Tbar Heaven 2008

Found sitting on the Galveston seawall in the midst of a cold sandstorm, Benji was rescued and discovered to be completely blind. He was the sweetest elderly dog; and knew lots of love and TLC in his foster home. He was called to Heaven too soon.







Beloved family pet












Lost but not forgotten








We gave him everything we had: food, love, veterinary care, and prayers;  but in the end, we couldn’t save Tuscany from severe starvation.



Thursday, July 24th – TBAR (Melanie and Dale) went out to meet the vet and check out this horse  after a lady called TBAR and told us he was losing weight and she couldn’t afford to feed him anymore. TBAR ended up making an emergency decision and taking Tuscany into our rescue on the spot. He is beyond skinny. He is a walking skeleton. He is a 0.5 on the Henneke Body Scoring.  We named him Tuscany. We named him that because we know he will live up to the name when he fills out and becomes the beautiful horse he once was. He’s in his early 20’s which means he is not extremely old for a horse. Today horses live well into their 30’s. There is no reason for this guy to be this thin except that he didn’t have enough food.

When Dale and I went out to see him after a phone call from the owner telling us that she can’t afford to feed him and begging us to take him we were stunned by what we saw. There was some poor quality grain but no hay for this guy to eat but his eyes were bright and he looked at us with hope. Enough said, so we went back and picked up the trailer and took him home. He’s eating senior feed four times a day with plenty of hay so we expect him to come around and start gaining weight quickly.

August 13th – Sadly, Tuscany lost his battle to recover from severe starvation; and passed away this morning, unable to rise. In the end, he was ready to go and we helped him cross over. Our hearts are broken, not being able to save this magnificent Soul. He is not suffering any more. 

THANK YOU to all Tuscany’s supporters!! 

For the last 3 weeks, Tuscany knew love and care from humans. He was honored as the brave, courageous Spirit that he was. And had plenty of food (in small, frequent quantities), shelter, warmth and tender loving care. Please light a candle for Tuscany. Say hello to Chief, Toot, Chai and the other TBar horses in heaven, Tuscany.  Tell them we miss them and look forward to seeing them again some day.





We don’t know why you were taken from us, but we’re comforted knowing you were loved so much before you left.






Now you’re finally at peace
and know no fear.













We’re glad you knew love and a full belly before you left us, Possum.






Even though he’d had 2 booster shots, Cooper was lost to an unexpected case of Parvo. Gone too young.









Passed peacefully in his sleep of old age. At 17 yrs, Buddy had a good life.








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