not only you, but your friend that you are fond of. Both of you are going to be together in a real home. A safe place were the elements cannot touch you, a quiet place where other dogs or cats crying will not unsettle you. A place where you have your own bowl, bed, spot to nap and yard.

Oliver and Opal in early February believed that they had that kind of salvation, as they waited in Amarillo, Texas, for a special person to find them. But what happened to these two dogs was unbelievable and part of a sad person’s attempt for attention. The dogs were sent to a woman that swore she wanted to foster to adopt. So with hopes high on the rescuer’s part and the dogs, off they went to what was believed to be a fresh start and a happy ever after.

After the woman, that claimed she wanted Oliver and Opal, posted pictures of herself on Facebook of welcoming the dogs into her life, she ran out of use for them. After just one day she placed a call to her local dog pound and claimed that both the dogs, that thought they hit the jackpot, were strays! To add insult to injury, she did this knowing full well the rescuers that she got the two dogs from would have gladly taken them back.

opal3Opal and Oliver could not explain to the animal control officer that responded to the call that it was all a horrible turn of events. They had been saved already once, but now they were heading to a pound as forgotten souls while the woman, that said she wanted them, went looking for more animals to adopt. But thankfully Oliver and Opal, in their own way, could speak. They could tell the animal control people that they were not strays, that they were in fact registered. Opal and Oliver were scanned for a microchip and with that new device their life story was played out.

The dogs were registered to Rhonda Tatum who supports the Amarillo Shelter where these two dogs had been living. Since Oliver and Opal were now in Bryan, Texas, Rhonda and her group now faced the task of getting the dogs back and to safety. Thankfully, Rhonda is very resourceful and found out that the woman who had these dogs had also contacted True Blue Animal Rescue (TBAR). Rhonda contacted Melanie DeAeth and explained the whole story. At that point everyone agreed that these dogs needed to be rescued again! With a lot of team work and networking it was decided the dogs would be placed in TBARs care.

Planning for getting the dogs was a group effort. Transport for the dogs from Bryan to Brenham, Texas, was provided by TBAR volunteer Ellen Spahni. Opal and Oliver came into TBAR care at a time when our foster homes were full. But rather than turn the dogs away, TBAR raised funds to have the dogs housed at K’s Mutt Hut in Brenham. Run by fellow animal lover and rescuer, Kathryn Eyster-Kwiatkowski, K’s Mutt Hut works with rescue groups all year round with a special discount rate for dogs that need a place to go in a hurry. Once Ellen dropped the dogs off, Jason and myself were able to meet the duo and take their pictures. Oliver and Opal were a little shy at first, but once toys were thrown around and we ran around the big play yard at K’s Mutt Hut, they soon got into the swing of things. Oliver is a sweet Shepard mix that loves to run off with toys, while Opal likes to catch a toy and just chew on it. Opal has a beautiful personality and is very calm, yet happy to play. The dogs got extra play time with the photographers because they were too awesome to leave too early.opal2

While Opal and Oliver are now safe, their story could have turned out very differently. With a simple microchip, a dog has a voice that no one can take away. While all rescue groups do their absolute best with screening people that try to find a way to beat the system, every group has been burned; every rescuer has had a person do something that has made them jaded. With the microchip system, dogs and cats are given more security and rescue workers have more peace of mind. It’s why True Blue Animal Rescue will now be microchipping their animals upon intake starting March the first of 2015. It gives them footprints, much like a baby, and it will always lead them home, even when people stack the odds against them.

Oliver and Opal are miracle dogs. Dogs that were saved not once, but twice. Special dogs that were meant to be saved to find their perfect family. If you would like to learn more about Opal and Oliver you can visit them at K’s Mutt Hut. Please call to make an appointment at 979-661-0840

Diego is Home!

Last week we reported on a story of a little Chihuahua who had gotten separated from his family on their way to their new Military base posting in California. Our volunteers had networked to find his owners, and then made arrangements for him to be driven to San Diego. Today we are proud to report that not only did our community of supporters come together to raise the gas money to ensure the family did not have to contribute to Diego’s return, but Diego is now safely home and so is his transport friend, Colton!

Thank you, Colton, for driving so far and taking such good care of Diego, and for taking the photos to share with all of us! We are so happy to share his journey, and so happy that Diego is back with his family!

Recap: Chili Cookoff 2015

True Blue Animal Rescue, with the help of the Independence Harley Davidson dealership in College Station, hosted the Iron Horses Chili Cook off on January 24, 2015, to help raise money for their mission of saving hooves, paws and claws. After three days of solid rain the sky finally decided to cut the Brazos Valley a break and the event went off to be a hit.

TBAR volunteers had to quickly regroup once the field we normally use for the cook off was found to be flooded and too muddy. With some fast thinking from Heather Beran the event started on-time with TBAR setting up the silent auction, raffle table, sales area and the dogs that were up for adoption. New things added this year were the kissing booth featuring TBARS’ favorite pup, Stumpy (sometimes called Moose) with our latest volunteer, Kalvin Doyle. We also had wonderful face painting done by volunteer Ellen Spahni! While the cook off was underway TV station KBTX came out and spoke to TBAR president and founder, Melanie Deaeth.

Thanks to many donations the sales table was also a hit selling a number of dog beds, collars and cute dog and cat outfits. While the event helps raise money, it is also a great time to meet potential new volunteers, new fosters or just get the message out about what the TBAR mission is all about.

Not only that but people could eat chili or buy the BBQ sandwiches that TBAR was also selling to raise funds for animals in need. Wonderful live music was provided by the band Leannasaurus Rex, that is a TBAR favorite to have playing. Thanks to all the TBAR volunteers, new and old, this year’s chili cook off was a smashing success. We want to thank all of the people that help us make this happen and thank those who showed up to help support our cause by opening your wallets and hearts.

Everyone’s hard work and time will go a long way for many animals in our care. We hope to see you all again next year.

Upcoming Event: Chili Cookoff 2015!

TrueBlueAnimalRescueEventChiliCookoff2015Mark your calendar for our Annual chili cookoff sponsored by Independence Harley Davidson. This event it a lot of fun! Lots of chili to eat, BBQ sandwiches, animals on site and an area for kids.
We are still looking for vendors (free spaces) more chili cookers, and we welcome other rescues to set up an adoption day for them! Please contact if you’d like to participate: [email protected] or 936-878-234

Foster Feature: Honey

Today’s foster feature is Honey. Written by Shellie Bellinghausen.

TrueBlueAnimalRescueFosterFeatureHoneyI got tagged in a Facebook post for a dachshund and a chiweenie (chijuajua/dachshund mix) one Friday evening recently. Yes, I’m THAT dachshund lady that everybody tags. A shelter in a town two hours away had an emergency situation and had to find homes for some of their dogs ASAP, or they would be put down Monday morning.

I replied to the post and started emailing with the shelter that evening. Their sheriff’s office had seized a large number of dogs that day in a cruelty case, and it took up half the shelter’s kennels. The kennel these two dogs were in was tagged for euthanasia. The dachshund was a year or two old, and the chiweenie about five months old. Two young and healthy dogs, perfectly adoptable.

Thankfully the owner of the dachshund claimed him on Saturday, but the chiweenie was still there. So TBAR pulled her from the shelter, and since we had an event all day Saturday, I met a transporter half way on Sunday to get her.

Turns out, the “chiweenie” hasn’t got a lick of dachshund in her, but is probably a corgi mix (shorter legs/longer body also). She showered me with kisses from the moment I first held her. Adorable hardly describes it. I named her Honey since her fur and her eyes are honey-colored.
The sad thing is this precious little puppy would have had her life ended prematurely because this shelter, as do many across the country, had limited space and was greatly over capacity. Some of
these shelters have kill rates as high as 85%. Let that sink in. 85% of the animals that come in to some shelters die there.

Now before you get angry at the shelters, please know that the majority of the people working at these shelters are loving, caring, giving people who genuinely care about these animals. They do their best to adopt them out or find foster homes or rescues that can take them in order to avoid having to needlessly kill them. But with so many animals coming in their doors, their hands are tied.

In Septemberr, TBAR received a request from a local shelter to network an older Red Tick Coonhound. We networked her for a few days before receiving notification from the shelter that she was on the euthanasia list that day due to overcrowding. Again, TBAR pulled her, I picked her up that evening after work, and we had a pending adoption for her the next morning. Annabelle went to her forever home that Friday after a quick trip to the vet. What a difference a day made for her!

The reason we were able to find a home for her so quickly was through social networking. Facebook has allowed us to share pictures and descriptions of these animals with lightening speed! And friends share these posts, who share these posts, and so on, and so on, and so on (anyone remember that commercial from the 70s?). And someone out there sees it and steps up to foster or adopt. Networking works!

TBAR has even created a separate networking page on Facebook for just this purpose, called RAIN Networking (Rescue Animals In Need). Anytime we receive calls or emails for help with animals, we post them here first, and often times we don’t even have to officially bring them into rescue because these animals find homes through this page.

So whenever you see the countless posts from those of us active in rescue, even if you can’t help any other way, you CAN share the post, because you never know when someone you know may find an animal they can help.

And just as important, you can foster through a local rescue. You may have to fill out a foster application, which only takes a few minutes, and when an emergency situation comes up (and they do often!), the rescue can immediately respond because they have foster homes available. (Just like shelters, rescues are limited by the space they have available.) The rescue covers all the vet care (and many provide food and crates), you provide the love and one-on-one attention, which socializes them.

Fosters are able to share additional pictures and information about these animals, such as temperament and whether the animal is good with children or other pets. When potential adopters read this information, it often seals the deal, and they know this pet is meant to be theirs. That’s what happened with Annabelle! Her adoptive family saw a picture of her that a friend had posted on Facebook. That picture reminded them of a Blue Tick Coonhound they had that was no longer with them. They knew Annabelle was theirs!

And Honey? Well, after seeing her pictures, my mom decided this little girl was for her (much to my surprise)! I’m telling you…networking works!!