TBAR in the News: Stand against Horse Slaughter

TBAR was in the news this week for saving some young horses from being shipped to slaughter. Click here to read the full article from KBTX.

It doesn’t stop there though. This is a call to action! We need your help!

Americans are over-breeding horses and allowing them to be tortured and shipped to Mexico to die. Over 1/3 of the equine population is shipped each year. These beautiful animals suffer in feed lots, in transport and then as they are killed. We can stop this madness. Contact your representatives and let them know that we want the Safe Act passed. As Americans it’s our right to share our view and effect changes in our laws. Animal rights people please like and share so this is heard right before you write your US representative. This is a federal bill so representatives need to be contacted in Washington DC from every state. Details on how to find who to contact are at the end of the video and on the web site. Horses are a symbol of American Freedom. Don’t let this symbol go down in this inhumane way!

Click here to find your US representative, and then email them and explain that you would like to see them support HB 1942 and why.

Links for more information:

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